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Ween 02/22/03
John and Peter's, New Hope, PA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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John and Peter's
New Hope, PA

Unknown Source

01. Intro
02. I Don't Want It (aborted)*
03. I Don't Want It*
04. I'll Miss You*
05. Stay Forever*
06. Mutilated Lips*
07. Back To Basom
08. Papa Zit
09. She Wanted To Leave
10. Mountains and Buffalo
11. What Deaner Was Talking About
12. The Stallion Pt. 4
13. Joppa Road
14. The HIV Song
15. Crowd
16. Outro

* Gene Ween solo acoustic

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b5eab3488d68632b1f9fc834f1d7946a *Track 16.shn
ae5173557ed2944d95a4fbb2ce2f9401 *Track 02.shn
a3608fab17068175900212cd3c03485a *Track 03.shn
84f3063cf4697ea7b3bc97e7f440061b *Track 04.shn
00f8ba8ef1bae137dd4b52e8b986df56 *Track 05.shn
9df0dcaec245ba5cb4a42f982f758cca *Track 06.shn
7657c7d460a570502d3bceead0fc3cbb *Track 07.shn
d60bdf42e159d9b211ce9a844e0922cb *Track 08.shn
6bd5cd6a2511cb9456e0416c699ed65f *Track 09.shn
eacfee8855c16b64dfe980140393db83 *Track 10.shn
0d711f894a267b9a23c95bd2a0b45ff6 *Track 11.shn
46ed8dcee2b1b69c6ef0a446beb9687e *Track 12.shn
0c6bfbbea681f9ae223ab8411d287624 *Track 13.shn
b59c604654f6eb556a6ab7cf5282c24c *Track 14.shn
2862256448ce6f82260a382a5469404e *Track 15.shn
32326102d2cb1738999970548507db59 *Track 01.shn

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