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Robert Hunter 11/12/80
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary Alan Bershaw's SBD Master (UDXL1 cass master>DAT>CD>WAV>SHN) 
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Robert Hunter
Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
November 12, 1980
Alan Bershaw's SBD Master
(UDXL1 cass master>DAT>CD>WAV>SHN)

1. Touch of Grey
2. Keep Your Day Job
3. Reno Roll
4. Friend Of The Devil
5. Eli Eli >
6. Alabama Getaway
7. Sweet Little Wheels
8. Brown Eyed Women
9. Tiger Rose
10. Rubin & Cherise
11. Box Of Rain

1. Bad Luck Willie
2. Truckin'
3. Easy Wind >
4. Boys in the Barroom
5. Miss Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
6. Slack String Quartet > Ripple
7. The Eleven
8. St. Stephen
9. Keep Your Day Job
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07fde6e2636b4425f1120e086eaa0d5a *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-09.shn
676a091033d70dbb30cc6da362441090 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-01.shn
852e7357c1f4259af232f6dc2d1cc39a *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-02.shn
0711526e1d77b6096146e0114aada8e4 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-03.shn
0ee5c752da6b65fc706b689ceb517024 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-04.shn
4bb3516549e421789a396fd05d9bcd17 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-05.shn
6cf8315afedb7bb3032715062a55ead1 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-06.shn
2db6ba8e83e31747dc6dc6def6d5c7da *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-07.shn
53172747310416237a368737bcaa7991 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-08.shn
96c15ce439795a2e6798dc97eb729d80 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-09.shn
09225b7ac38ec594ec47e964a17f9161 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-10.shn
7459c0a63668b73f2e7b6f7a3cdfd63e *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d1-11.shn
e99fb09347fd5506a47c6aba3e2789ab *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-01.shn
6225de83f1ee44e3a23dd12e6acb7e64 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-02.shn
1b3a4f285a53fc215e83c9bfbfc1c240 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-03.shn
8c377ae8782fc7220d531e5a7c5626db *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-04.shn
53a30b079006ae5a99c0ad7e35fa590e *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-05.shn
fca285465d932c4ec3c4ecfe36754352 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-06.shn
b8e9dde9be0fee6ba7bf86cc4c0e26dc *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-07.shn
c2ec56ecb259b3fb07e9c225d9060903 *Robert Hunter_11_12_80d2-08.shn

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