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Gov't Mule 12/30/95
Morristown Community Theater, Morristown, NJ
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
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Gov't Mule


Morristown Community Theater

Morristown, NJ

Set 1: Mule, Temporary Saint> Rockin' Horse, Mr. Big> Never In My Life> Mr. Big,

       Kind Of Bird, Painted Silver Light, The Same Thing> Goin' Out West,

       Grinnin' In Your Face> Politician> Pygmy Twylyte> Blind Man In The Dark

Set 2: Red House*, Left Coast Groovies> Drums> Trane> 3rd Stone Tease> St. Stephen Jam>

       Trane, Just Got Paid> Who Do You Love?> Just Got Paid

Encore: Gambler's Roll, Young Mule Blues> Good Morning Little Schoolgirl>

        Voodoo Chile Tease> Young Mule Blues

Comment: *1st time played

Source: Digital SoundBoard!!!!!!

<~===Taper Steve Productions===~>

   <[email protected]=~>

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788f45200c621d125ebfcb8863515f19 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-1.shn
ff6bd5e013f06de12c643aa933f7a234 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-2.shn
12eaad1c21f89e8e49b9cc487b1b3df2 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-3.shn
53a79b9398ff56904044624014f2bf4b *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-4.shn
40b5f7029540f8313cc2cb47570cce37 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-5.shn
9a76333a62f6c63b0710d607311420c3 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-6.shn
6c3e7eedbdd20142e62fa6d556acdd9c *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-7.shn
ad33c36f9fa875354a8d760ba1a64b5e *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-8.shn
5dc995f010aae1e0a26e396516ca6200 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-9.shn
c16682ddd036af8eb468492f5b6b6ddd *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S1-D1-10.shn
f0227320f34f31f588c2e47ca1901db6 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-1.shn
96856100f237514a19f836371bfd9a44 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-2.shn
2411ffaf51feef95d655b0a6f699cf77 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-3.shn
7a0f29788e87ad0a42f53d235ba99425 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-4.shn
37dfabd56c1116e201691fbaf6582f49 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-5.shn
bdd8648443a91bbc74b50642c6789562 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-6.shn
48316879ff6e396405f5568e508631ea *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-7.shn
282c761fb83df25a113ed1c1879dc217 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-8.shn
72778e8bd1a802539d66966ae40f4585 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-9.shn
c2f7d72e57053c1b6411883454472995 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-10.shn
91b16f0df500a21990234e2f30813288 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-11.shn
ef69819f6f984d7ee7a3bbbc198773c0 *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-12.shn
476d2ff45034b891afe5a0f4661dc08b *Gov't Mule 12-30-95 - S2-D2-13.shn

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