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Gov't Mule 10/29/95
Park West, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
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Gov't Mule


Park West

Chicago, IL

SetList: Grinnin' In Your Face> Blind Man In The Dark> Mother Earth,

         Rockin' Horse> Mr. Big> Never In My Life> Mr. Big> Temporary Saint>

         Trane> Eternity's Breathe Jam> St. Stephen Jam, Painted Silver Light,

         The Same Thing> Don't Step On The Grass, Sam, Left Coast Groovies>

         World Of Difference, Mule

Encore: Young Mule Blues*> Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*> Young Mule Blues*> Jam*

Comment: * Larry McCray on Guitar

Source: Digital SoundBoard!!!

<~===Taper Steve Productions===~>

   <[email protected]=~>

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d3d56f696cd1ab15ca89d9325444ba30 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-1.shn
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7ae22f3872246723641c4d06618c3eea *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-3.shn
97b95a74386ab1ef556db7ecdeab7e85 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-4.shn
b41d7c97a782c7431bc37e2f35b5f177 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-5.shn
f35b6f11222ddab41a1ad76245b8abb6 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-6.shn
4f38068c6688b07464e4dee637f76361 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-7.shn
94ad5d2cf1cdd3230368ccb906803f8b *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-8.shn
aa0bdfdcdeee32136800f4f75f50ef3e *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-9.shn
2898aae43e016149d5f300e94255abb4 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-10.shn
88fc556ad1c2f32ea65ec4dd527fbcf8 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D1-11.shn
06f918ec6dab7ee8adf0064554ca5792 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D2-1.shn
d089fa2a864919c732ef00c0007437bc *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D2-2.shn
62e6f8fb1e5b1eef832ef6fc5f357c8e *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D2-3.shn
1e6ebe365d7c5a7808565a3ff236bcc2 *Gov't Mule 10-29-95 D2-4.shn

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