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Phish 07/22/03
Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
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Source # 19015 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell m210 (DIN) > V2 > SBM-1 > [email protected] (OTS); Tascam DA-20mkII > EgoSys Waveterminal U2A > Samplitude(48>44.1kHz) > CDWav > mkwACT > SHN; Taped and transferred by Scott Ratzmann 
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July 22nd, 2003
Deer Creek- Noblesville, IN

source: Microtech Gefell m210>V2>sbm-1>[email protected] (OTS/DIN)
transfer: Tascam DA-20 MKII>EgoSys Waveterminal U2A>Samplitude(48>44.1)>cdwav>MKWact
Taped/Transfered by Scott Ratzmann ([email protected])

Disc One
Set I
1. Punch You In the Eye
2. Beauty of My Dreams
3. Gumbo
4. The Divided Sky
5. Boogie On Reggae Woman
6. Carini
7. Magilla
8. Possum

Disc Two
Set II
1. Split Open and Melt >
2. Free
3. Friday
4. The Lizards
5. Walls of the Cave

Disc Three
1. Bouncing Around the Room
2. Frankenstein

Show Checksums
b2a6832ccc7ec692b6201dd31d3f9c39 *ph2003-07-22d01t01.shn
3c26cc2884d1461c278b4dfe861cc14f *ph2003-07-22d01t02.shn
0413923b32e22bcc83c1aebc7afacf20 *ph2003-07-22d01t03.shn
039b4bae460c170bc0d9e6aa3ff41e70 *ph2003-07-22d01t04.shn
4c8224e2d47404cf58b8a1db46229e0a *ph2003-07-22d01t05.shn
2d1475469ac89c3bf5d164255a08cf43 *ph2003-07-22d01t06.shn
3835c854c52642510b82642e14964f09 *ph2003-07-22d01t07.shn
7519b6f6f3b66062557821beec0da380 *ph2003-07-22d01t08.shn
9f57044873398ba6723ae1ad58246b1b *ph2003-07-22d02t01.shn
1d105b5c58f145834c6c116bc1f70cc3 *ph2003-07-22d02t02.shn
604d2ab79a967650e38f7c2d7dcac0fc *ph2003-07-22d02t03.shn
3581cf0659f9ffbe6bd98deff80dc13d *ph2003-07-22d02t04.shn
80e58fe87db9bac36172c77d7a092d5e *ph2003-07-22d02t05.shn
3f6cc1ba9e5afdb2106066830146abc7 *ph2003-07-22d03t01.shn
8c2b7e5664b8bd6877e09d81234adeb6 *ph2003-07-22d03t02.shn
f3bb969afce2bdc082261c88f4edfbe6 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t01.shn
06c9126a3b1b2653c9c7bca9b9f5f90c [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t02.shn
b30ec5351ddba105b8bf74e7eb5b0b5b [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t03.shn
76619f55058cd4c15227a354c965d44d [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t04.shn
e2e85124d423fdb8bb45ae4af3421de9 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t05.shn
5a8bbc8cba25487ddda3e80afa5a8053 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t06.shn
f8ef7978ac1f06e2250e7054b5760797 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t07.shn
1693389cabc4678c6e9911896340499e [shntool] ph2003-07-22d01t08.shn
03b8232af5b03f319329f19ee8b20228 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d02t01.shn
69e7b2262cb218f46ad8f3b44b30b110 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d02t02.shn
cb7f4b16900c6f1ec953f9fc30505ad4 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d02t03.shn
3008131bd8b924f96111e5d7b39a85ec [shntool] ph2003-07-22d02t04.shn
11bb36d722beb1507ec3b078b30c26f1 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d02t05.shn
a4ddebcc0f6169a448ed67e767ddae69 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d03t01.shn
c3d50c70970ec22daa22bce2e8904c26 [shntool] ph2003-07-22d03t02.shn

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