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Phish 11/03/84
Slade Hall, UVM, Burlington, VT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary AUD (condenser mics) > Sony Boombox (Cass/0) > Cass/2 > DAT; DA-P1 > Fiji > Sound Forge 4.5 > CDWav > SHN; Transferred by Mike Wren; Note: May also circulate as 11-3-83 but this is the correct date as found in the Phish Companion. 
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Slade Hall Basement, University of Vermont - Burlington, VT

Source: Aud > Cass/2 > DAT
Conversion: DA-P1 > Fiji > Sound Forge 4.5 > CD Wave > SHN v3
Conversion and Encoding by Mike Wren 11/3/00

Thanks Shaggy for the seed!

-------------------------------------------------------------- - The standard in lossless audio distribution

01  Ignition Sequence (00:30)
02  The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett) (06:22)
03  Wild Child (Lou Reed) (05:20)
04  Bertha (Grateful Dead) (13:39)
05  Can't You Hear Me Knockin' (Rolling Stones) * (09:39)
06  Camel Walk (01:17)
07  Eyes of the World (Grateful Dead) (17:54)
08  Whipping Post (Allman Brothers) (16:03)

*With "St. Stephen" (Grateful Dead) jam.

Total Time: 70:44
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a3163474e439f1de0c9846a6eff885de *ph83-11-03t01.shn
5cef68d1dc0d95d64e54ae04308598e9 *ph83-11-03t02.shn
2c9ddba09e2e68e41591f12ee2463574 *ph83-11-03t03.shn
467a63120d447614e257379b0cdbc130 *ph83-11-03t04.shn
90b634cc8ba970f256b8c9a03a36833c *ph83-11-03t05.shn
cc21301591e699926ae2c02d9aa847f4 *ph83-11-03t06.shn
741e854227f007ad5bfaf0e7ddfdacde *ph83-11-03t07.shn
3efa5873df1caf8a77336350ebe7d7f1 *ph83-11-03t08.shn
87dd3107aee74febca8435a27c856445 [shntool] ph83-11-03t01.shn
45aafd5665810f5b158ca831d90ed6f4 [shntool] ph83-11-03t02.shn
5f6ba6db3a71ceba5ad1214c6026aab2 [shntool] ph83-11-03t03.shn
492a1dc851a09b3123f3630f7cf54e94 [shntool] ph83-11-03t04.shn
d929ef7df378a4c437be7e97c61d62a8 [shntool] ph83-11-03t05.shn
89fb4d5b52228f587d3e68050b2321c6 [shntool] ph83-11-03t06.shn
721a47ade45f5d8268d7f120cda9b88f [shntool] ph83-11-03t07.shn
d6baf17602272079282b51a612801bb6 [shntool] ph83-11-03t08.shn

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AUD (condenser mics) > Sony... (0) flac16; AUD... (0)
Date User Comment
12/08/2000 Jeff Ishaq What a gem, thanks! I noticed the following flaws: 1) d1t5 09:30 -> 09:36, d/o and seems to cut before song is finished. 2) d1t7 very short d/o 00:37 3) d1t8 d/o 1:30, seems to resume after skipping a few measures.

12/08/2000 Jim Raras Sounds as you think it would, given the source. However, it's a historic show and the songs are at least somewhat audible.

One thing that has been cleared up since Shelly's quote from that is included in the txt file is that this show did *not* happen on 11/3/83, it actually happened on 11/3/84. See the Mockingbird Foundation's "The Phish Companion" for more details. (I was part of the setlist working group and this is one of the changes we made with the assistance of Kevin Shapiro-Phish archivist)
08/08/2012 geewiz010 FLAC fingerprints: