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Grateful Dead 01/21/79
Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Source: Unknown AUD>?>SHN. Editing: SHN>WAV>CE2K>CDWAVE>shntool>mkwACT. Edited & seeded to etree by MattMan. 
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Grateful Dead
Masonic Temple
Detroit, MI

Source: Unknown AUD>?>SHN
Editing: SHN>WAV>CE2K>CDWAVE>shntool>mkwACT

Disc 1: Set 1 (72:15)
01. Sugaree
02. Me & My Uncle
03. Big River
04. They Love Each Other
05. BIODTL (21 beats!)
06. Dire Wolf
07. Looks Like Rain
08. Brown-Eyed Women
09. New Minglewood Blues
10. Friend of the Devil
11. Jack Straw
12. Deal

Disc 2: Set 2 (78:22)
01. Samson And Delilah
02. Terrapin Station//
03. Playin' In The Band//
04. Drums//
05. Space//
06. Truckin'//
07. Stella Blue//
08. Good Lovin'
09. Encore:U.S. Blues

-This audience recording is marginal at best, but does reproduce a super show (not just because it was my first Dead show!) that should be of interest to collectors.
-The recording has undergone some DSP that includes EQ and NR (I found a nice piece of hiss to formulate a decent sample). Even though its still hissy, it was very hissy before the NR.
-Most of the tracks in Set 2 are cut at their end.
-The show occurred in the dead cold of Mid-West winter, and started late as the crowd waited over an hour outside for the doors to open. To compensate, the Dead played a lively and energetic show--"The winter was so hard and cold". Donna was absent.
-The show occurred in the Main Theatre of the Masonic Temple, one of the finest public halls in the United States, having a seating capacity of about 4,500 that produced a very intimate contact between audience and stage. The decorative treatment of the auditorium has considerable detail adapted from the Venetian Gothic, and the general tone is gold which has been enlivened with red and blue to produce a quiet richness of color seldom attempted in this type of work. A great deal of careful study was given to the acoustical treatment of this room which has produced an auditorium where the hearing qualities are perfect from every seat. This is the only time the Grateful Dead played this theatre.
-Thanks to Teri "RamblinRose" for the source SHNs.

C:\shn>shntool len *shn
    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
    11:49.64     125218172     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t01.shn
     2:58.56      31530956     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t02.shn
     5:42.56      60460556     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t03.shn
     6:54.58      73166060     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t04.shn
     3:14.43      34322780     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t05.shn
     3:54.29      41345852     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t06.shn
     7:28.06      79041356     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t07.shn
     5:52.54      62219852     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t08.shn
     5:29.00      58035644     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t09.shn
     8:28.35      89693564     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t10.shn
     5:48.58      61523660     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t11.shn
     4:39.24      49272092     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-21d1t12.shn
     7:20.00      77616044     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t01.shn
    12:41.39     134332172     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t02.shn
    14:53.15     157560524     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t03.shn
     5:51.33      61994060     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t04.shn
     6:12.61      65764316     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t05.shn
     9:44.48     103130540     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t06.shn
     9:40.42     102410828     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t07.shn
     6:33.38      69414620     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t08.shn
     5:26.18      57548780     ---   --    -xx    gd1979-01-29d2t09.shn
   150:45.27    1595602428 B  (totals for 21 files, 0.4908 overall compression ratio)

Peace. MattMan. August 2003.
Show Checksums
5cd01a4b65bc70fbae8274e718543f93 *gd1979-01-21d1t01.shn
8489f402f9736fb4e143e3b930c85ed2 *gd1979-01-21d1t02.shn
1422b8eb8454ac25a40624819662d3a5 *gd1979-01-21d1t03.shn
d93fd6421dd9432a9339c875ac4f1701 *gd1979-01-21d1t04.shn
ec94cf055437d48011f54535d53bea5c *gd1979-01-21d1t05.shn
4ac4cf1deb55c1df82926dc6f9b4b88f *gd1979-01-21d1t06.shn
e5db895f431e257176d786e8d032b5c4 *gd1979-01-21d1t07.shn
9734da3f24ee36bd16b11edf9cf6ace4 *gd1979-01-21d1t08.shn
32e682f7005a2cfcdcb2afa2a3b5fc38 *gd1979-01-21d1t09.shn
6a6293ebdfceca881dfce832f8d3a000 *gd1979-01-21d1t10.shn
296fe4b7259cf31e5476bb320ef2a7bc *gd1979-01-21d1t11.shn
7372f86ea1b79a1be9add8be8479930a *gd1979-01-21d1t12.shn
94fd94e4027de318aadd5f3e43bca977 *gd1979-01-21d2t01.shn
1a6cd04081486b57b6a56e2166e6f736 *gd1979-01-21d2t02.shn
3bb8f558225a2d7a2536871decf20f28 *gd1979-01-21d2t03.shn
c31d96d3c8fc7d222f318b9134dd668b *gd1979-01-21d2t04.shn
52abcff0c77195b5be58daaaccd2e7cd *gd1979-01-21d2t05.shn
5494f3cebaa14c866c6dcebb7652092c *gd1979-01-21d2t06.shn
7f3783b0033adb8e3520695e54b5054f *gd1979-01-21d2t07.shn
00470b556a8bdfc442dbdea6ecdc40b9 *gd1979-01-21d2t08.shn
35416367902af5b634993548cfdbe504 *gd1979-01-21d2t09.shn
a5ada136863ad5f859323c3f3d28abc6 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t01.shn
78f9dff8bf47103ef935c010bcaf03aa [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t02.shn
8e4156f154fc2bd1a3dd040509c5e65c [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t03.shn
8be66e411ff814a1df6f39cf2d10fea8 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t04.shn
2e276bf99c56f264d26e242868c58f73 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t05.shn
d2da9cc51a10842d775be2158ed2454f [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t06.shn
3abfe300cbb252eeeeb572a5ea4619b4 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t07.shn
616cf00e131e5493635ffba6d3d78fb1 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t08.shn
6040c764a456ea6de26261857599c589 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t09.shn
0fd11d5e3adf8921d86ebd980eee60ae [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t10.shn
2dec83a82714e02db3d00ca1fa54e412 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t11.shn
638ecb1ef5959cb74acee2a7dd7dba3b [shntool] gd1979-01-21d1t12.shn
8e363a8f9a76961976df20b1afc0cf69 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t01.shn
c76d42ce89deb80f88b8c5fbcbdf25b0 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t02.shn
48ba9c1a9d4adba721b435504dd69267 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t03.shn
1820095e869b986403bda443468a8168 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t04.shn
e4e25fe2bf44ac74c31c36d8ad14fde0 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t05.shn
a40a746b94bb0ab50c51db5174941f49 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t06.shn
8bbfd29e373e317ef8c4db5e73b329e2 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t07.shn
dd0eaff0afb2a066f322e730cca33425 [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t08.shn
a4724f24b78d166de26a1cf2cf7ed04d [shntool] gd1979-01-21d2t09.shn

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