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Derek Trucks Band 07/17/03
Stephen Talkhouse, Amagansett, NY
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Entered by Rus K
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary AKG1k's(card)> x/stream> AD20> M1> DA20mkII> SF 6.0> wav (Taped/Trnsfrd by Steven Gatto) 
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Derek Trucks Band
Stephen Talkhouse
Amagansett, NY

Source: AKG1k's(card)> x/stream> AD20> M1> DA20mkII> Soundforge6.0> .wav
Taped and transferred by Steven Gatto

Disc 1:
1. Sahib Teri Bandi
2. Volunteered Slavery
3. I Wish I Knew How
4. 7/4 Jam
5. To Know You Is To Love You
6. Angola
7. Soul Serenade
8. Drown In My Tears
9. Willisee

Disc 2:
1. Everything Is Everything
2. Rico Introductions
3. Pedro
4. Joyful Noise
5. Encore Call
6. E: Freddie's Dead

8:34 start. Packed bar SRO

A few minor dropouts in Drown in My Tears and Willisee.
Repaired but still audible for a brief moment.

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flac fingerprint
291d5dc476c93dd03b25c49d477a97c6 *dtb2003-07-17d1t01.flac
3ee233ff8ded169da5418156398e463e *dtb2003-07-17d1t02.flac
db5bb69d0aaa250cfa6c2b9118efc059 *dtb2003-07-17d1t03.flac
82b6b028ecb5fb7152f16eec21e2b4d2 *dtb2003-07-17d1t04.flac
6d214e8db411a20c058ab09488bbab4c *dtb2003-07-17d1t05.flac
bbff4c5098beb2592244c0715a9c7de2 *dtb2003-07-17d1t06.flac
b95be2177a6bd5883d67cafc21ec303a *dtb2003-07-17d1t07.flac
f5f01c9f68f1eb662ee54ee27f35a28a *dtb2003-07-17d1t08.flac
79d156389519d8960e4e6a51b6c02c4b *dtb2003-07-17d1t09.flac
c908fc42662deef525d3ee3538cf17a4 *dtb2003-07-17d2t01.flac
53eacb7614098475ad35aece1bc5af5d *dtb2003-07-17d2t02.flac
4da81b58a3cb53bbbf74610266b7ab73 *dtb2003-07-17d2t03.flac
079302b2cb12abfd64647cfcc76ba174 *dtb2003-07-17d2t04.flac
33bdf633f410102923a68664f61a586c *dtb2003-07-17d2t05.flac
6c9b02ad9db731fe7649b7d83416abf9 *dtb2003-07-17d2t06.flac

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