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Grateful Dead 11/21/73
Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary via D. Barrick (hurtsme2); B. Yerys reports digiprobs at d1t1 ~0:42, d1t4 ~1:10, d2t2 ~10:38 
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Denver Coliseum
Denver, Co.
Disc 1
1.Me & My Uncle (3:14)
2.Sugaree (7:01)
3.Jack Straw (4:50)
4.Dire Wolf (4:13)
5.Black-throated Wind (6:30)
6.Big Railroad Blues (4:53)
7.Mexical Blues (4:23)
8.They Love Each Other (5:00)
9.Looks Like Rain (7:20)
10.Here Comes Sunshine (10:40)
11.Big River (4:59)
12.Brokedown Palace (5:36)
1.Mississippi Half Step> (7:40)
2.Playin> (11:29)
3.El Paso> (3:59)
4.Playin> (3:40)
5.Wharf Rat> (8:50)
6.Playin> (12:33)
7.Morning Dew (12:15)
Disc 3
1.Weather Report Suite Prelude* (1:27)
2.Weather Report Suite Part I* (4:05)
3.Let It Grow* (8:22)
4.Truckin> (7:58)
5.Nobody's Fault Jam?> (5:08)
6.Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad (7:40)
7.Saturday Night (4:56)
8.Encore: Uncle Johns Band (8:00)
*End of Set I
SHNcoded by Dave Barrick
[email protected]
Show Checksums
2ded66b237c0ba0dac23bbc1f93d14a4 *gd11.21.73d1t10.shn
2a1cd99e80fc1a25a7cf7cbda606080e *gd11.21.73d1t03.shn
58301cdeb7761a64b7183f3a46cf7322 *gd11.21.73d1t04.shn
598f009da8c20eed8c7233198b9b8335 *gd11.21.73d1t05.shn
da2005b0e9dbf2896b547447344b3f25 *gd11.21.73d1t06.shn
d838b62335617a98a04460a230b94643 *gd11.21.73d1t07.shn
cc91a21b4f56a2dca20bb99d02f9cb8c *gd11.21.73d1t08.shn
341d9c7e1f515bb3efe5fce55d09bf94 *gd11.21.73d1t09.shn
a1af5163bb40a7efec78dfd5d4f94454 *gd11.21.73d1t11.shn
b889c9fb682485270cf0892388e5c5b8 *gd11.21.73d1t12.shn
f6b32de6590255cd54aaf7798967d449 *gd11.21.73d1t02.shn
89276a4cf5945932f3ec86ac25d05245 *gd11.21.73d1t01.shn
c803f191d1b0dbb745467a73f75fe569 *gd11.21.73d2t03.shn
3daab68b1bbd3adacebd5dbeb5a396c0 *gd11.21.73d2t02.shn
087ee0af34bac4dd823c609b3b0ba809 *gd11.21.73d2t04.shn
51c90696258bdfa4c9eb578cab9ca383 *gd11.21.73d2t05.shn
52db3e6641de786b7943c847975311c8 *gd11.21.73d2t06.shn
400a9eb119e231297aa5e60dab84216c *gd11.21.73d2t07.shn
7871e81ac6a885f2e016c3367322c29f *gd11.21.73d2t01.shn
b2db309e47f3754d5f5bf7cbc2cd1236 *gd11.21.73d3t03.shn
cfafa4a8b5015630e175b129a3d9d3ae *gd11.21.73d3t02.shn
c520463ce0e6c973f383ff5560e790b6 *gd11.21.73d3t04.shn
4d9eb441acd90efbe601fd945b911f30 *gd11.21.73d3t05.shn
f404b901ee45e51b137335dd7c3be76a *gd11.21.73d3t06.shn
228c7e5bbb71d6df555ceb97772615d0 *gd11.21.73d3t07.shn
59787570198503e1d7aa31fa8c16dd8c *gd11.21.73d3t08.shn
04401be9b98888f1f4b5290047afbab4 *gd11.21.73d3t01.shn
984e5faa42119dd23ea0c98dbb9a278a [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t01.shn
e845ab04a41efbb9778458dd393e5a21 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t02.shn
0e5e32eb24419cff61a9e5d912041ed5 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t03.shn
39a42fdc1b9990ec4648102f1d9eab44 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t04.shn
a715e64c5108b444136764761a184d35 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t05.shn
e92f21b2f1529165a25c71971045b2a0 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t06.shn
92ae08d8502b5bce4db2057e1c1f666e [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t07.shn
39c12605ff094843179e62cef21f9c75 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t08.shn
8fca25cd3efba6935ee049dd37245f6c [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t09.shn
6036ef5c36e664d1630ab672b31fdecc [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t10.shn
79f33881dcfe10f9527a5d95cf7a85d9 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t11.shn
0b1d9f9496946b10ed7d331fe1724581 [shntool] gd11.21.73d1t12.shn
5f3607204d5e5ebd50584b81b9a4faf0 [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t01.shn
0260b6aeba87fb8416c8442ac00f01dd [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t02.shn
da834e72a4bfe2a61b657cecacf620dd [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t03.shn
9816d4704004918e75ae404ac8b639ef [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t04.shn
7e284a728c0d4482cf336e917033d1a8 [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t05.shn
cd1fb675b08013a1b81ab6fb4dd1052b [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t06.shn
e2277d29cb9542505e344eb95da058ec [shntool] gd11.21.73d2t07.shn
42518b38ac831160a76f6f4547512699 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t01.shn
326594e5e7caf78cd57997a417de0cac [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t02.shn
5aa7a3d7cd0c0eff0d5f8495ea473c39 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t03.shn
452fbd58fd2a5e7a6a53a6bbf4425931 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t04.shn
7c0e6fa675c4def0ed01453c58a9f519 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t05.shn
cc582ce15edee1a5571b37955524e3f6 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t06.shn
01766c78bb768a436f24d4b895488d90 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t07.shn
816c7f9f3c2ed23f9549a220291ec4f5 [shntool] gd11.21.73d3t08.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
MAC (Taped by Glen Finley,... (0) MSR > DAT > CD > Samsung... (1) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (1) flac; 2 Source... (0)
Date User Comment
02/03/2003 Sean Cribbs I cannot hear the problems @ d1t1 ~0:42, d1t4 ~1:10.

Rich Gaul's list reports digisnits @ d1t01 0:17, d1t04 3:11, d1t07 2:47, d1t08 2:25, d2t02 10:37, d2t06 2:12, d3t03 2:33 & d3t06 4:34, all of which I have been able to confirm for myself (thanks Rich).

There has got to be a clean copy of this show out there somewhere. If you have one, please share!!
02/04/2003 Just went over my copy and IMHO the glitches at d1t08 2:25, d2t06 2:12, d3t03 2:33, d3t06 4:34 all sound like analog reel cuts - they are all preceded by the 'slurping' sound of the tape running out.

The noise at d1t07 2:47 sounds like a buzz from the PA or something and not digital in nature.

The other glitches at: d1t01 0:17, d1t04 3:11, d2t02 10:37 are are very loud, violent blasts of digi-noise.
05/17/2003 gotcds This came from my DAT seed. This DAT seed which begat a SBD>Reel>DAT>CD compact disk has the reel cuts, but lacks the egregious digital noise errors described
05/17/2003 gotcds The reel cuts described have been noted by other DAT collectors several years ago.
01/22/2004 Gary Field Nobody's Fault is a full version with vocals.
02/10/2004 micropolyphony d2t4 should actually read
Playin Jam>Dark Star Instrumental Jam> (3:40)
02/11/2004 Matt Just in case the date doesnt make it an automatic 'acquisition' for you Heads out there, please do yourself a favor and take my word on this one and GET IT !! One of my long-time fav's from that Fall Tour.Great Stuff !!
11/16/2007 charlie miller There's a cassette gen in this and it runs fast
11/19/2007 charlie miller There's a cut in Morning Dew