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Phish 11/19/97
Assembly Hall, University Of Illinois, Champaign, IL
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Source # 19248 Other Sources
Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Neumann U87 > DAT; DATs provided by Mark Lynn; Transferred by Scott Z 
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Source:  Neumann U87s (other information unknown) ->DAT

DAT>SHN by scottz ([email protected])

thanks to Mark Lynn for the DATs!


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8ca40fcf87f6fb098923b57a52d9e181 *ph97-11-19d1t1.shn
5bc92baf9ef68117d513406218c431c0 *ph97-11-19d1t2.shn
36a639d7d3f20faf248d5eb0179d78e0 *ph97-11-19d1t3.shn
58c75314c5cbe233ba0a2b914f53424a *ph97-11-19d1t4.shn
952d7e775fc6585f60e45fc80c2d9e38 *ph97-11-19d1t5.shn
c658b75425c89032bfb22d09ccddb6ac *ph97-11-19d1t6.shn
cbc814f8b5dd6206ba72e8522ee0a215 *ph97-11-19d1t7.shn
ec2734983941c4fa02c334dbcf96859b *ph97-11-19d1t8.shn
dac8927fd5dc4ad151a1cdd22b6059b0 *ph97-11-19d1t9.shn
9b9dad298f2b365d2159bff8818e94c4 *ph97-11-19d2t1.shn
6eda34978c971fdda6d09faa7cdeda8f *ph97-11-19d2t2.shn
105de1bd2d082e7369d17f55cf480d8f *ph97-11-19d2t3.shn
3c32f82273f3a9196dcffbd4e3a1332f *ph97-11-19d2t4.shn
e8ed5097f77da7a72db54fbda044bccf *ph97-11-19d2t5.shn
2b1a5319f8b207f0017d046ef0c8578e *ph97-11-19d2t6.shn
fc2cd5bdcb1972677e96ba2fb7ad883e *ph97-11-19d2t7.shn
59abcbaafbac648a87e20041629f3f38 *ph97-11-19d3t1.shn
8dfc65c764daab3b79fbd609ecae4dee *ph97-11-19d3t2.shn
6b118fd16eb39895ab0588b92590b066 *ph97-11-19d3t3.shn
67201e928971d5ffc3236cabdea2cb45 *ph97-11-19d3t4.shn

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