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KVHW 11/27/99
Quixote's True Blue Cafe, Denver, CO
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Source # 1933 Other Sources
Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4
Disc Counts 0 / 4
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Source Summary {onstage} AKG C61 tubes >DAT chain > ? > AUDIO CDR > WAV via EAC > SHN [DAE step(s)] 
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KVHW 11/27/99 Quixote's True Blue - Denver (Aurora), CO

AKG C61 tube mics (Stage)>DATs>CDRs>EAC>SHN

Disk 1:

Set I
1.  . . . Bad Hair
2.  From The Bass Up
3.  Nine->Ring Around The Moon->Nine
4.  Ray Chattin'
5.  Poonk -> Express Yourself -> Poonk

Disk 2:

Set I cont.
1.  If You Only Knew
2.  Footprints
Set 2
3.  A New Africa
4.  Cissy Strut

Disk 3:

Set 2 cont.
1.  Neffertiti
2.  Power Of Soul
3.  Point Of No Return
4.  Mr. Potato Head
5.  band introductions

Disc 4:
1.  It's Up to You
2.  City of Tiny Lights
3-5.  Yo Miles! 3/4/00 Fillmore, SF

Notes:  Thanks to Damon Cool for supplying me with (and treeing) these fine shows.  
EAC Extracted and SHN converted by Darrin ([email protected]).  
Please email me with any setlist errors, disk errors or flaws.
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46009d4eac6ff527ac6d95f4b8fd3098 *kvhw99-11-27d1t1.shn
34a9df1821f9bc8eebeb88fa05c0ceb2 *kvhw99-11-27d1t2.shn
9ab963880a86b35e2055cee9eef8bf75 *kvhw99-11-27d1t3.shn
1c2564ee0f24d9256d6fdb80331ff528 *kvhw99-11-27d1t4.shn
2ba7d39faaaf2d77730ddf2d67ec1c26 *kvhw99-11-27d1t5.shn
ace39d2293bc0eec4584e4d19aa8c0d1 *kvhw99-11-27d2t1.shn
0d6f14a88891ae43d16598f0c629f282 *kvhw99-11-27d2t2.shn
fbeab977409b047472e26fd6c82e783f *kvhw99-11-27d2t3.shn
02c28374939996c53c435b43ac9bd7f1 *kvhw99-11-27d2t4.shn
9e1d514393cc91cd09223317443d30f2 *kvhw99-11-27d3t1.shn
87c9b0bd3ca900cfef777b058fbd6a8f *kvhw99-11-27d3t2.shn
85913c5c427c35f37fae347073dea8c4 *kvhw99-11-27d3t3.shn
4b5f524eeddbbb8674dfe31be83223ca *kvhw99-11-27d3t4.shn
5bfa933e3ea9815504a13ab5154a205e *kvhw99-11-27d3t5.shn
bdd2bb104d54eeee3d2b4dc975312527 *kvhw99-11-27d4t1.shn
9c146d6b56a557ece0a1c7c22e55e2db *kvhw99-11-27d4t2.shn
87cc0343cac5368cef7a075169989b17 *kvhw99-11-27d4t3.shn
4ad97ad9cb11e001179382125714b279 *kvhw99-11-27d4t4.shn
2d16b5da51c9a597f2745411d115d20a *kvhw99-11-27d4t5.shn
c4f305003c5c3f639057ce9e110646a5 *kvhw99-11-27d4t6.shn
597860dec87b11d885ca02cd8c252782 *kvhw99-11-27d4t7.shn

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{onstage} AKG C61 tubes.... (1) {onstage} AKG C61 tubes... (2)
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