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Drive-By Truckers 07/26/03
40 Watt, Athens, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary Neumann KM-184 (DIN)> Oade m148> Sony SBM-1 (Sloan Simpson) 
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Drive-By Truckers - 7/26/03
40 Watt Club - Athens, GA

01) Lookout Mountain
02) Careless
03) Hell No, I Ain't Happy (DB)
04) Marry Me (DB, CL)
05) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon  (JN, DB)
06) Outfit (JN, CL)
07) The Deeper In (JN)
08) Sink Hole
09) When The Pin Hits The Shell
10) Sounds Better In The Song
11) Do It Yourself (BS)
12) The Living Bubba (JN)
13) Where The Devil Don't Stay (SI)
14) Decoration Day
15) My Sweet Annette (CL, JN, WM)
16) Heathens (JN)
17) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Road Cases
03) 72 (this highway's mean)
04) 18 Wheels Of Love (TMcB)
05) Zip City
06) Let There Be Rock
07) E:) Loaded Gun In The Closet (Cooley/JN only)
08) Steve McQueen
09) Buttholeville (TW, JN, TMcB)
10) E2:) Bulldozers And Dirt
11) Ronnie And Neil

[Decoration Day release show - Benefit for Nuci's Space (]

DB = David Barbe - keyboards
CL = Clay Leverett - vocals
JN = John Neff - pedal steel guitar
BS = Bob Spires - vocals
SI = Shonna Isbell - vocals
WM = Wendy Musick - vocals
TMcB = Todd McBride - vocals
TN = Timmy Weaver (Shonna's cousin) - guitar

Source: Neumann KM-184 (DIN)> Oade m148> Sony SBM-1

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro> CDWave> mkwACT

Proper Sector Boundaries verified w/ shntool

Taped and transferred by Sloan Simpson

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ed0b3b2e2512ff2cb03be7f5334b308d *DBT2003-07-26D2T01.shn
ab1bc6c9e1b56159bb381400327288c7 *DBT2003-07-26D2T02.shn
3ccc5e5210dd7818ff3f7bfeeded80e0 *DBT2003-07-26D2T03.shn
a1a7db01ba447714dbcfe469b9beb923 *DBT2003-07-26D2T04.shn
c78c01be44c9b71d1cc9548f51a10cb3 *DBT2003-07-26D2T05.shn
50b0f650a1bfe234a0f21d5a8a6b1711 *DBT2003-07-26D2T06.shn
0733da35b18391dd76358b38a21a42e7 *DBT2003-07-26D2T07.shn
286122bfe3eaa38ce29f621e2a60cd9f *DBT2003-07-26D2T08.shn
8769b81dc91727e5e32c0ff1b8bed55a *DBT2003-07-26D2T09.shn
f386f9a33964e24054e5a6481f41e99b *DBT2003-07-26D2T10.shn
b74204a89175c3a261e63c1702a81d2e *DBT2003-07-26D2T11.shn
b7f0982d2ea6f0aeabf3546e4a2fcf30 *DBT2003-07-26D1T01.shn
c08486166fc5617d57ccfd6446cb0b36 *DBT2003-07-26D1T02.shn
158018fd34404693172a193bb380527b *DBT2003-07-26D1T03.shn
638f3836b7ba09ed301df296a613eb8d *DBT2003-07-26D1T04.shn
9bb801ba77287eec05972094df673511 *DBT2003-07-26D1T05.shn
cbfedb430933bb0531558c68094752a5 *DBT2003-07-26D1T06.shn
e31c4a5eceb699a09bfe93459446419b *DBT2003-07-26D1T07.shn
2abccc045849a215af1d33998ee0ecc5 *DBT2003-07-26D1T08.shn
363c92d0b590658d8172dec150c3f36a *DBT2003-07-26D1T09.shn
3078611e15c877c25ba8cf6b229621eb *DBT2003-07-26D1T10.shn
872ae3bc515ed35b3b94fad86b74c7c9 *DBT2003-07-26D1T11.shn
ce9fadb1eed72c28e6c3170ac9c586d9 *DBT2003-07-26D1T12.shn
23775d3600012b34ee437033270d2a7e *DBT2003-07-26D1T13.shn
15faec549c1b88d875b6fc0481a3771e *DBT2003-07-26D1T14.shn
1b3713e05af45b1591be6ef9c7d9ceb9 *DBT2003-07-26D1T15.shn
502ba97531be37f659fde059b0db4782 *DBT2003-07-26D1T16.shn
7bccb11eff66cdaaffbd9fd5565a9700 *DBT2003-07-26D1T17.shn

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