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Summer Cousins 07/15/03
Dreamland, Sheffield, AL
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary AKG 483> HHB PDR-1000 (Chris Pennington) 
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Summer Cousins - 7/15/03
Dreamland BBQ - Sheffield, AL

Disc One:

01) Uncle Disney
02) Rising Son
03) White Knuckle, West Virginia
04) Old Timer's Disease
05) My Sweet Annette
06) Tornadoes
07) Heathens
08) Crystal Clear
09) 'Merciless'
10) 'Ain't Much Traffic'
11) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
12) Razor Town
14) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) The Magician
03) Dead Drunk & Naked
04) Runaway Train
05) Outfit
06) Sink Hole
07) Let There Be Rock
08) E:) The Assassin
09) Hell No, I Ain't Happy
10) Buttholeville

Source: AKG 483> HHB PDR-1000

Transfer: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro> CDWave> mkwACT

Proper Sector Boundaries verified w/ shntool

Taped by Chris Pennington

Transferred by Sloan Simpson
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613720bbfd94933665fb98daf4966d6c *SC2003-07-15D2T10.shn
85a4efd43c5c0f913afdb1531937b7aa *SC2003-07-15D1T01.shn
0dc8926884ab4c377bdc5b59c2899076 *SC2003-07-15D1T02.shn
20d03c66ec206788aceadb06ee6cab9f *SC2003-07-15D1T03.shn
7faf2b7d066a7b363867e95b9cc018c7 *SC2003-07-15D1T04.shn
4fb9441be4ef3a49c215dd0b39aa9d79 *SC2003-07-15D1T05.shn
58018ca9e30732b04ca0f6e076568fcf *SC2003-07-15D1T06.shn
d4ace7ae2aae9cfae1108ef13ac1cfed *SC2003-07-15D1T07.shn
ef9ba47e75252888d43fe31cb0c4cdad *SC2003-07-15D1T08.shn
9d87994cffab040a154ce65d3815a7fa *SC2003-07-15D1T09.shn
b7d5187dbd4fa0462f1346f401288391 *SC2003-07-15D1T10.shn
8bf7afc5c8b267524d3ade880ea2730d *SC2003-07-15D1T11.shn
61b28156422de3285003f273eeb059f4 *SC2003-07-15D1T12.shn
4bdd04af70bcb3d4f55b866a84809e63 *SC2003-07-15D1T13.shn
b569719af077cbd5baeba15c0074f18b *SC2003-07-15D1T14.shn
e0032fe498d0d59192c9c735d5f7e5f8 *SC2003-07-15D2T01.shn
a21cd576e33523eeb039592662b7c1f7 *SC2003-07-15D2T02.shn
6639845b698f43554751535eb135d911 *SC2003-07-15D2T03.shn
4bc78a925970eb4571ca9dc8ee9463a1 *SC2003-07-15D2T04.shn
4d2e85bd6a1f9532102cba340ca9c472 *SC2003-07-15D2T05.shn
a46f794e5133f17b164ea6ea765644de *SC2003-07-15D2T06.shn
86dcfdaa8eea7311fe50f8a50167ba04 *SC2003-07-15D2T07.shn
cf3cc5b22472c960bcdfe081215b2d38 *SC2003-07-15D2T08.shn
9a92ab2acbae0e289549deab545fec1c *SC2003-07-15D2T09.shn

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09/10/2003 Kyle pike this is a Summer Cousins show.