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Drive-By Truckers 08/22/03
Stubb's BBQ Outdoor Amphitheater, Austin, TX
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Drive By Truckers

Friday, August 22, 2003

Stubbs BBQ Outdoor Amphitheater

sbd>XLR to miniplug>sharp md

sharp md>pc via SoundForge 6.0>wav>shn (via mkw)

Please dot not encode this recording in mp3, except for personal use.  

Thanks to Matt the DBTs sound guy, and the nameless Stubb's sound guy who loaned me his male to female XLR adapters.

Disc One
3)Women Without Whiskey
2)Your Daddy Hates Me
4)Decoration Day
5)Hell No, I Ain't Happy
6)Marry Me
7)Don't Be In Love Around Me
9)Lookout Mountain
10)One Of These Days
11)The Story Behind...
12)18 Wheels of Love
13)Where The Devil Don't Stay
14)Ronnie and Neil
15)Zip City

Disc Two
01)Road Cases (partial)
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f4030dc226452b272dbf4fb360c19a12 *dbt8-22-2003d1t14 .shn
3892e652e14ddce6f2760d45b3cfb88b *dbt8-22-2003d1t02 .shn
4f494915be6ea2fdee4b08920873a142 *dbt8-22-2003d1t03 .shn
9626e00da9031e46b787b9642c7f554c *dbt8-22-2003d1t04 .shn
87381fdf9559cf336fac65c9c460bf39 *dbt8-22-2003d1t05 .shn
ad2e906326918521e814481d00130dac *dbt8-22-2003d1t06 .shn
ea1c3f636e182e1c72447fa69a28a498 *dbt8-22-2003d1t07 .shn
79f4ae87f768479ecdbe4e7be2f8dd49 *dbt8-22-2003d1t08 .shn
9b4929466fc54aac1adb77058b8a32c4 *dbt8-22-2003d1t09 .shn
fc72cfcb2a1de099af6ebb85de26119b *dbt8-22-2003d1t10 .shn
5a9e6d722ee20bc2f1bedd059d88f325 *dbt8-22-2003d1t11 .shn
c02a366cd8ed6578aaab545345c8f4f7 *dbt8-22-2003d1t12 .shn
dc14e49bb7b27fdb068f34ae53401fd0 *dbt8-22-2003d1t13 .shn
c15d7964f50a240ca6bb74ed2c537a73 *dbt8-22-2003d1t01 .shn
a438a55c955840ed2e108f07dac531ab *dbt8-22-2003d1t15 .shn
2c70699a03c116f16b870133c38ad014 *dbt8-22-2003d2t01.shn
bae46e9216b62527ec132e15f9e4ff59 *dbt8-22-2003d2t02.shn

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