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Patterson Hood & Todd Snider 07/10/03
Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA
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Entered by Kyle pike
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Source Summary Matrix [Neumann KM-184 (DIN)> Oade m148> SBM-1] + [SBD> Tascam DA-P1] (Sloan Simpson) 
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Patterson Hood & Todd Snider - 7/10/03
Georgia Theatre - Athens, GA

Disc One:

01) Uncle Disney
02) Tension
03) Sink Hole
04) Forty Five Miles
05) Tornadoes
06) Long Year
07) Margo And Harold
08) Betty Was Black (& Willie Was White)
09) Tales Facing Up
10) Late Last Night
11) White Knuckle, West Virginia
12) 'Feelgood Hit Of The Endless Summer'
13) My Sweet Annette
14) {Fade Track}

Disc Two:

01) {Fade Track}
02) Easy Money
03) The Night G.G. Allin Came To Town
04) Statistician's Blues
05) George Jones Talkin' Cell Phone Blues
06) Rocket Fuel
07) Heathens
08) Vinyl Collection
09) 18 Wheels Of Love
10) This Land Is Our Land
11) {Fade Track}

Disc Three:

01) {Fade Track}
02) (Something's Got To) Give Pretty Soon
03) Lonely Girl
04) The Living Bubba
05) Side Show Blues
06) Let There Be Rock
07) Alright Guy
08) E:) Roll Another Number (For The Road)
09) Sandwiches For The Road
10) Keep Off The Grass>
11) Straight To Hell

w/ Clay Leverett, Todd McBride - backing vocals

Sources: [Neumann KM-184 (DIN)> Oade m148> SBM-1] +
[SBD> Tascam DA-P1]

Transfers: Tascam DA-P1> S/PDIF> Ego-Sys U2A> Cool Edit Pro (mix)> CDWave> mkwACT

Proper Sector Boundaries verified w/ shntool

Taped, mixed, and transferred by Sloan Simpson

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44bd644d66a0680090a349de506af06a *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T11.shn
027d4744c55d64eb43bc6cecf1c95a3a *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T01.shn
b23fe9f302c93ae9542e41922c919df7 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T02.shn
1c91049a55f56b45d7b0a63f8b4c5cae *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T03.shn
59483ee69edf2b3dae587b3cdf2f0ffb *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T04.shn
600624effefe17dcac9c9849885d9a15 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T05.shn
4b34e955492b3d74c326bcabf738b136 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T06.shn
a12e035c3c1e1903b43b84f09392fa7e *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T07.shn
565d60e30f35724ff420f63620e31d6a *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T08.shn
b119b5ddbb1221898d2a1122783a9ef6 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T09.shn
a5a2033124f3a18d65b9244a1f9a76b1 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T10.shn
52211a7915d12c5ee7cf0372350741cc *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T11.shn
fc01a0b8d104218349f7ec8bc75c76c5 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T12.shn
61da63e6c7a66ed549502e6338e19455 *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T13.shn
69482a3bb76f1b5ddbd4a5d5665c522a *PH&TS2003-07-10D1T14.shn
b9ad0f7edc35c8e1b562e923ee1d1d9d *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T01.shn
514cb1dedbfb1db06d6856b200700037 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T02.shn
feb60a3b84de76c2ba820af7851c41c9 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T03.shn
9f34c2498dfcaad77d2f62dcb559d590 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T04.shn
99d5ef02626d770fcf78723299b09d29 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T05.shn
8498193ef0531b96f4d12df820294375 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T06.shn
a91a990f49f62d20e9a03f87f2c84eca *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T07.shn
2cd2ef1c7e186345648d98e21d53a48e *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T08.shn
98aae7da98f870f1dde34456e2d93552 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T09.shn
a890c806c72f4d45d4ac7358e2b8f182 *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T10.shn
4ec8cfce2f683fb102608e8d47402d8d *PH&TS2003-07-10D2T11.shn
b146fe15555c9d3358996fe9114976c5 *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T01.shn
8cc2c30e054831daa366b2066432c51c *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T02.shn
b580308e2347956dc72f018a16bd0c53 *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T03.shn
e9028064522784851aa498ba5919237b *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T04.shn
f3643fef3c413a6c207a1295d61122ab *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T05.shn
d14f9b48ee51184e45688bc401a155b5 *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T06.shn
a4cde9f0831d1a06dc867625850cbfec *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T07.shn
fe35aae79be5ff58a6ca82c23a803b12 *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T08.shn
ad94463d8658d48162799d7897fb45be *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T09.shn
f0e6ee699f58ba661745f096a3b24ff9 *PH&TS2003-07-10D3T10.shn

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09/10/2003 Kyle pike this is a Patterson Hood & Todd Snider show