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Derek Trucks Band 08/04/03
WFMU Radio Broadcast, Jersey City, NJ
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Entered by Rus K
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Derek Trucks Band
Jersey City, NJ

Source: DSBD (radio broadcast)

1. Interview
2. Preachin' Blues
3. talkin'
4. Killing Floor
5. talkin'
6. Sierra Leone
7. talkin'
8. Leavin' Trunk
9. talkin'
10. Drown In My Own Tears
11. talkin'
12. Feel So Bad
13. talkin'
14. Afro Blue

Just Derek and Mike
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e04d48ddfe700db105daaaef8b6870c7 *dtb2003-08-04d1t01.flac
6ee824b5df4f6e839307546da9382f92 *dtb2003-08-04d1t02.flac
511d34fe84012844da300e2498f41c07 *dtb2003-08-04d1t03.flac
ff85514613833c028468f59306516ed4 *dtb2003-08-04d1t04.flac
36398e35fa8eb9da01f6599cacbe62c5 *dtb2003-08-04d1t05.flac
228baa8d909f8c69c9e642cd9c78044a *dtb2003-08-04d1t06.flac
8b5aea6a63ab657b2df287e5b64d1241 *dtb2003-08-04d1t07.flac
18b6f818abb11d28b278aed25cee2ceb *dtb2003-08-04d1t08.flac
05128a0d7de86a755f1d4885c78d0952 *dtb2003-08-04d1t09.flac
0b6a97297026e6063d9926b274465cae *dtb2003-08-04d1t10.flac
38bee1f8f563166cdd7498dfa83e1bbb *dtb2003-08-04d1t11.flac
c9181f8986c5cecc6d85b3d5aa6fbcdf *dtb2003-08-04d1t12.flac
311de5ddb2ca3fdb5e66cc7d237ac490 *dtb2003-08-04d1t13.flac
fbc3cb3acd293def73b1406740908425 *dtb2003-08-04d1t14.flac

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