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Ween 05/25/03
The Stone Pony Summer Stage, Asbury Park, NJ
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Unknown source 
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The Stone Pony Summer Stage
Asbury Park, NJ
(postponed from 5/24 due to heavy rain)

Unknown source

Disc 1
01. Ice Castles
02. The Golden Eel
03. Baby Bitch
04. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
05. Happy Colored Marbles
06. Take Me Away
07. The Grobe
08. Even If You Don't
09. Voodoo Lady
10. Albino Sunburned Girl
11. I Don't Want It
12. Roses Are Free
13. Push th' Little Daisies
14. The Mollusk

Disc 2
15. Pumpin' 4 the Man
16. Buckingham Green
17. Captain
18. The Stallion (Pt. 3)
19. Touch My Tooter
20. You Fucked Up
21. Dr. Rock
22. Flies On My Dick*
23. Zoloft
24. Puerto Rican Power
25. Johnny on the Spot
26. Pandy Fackler

Disc 3
27. Ocean Man
28. Bananas & Blow
29. El Camino
30. Buenos Tardes Amigo
31. The HIV Song
32. Spinal Meningitis

*Sung by Dickie Moist

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Track04 - pops at 4:35 and 4:39
Track11 - blip at 0:24
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612e3d14978b89a3684a8b828d273649 *ween2003-05-25t32.shn
604258762e0cdaf75d47d69cebc32961 *ween2003-05-25t02.shn
35e0c0687d922ea24325a13f98a2f476 *ween2003-05-25t03.shn
18a909fcf844f50c333ca3f8be393004 *ween2003-05-25t04.shn
4ad6cccf21f9e3e07253d053ba4982fa *ween2003-05-25t05.shn
77ef1940d5a33a00cd41897b14244de0 *ween2003-05-25t06.shn
3c92de726f391c9ec57e1d2bc713171d *ween2003-05-25t07.shn
8e768ef5b5a4db36d1cc89faefaa164c *ween2003-05-25t08.shn
cd5b1c670650b3a852259092bda0e1f9 *ween2003-05-25t09.shn
52452aab84aa96a04a5c46d312906648 *ween2003-05-25t10.shn
9e997a0bcdda01c81fa5451b966e97af *ween2003-05-25t11.shn
5a212de38c050f92c9e4e76b85ba4938 *ween2003-05-25t12.shn
0c76a83a968cc0aef2dbf8b9c84ddbfd *ween2003-05-25t13.shn
28f34c709e8f460506dbdf202aa29480 *ween2003-05-25t14.shn
7d80a257deeb163f1af4b423810797f4 *ween2003-05-25t15.shn
4e3cfe860303854e73fca5b4036a6c8f *ween2003-05-25t16.shn
5ef5b57eb03880ab7dc09fdf77ab2e65 *ween2003-05-25t17.shn
a465446dd67da53641285deed5dca541 *ween2003-05-25t18.shn
861102673b51e97ec66dc9494e93bdd0 *ween2003-05-25t19.shn
b08df310a0bccea146397ed3c44c7f47 *ween2003-05-25t20.shn
99cdc076f9609f8d45efe9776f75cc0d *ween2003-05-25t21.shn
e5765a3e6438679dc8dde9e3f132dca4 *ween2003-05-25t22.shn
9cde862ebd947ed54d33a883b00ce1b5 *ween2003-05-25t23.shn
07dba236861712d67bb3784f206ea3fc *ween2003-05-25t24.shn
ffe6cb10080e65048b2b61e2a944f74a *ween2003-05-25t25.shn
edef85965f47dd1fc49f44f29ca43d9f *ween2003-05-25t26.shn
b4700a92afed1e9e14d954d6f90bd017 *ween2003-05-25t27.shn
03e2001458d8c07b1f880ade37751cd6 *ween2003-05-25t28.shn
b894c03a8c591ce8c1374cbaffeb67b1 *ween2003-05-25t29.shn
0621ebb9d8b09ae04bdd623eaecfef47 *ween2003-05-25t30.shn
006f7c2184edc43185e7e1526390832b *ween2003-05-25t31.shn
5a1e5bf6f3d8b2c25d3bcf21cc2c69f1 *ween2003-05-25t01.shn

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Date User Comment
09/12/2003 TWATTS This show was sourced by Josh Keats, or rather, he has Master DATs of the show. His source is: mbho 603a > sound devices mp2 > graham patten adc20 > d8

Hope this helps, but there is a second source in circulation... I wonder if these are SHNs of that source...

Now we start to see why lineage is so important???


09/12/2003 Greg Yurkovic I've noticed many Ween shows without text files. Not much we can do about it. I've created text files for the ones I've found and put them in the Sources in Circ; hopefully people will grab the text files and begin to distribute the shows with them. I have no idea if this is a JKeats source or not.
09/12/2003 twatts I used to collect a lot of Ween (even ran a trading circle on Ween.Net for a while)... Many of Keats sources have little problems - missing text, MD5s, SBEs, etc...

I've learned however, that most of the time, I can figure out the source from his DB.ETREE list. He lists which shows he has Master DATs for... He also posts his rig every once in a while, though it changes sometimes... I'm pretty sure he's running MBHO603s right now, only because he sourced the Norfolk and DC (Pre-BananaRoo 1) shows with MBHOs...

He listed this show as one he taped, or rather, he has Master DATs for it...

As for the transfer, I think he does DAT>WAV > Wavelab or something like that...