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Grateful Dead 10/24/69
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary Low generation audience > CD via Jools 
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Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena
San Francisco

Low generation audience > CD


//Casey Jones
"Turn Up The Monitors"
Dire Wolf
High Time
Easy Wind
China Cat Sunflower>
I know You Rider
"Hey man, turn the microphones on!!"

Extracted with EAC. Tracks cut using CDWave. SB verified via SHNTool

Uploaded to Tol 20 September 2003

*Please note

Deadlists mentions the tape as having: The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment>Jam>Cosmic Charlie
on the tape. This copy of the tape does not have this.

I received this show from Hanno Bunjes who in turn received it from Uli Teute. Thanks!!!!

In a recent conversion with Hanno at my place he cast doubt that the songs were part of the tape
(If memory serves).

Hanno, if you read this text entry please confirm you thoughts and findings:)
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5c2a449aa467a075f36ea49c6cfaa2dd *gd69-10-24t01.shn
cd91025e37df439081ab691a6ddbb2bc *gd69-10-24t02.shn
8aaf6e3588ed744641d0b1076b0184b3 *gd69-10-24t03.shn
0a632d4f34d3cb3ea0b3b29961b34ff4 *gd69-10-24t04.shn
eba460cd9f6eeecc5f09cdd872472a52 *gd69-10-24t05.shn
0909e8c11683c8f34375afd59cab62c0 *gd69-10-24t06.shn
c3fe78650ac8b73bfca68ffa734ea548 *gd69-10-24t07.shn
08a6df365925a63a602219c394822657 *gd69-10-24t08.shn
8a9394d217231df07ca4259b8df0b747 *gd69-10-24t09.shn
4ea30deb793b4b41f62dac98e5585fe1 *gd69-10-24t10.shn
0aff1f72844e7da6a86cb954508f47b2 [shntool] gd69-10-24t01.shn
e1bf6d0da3374b93bf43621a4bf87c40 [shntool] gd69-10-24t02.shn
6fc36f353b3f38d16f2dc735f5a12d49 [shntool] gd69-10-24t03.shn
d1374359c9b84ea6d960e3ab4f7fc4db [shntool] gd69-10-24t04.shn
d795fb3ac48bb7e7be0e355d79c0a685 [shntool] gd69-10-24t05.shn
8ae2874f5056fbd025ee511dde9d59b1 [shntool] gd69-10-24t06.shn
b88a00f9f15f74aa3c1d2d24b359ebbc [shntool] gd69-10-24t07.shn
059649fedd3c286d7742756ba59f029c [shntool] gd69-10-24t08.shn
78c9d6ab0324bf887ca7c4cf65d6c5ee [shntool] gd69-10-24t09.shn
fb98561f93774413b36720b7bd0b782f [shntool] gd69-10-24t10.shn

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09/21/2003 hanno good evening jools. All I can say is that I have had this in SHN since November 2001 (!) and just forgot to ever seed it. This tape has been (without the //Other One > Cryptical > Cosmic//) with Uli, in two distinct versions, for quite some time. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't belong there, so if you have them, please seed. It should be mentioned also that tracks 1, 8, 9 & 10 are from a lower generation copy of the same master.