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Grateful Dead 10/31/80
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
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Source Summary Recording by Jim Wise: Master AUD (Sony EMC-280/D-5) Cass> PCM> ZA2> CD; via Chris Larson to abgd  
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Grateful Dead
New York City, NY
Radio City Music Hall

Source: Master AUD (Wise Sony EMC-280/D-5) Cass>PCM>ZA2>CD

Disc 1 (68:18)
Set 1 (Acoustic)

1. Crowd 3:00
2. Heaven Help The Fool 8:03
3. Sage And Spirit 2:51
4. Sadie 3:18
5. Monkey And The Engineer 2:56
6. Stage Chatter 0:23
7. Must've Been The Roses 7:18
8. Cassidy 5:40
9. Bird Song 9:27
10. Ripple 4:20

Set 2 (Electric)

11. Crowd 0:51
12. Jack Straw 6:09
13. Cold Rain And Snow 6:15
14. Me & My Uncle 3:18
15. Mexicali Blues 4:29

Disc 2 (73:53)
Set 2 (continued)

1. Ramble On Rose 7:49
2. Little Red Rooster 10:03
3. Crowd 0:28
4. Brown Eyed Women 5:09
5. Looks Like Rain 6:51
6. Deal 6:23

Set 3

7. Crowd 0:18
8. Don't Ease Me In 3:34
9. Lost Sailor 6:04
10. St. Of Circumstance 6:29
11. Franklins Tower 9:04
12. Drums 11:41

Disc 3
Set 3 (Continued)

1. Drums 0:23
2. Space 4:09
3. Fire On The Mountain Intro 1:39
4. Fire On The Moutnain 8:45
5. Not Fade Away 6:21
6. Stella Blue 9:45
7. GDTRFB 6:13
8. Good Lovin' 6:43
9. Crowd 0:36

10. Unlce John's Band 8:49

Enjoy the great show!
Thanks to Andy G. for providing these RCMH shows to me.

If there are any problems, lemme know at [email protected]

Posted to alt.binaries.sounds.misc 10-31,11-01-00 by Chris Larson.
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4740251787008fd1d354e69089550650 *gd80-10-31d2t01.shn
6852c689ba654cfeb8eb1c1ba117df31 *gd80-10-31d2t02.shn
7ea542d4807da6d5011e8f4adca28971 *gd80-10-31d2t03.shn
a522c6737c4268f4ca78df471de8e550 *gd80-10-31d2t04.shn
f32d82f045c05b771d2568c112034446 *gd80-10-31d2t05.shn
582e9ee7df2618e2f43621e0dd0c0e3b *gd80-10-31d2t06.shn
c3ef80520004c69eb3b464f580f875bf *gd80-10-31d2t07.shn
3f428ccc757ff2deaeb4c805c7221b52 *gd80-10-31d2t08.shn
f58de246762b8712b67fe2753301c33a *gd80-10-31d2t09.shn
7263762c7fc07c404d026a348dc4e3cd *gd80-10-31d2t10.shn
e72f6e3dfb3885628325b8baaf642040 *gd80-10-31d2t11.shn
cec30a1355a7281a5f85faa35068e003 *gd80-10-31d2t12.shn
25dd7afd17d12d76aaac65af42d38d57 *gd80-10-31d3t01.shn
75a5b54a413d730b665afc504b7c5ff2 *gd80-10-31d3t02.shn
9f9ce37f7ccf8b6d47a223715b527a69 *gd80-10-31d3t03.shn
bc86785d791b70d90864dfd929585f19 *gd80-10-31d3t04.shn
d71b52ce04b1b2a8add4fb0b164835d7 *gd80-10-31d3t05.shn
44ca12ad48066bad87e6d387854d85be *gd80-10-31d3t06.shn
a59f5412f2531d2d680e8af2ad1ac461 *gd80-10-31d3t07.shn
90070d63f496ca5becfa6bd9e4bf55f9 *gd80-10-31d3t08.shn
f6dd6c7858bd3ee9a0968d351b59c33d *gd80-10-31d3t09.shn
b1b48f686b4af862bb650d066330e349 *gd80-10-31d3t10.shn
7ec5d7b0b4df2dab2f50c184baea469d *gd80-10-31d1t01.shn
701f274d5aa65145f505bd79cb91297e *gd80-10-31d1t02.shn
a2ed094f9ee619bcc9a3c9c9a443686f *gd80-10-31d1t03.shn
1dfc65038b94f92fa4e7b0377bfe7966 *gd80-10-31d1t04.shn
4a6083227047ba6d049cbd344ad121c9 *gd80-10-31d1t05.shn
eb0720c67026c9f0abe274d44b4f1a23 *gd80-10-31d1t06.shn
ae0c782911b5a72339eca8c2c9a1bc1d *gd80-10-31d1t07.shn
f2403a0818d69a0ee4f712655e9bf434 *gd80-10-31d1t08.shn
4a30087f174e5dd73a64d75961b0b805 *gd80-10-31d1t09.shn
7d27e2e9401f518fd2b2a924610ec73a *gd80-10-31d1t10.shn
fd07ae05018c95fb3d8e84822b8dcade *gd80-10-31d1t11.shn
a43558a83333a2852318f8029f8d4877 *gd80-10-31d1t12.shn
705b9f94062862fd6e534019038eedd7 *gd80-10-31d1t13.shn
a9579aff183cfab28fdcb9ea522b0504 *gd80-10-31d1t14.shn
1cfc8bbaeb2868f32b5304864cb7ad40 *gd80-10-31d1t15.shn
1b2f84cabffb231aede45517c6202385 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t01.shn
8146ac50971228eaf8b1249a5665d236 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t02.shn
96c9ae42ebe86421ffc1885262b1b6c6 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t03.shn
09d43bffc39d5cfe5e1c334e72c6efc9 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t04.shn
5d76a04ce627d82763ed07684364566c [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t05.shn
c4d0e66ee8488f2979333b087582a700 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t06.shn
70bc6a869f0b43d9005547d6beb32ab7 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t07.shn
6199bef0afcdd63e5b41d25dd4ec3004 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t08.shn
6dc77b110cdddb8316383db78e8adc82 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t09.shn
e1bf3657e1da2b6e8bac97e7dd348992 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t10.shn
1decee8564b4fb79c9e398a12e7af6e4 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t11.shn
996d46e7b066f180292c24a7b9e43cfa [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t12.shn
a1e0a137b26502672c00359895e6dd1d [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t13.shn
8ade83467c126df2a11e91bb86f0b249 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t14.shn
0b834ef56d9249d22f66ea6830befb22 [shntool] gd80-10-31d1t15.shn
55695d89be320fa0db7c5cb235e8b1e9 [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t01.shn
ffd79a1113e73347bdc7757b267ea2d0 [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t02.shn
1781819b53b6261f0c79c551200a0728 [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t03.shn
71f80e305c51c9822d9fe06b6ae3290a [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t04.shn
739c32492378337b96f6ad9bde2ab75f [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t05.shn
559dfb9746274eb399a7942b6f88ec1e [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t06.shn
2209069c8fc2681dd7ffd45430e0d054 [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t07.shn
174eab5b503ed9d8ae9b1d53f44dc551 [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t08.shn
67a45b2e4c14608d701f6188213471fd [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t09.shn
e73978ba66f0877b3add47245247e3eb [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t10.shn
b857f3e2559d19f5c870047de9f9576b [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t11.shn
ed4e12ca82713a29dea45712df2e2109 [shntool] gd80-10-31d2t12.shn
aee80a34200dd081cdb54452a802ed9e [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t01.shn
0f355c7dccd6a07465fca281b2a8bdb2 [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t02.shn
a0251c3ce0a2b9e034c58c44eeb7cddf [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t03.shn
f0ac1a14164b86cff3d2652c1778d6d1 [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t04.shn
2f394df5daa7666ed64cf73322da8070 [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t05.shn
c1245bd7d474cbbfc814087db7bc498e [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t06.shn
3fad66e7dc3183ce9ed08738a1e2b59f [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t07.shn
20ad15b345dca51367b292f5b6db089d [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t08.shn
feb49853d7b99de9cebf4163c0f02f80 [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t09.shn
0735117bc66c4ce50863ebcf9dfb36b8 [shntool] gd80-10-31d3t10.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Source: Acoustic:... (4) flac16; Acoustic:... (1) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Recording... (0) flac16; Loge Dead... (0) flac16; 3 Source... (0) flac24; Partial... (0) flac16/48kHz;... (0) flac24; Cassette... (0) flac24; Updated... (3) flac16; Updated... (3) flac16; Source:... (0) flac24; Source:... (0) flac16; Source:... (0) flac16; Source Info:... (0)
Date User Comment
12/16/2002 Gray Miller I believe the majority of the video "Dead Ahead" comes from this show. Anyone have further information? All of the members are wearing the same clothing for the entirety of the video, but a few songs I suspect are from 10-30-80.
11/05/2003 Charles Digi-pops @ 2:44 of d1t13 (CR&S), 1:35 of d2t11 (Franklin's), 5:54 & 9:17 of d2t12 (drums), ~1:55? of d3t04 (FOTM)
Numerous sample & hold digi-errors on d2t12, d3t02 (~2:00) sound like repetitive skipping.
Last 9.8 secs of d2t12 is zeros; thus D2 & D3 are not seamless if joined on longer media.