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Grateful Dead 12/19/73
Curtis Hixon Convention Hall, Tampa, FL
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary "DP 1 Leftovers"; via Gans, D. Finney; rest is on Dick's Picks 1- go buy it 
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Grateful Dead
Curtis Hixon Hall
Tampa, FL

Dick's Picks 1 Leftovers
David Gans seeded tree

Promised Land
Mexicasli Blues
Dire Wolf
Black Throated Wind
Candy Man
Jack Straw
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
Me and Bobby McGee
Row Jimmy
Casey Jones

[email protected]
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dc083ce9456d21d06254219804ebe5b9 *gd12-19-73T01.shn
863997add37a0bd4c90d6c1d6b11532c *gd12-19-73T02.shn
c93a528a252bae9b33c417295028837b *gd12-19-73T03.shn
b44194e01fdae49c1dd1054617b93915 *gd12-19-73T04.shn
16b1bc3646143921d9b6361622db005b *gd12-19-73T05.shn
65368b7b5bb35b61a23dc177b8d5aa5a *gd12-19-73T06.shn
3a77b519ad01a402ad87e2b5a7e9427b *gd12-19-73T07.shn
953b826a064865a621c1e011285bbc47 *gd12-19-73T08.shn
4791d7e6712d24163692a9a6b94c1108 *gd12-19-73T09.shn
7c1380fd11daf34ef52721e836b008b0 *gd12-19-73T10.shn
e38bbe093130b3a535bc86beed060d3d *gd12-19-73T11.shn
e022bbfad3b6cdd22555d23e2176f514 *gd12-19-73T12.shn
da3f472945d172d8a713390740b7c98e [shntool] gd12-19-73T01.shn
ff2810047b7c58454f48d7aa04e548d1 [shntool] gd12-19-73T02.shn
7100594fd1f65d6394eb9762ae55e941 [shntool] gd12-19-73T03.shn
95c48b51d47e86697dce03840a5a125b [shntool] gd12-19-73T04.shn
ae0c20c22d0ca22a069490801d0e7472 [shntool] gd12-19-73T05.shn
3c9e3f60119147814864375d78d6feeb [shntool] gd12-19-73T06.shn
7da32f07cca37c5cd307bca2f38743f7 [shntool] gd12-19-73T07.shn
16e2ead543a09b3953edd46effdc39a8 [shntool] gd12-19-73T08.shn
cc52980c1738d579b3be111ec68cbdcc [shntool] gd12-19-73T09.shn
4bb8c02fdae14def87a613eeaa788971 [shntool] gd12-19-73T10.shn
d225bb9b509996c37158c30799a04b54 [shntool] gd12-19-73T11.shn
c86a999c2c337131ed8c34acecd5aeae [shntool] gd12-19-73T12.shn

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02/13/2003 Sigmund BoPs does this source have the "remember your hippie training" before promised land? DP1 rox btw.. go buy it!