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Grateful Dead 02/21/71
Capitol Theater, Port Chester, NY
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Source # 1980 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary SBD -> Dolby A Reel -> Dolby A decode -> DAT -> Sound Forge NR -> CD-R; apparently sourced from previously-circulating Leigh Orf seed, with possible additions by Jason Lunz; note d2,3 have same md5s as previous copy, but d1 md5s are different  
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Grateful Dead
February 21, 1971
Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

SBD -> Dobly A Reel -> Dolby A decode -> DAT -> Sound Forge NR -> CD-R

The Sound Forge noise reduction was used to attenuate a very
narrow frequency band (in the vicinity of 8000 Hz) which
was present as interference on the original reels.  See for details.

Remastered by Leigh Orf

I've added some .toc files that are recognized by cdrdao. They add
pre-gaps to the tracks during audience noise, so track times are
more accurate.

Jason Lunz

Disc 1

Set 1
1. Cold Rain And Snow (7:24)
2. Me And Bobby McGee (8:18)
3. Loser (7:37)
4. Easy Wind (9:21)
5. Playing In The Band (5:46)
6. Bertha (6:17)
7. Me And My Uncle (4:57)
8. Ripple (take 1) (1:31)
9. Ripple (7:53)
10. Next Time You See Me (5:41)
11. Sugar Magnolia (7:33)

Disc 2

1. Greatest Story Ever Told > (4:43)
2. Johnny B. Goode
Set 2
3. China Cat Sunflower (11:36)
4. Bird Song (6:44)
5. Cumberland Blues (5:48)
6. King Bee (9:12)
7. Beat It On Down The Line (4:53)
8. Wharf Rat (11:02)

Disc 3

1. Truckin' (8:42)
2. Casey Jones (6:33)
3. Good Lovin' (16:55)
4. Uncle John's Band (7:36)
Show Checksums
b876a76ea59e2dc5287b30d4c599d799 *1_01.shn
f7e98d9403b83cb543e5dd0f6dea9b61 *1_02.shn
a4a2305c007481c46222eee3f1348101 *1_03.shn
8063220335656dab188ff88b5d61dc79 *1_04.shn
bf7bba3d3d2836e490120efea992fb09 *1_05.shn
cbbd7b346d2847297e0990631eabd723 *1_06.shn
a34d9c0152145e85688ab36278e15e14 *1_07.shn
8bd692f737629a6ebde28557b76cb9be *1_08.shn
44a37f0a9fa4797819957b1ff07738aa *1_09.shn
eb4150c8d5a5164fc29bbb0fbb3b9334 *1_10.shn
d65ad81ad0b4f8199082664cb0c90534 *1_11.shn
4f1e2f451ef41561df5407ff7b4d10cb *2_01.shn
1571b8ef7b5f4b27e4f6c2bd27dc74de *2_02.shn
9725c669d1b0a58a2ad5f637f8621736 *2_03.shn
6ac99a20061ebbaa13dad2ef336b47ea *2_04.shn
fa0cc73c95a5a672ff90d30ef5fae695 *2_05.shn
43674145b455e7afc4b00505271d0e99 *2_06.shn
4fb66795b1074b268a84740cbd3cc512 *2_07.shn
dff4cffe2bc6ca7a19adbca65e4e3128 *2_08.shn
188727610f51dae10cb9ceb5adc129b9 *3_01.shn
bcadb6d8fb4326e5a34ccfa161c482e5 *3_02.shn
bc50e34e43e5a0c72487b63996be69c0 *3_03.shn
5111ca570e794757c7c32521c8d41719 *3_04.shn
5a9a59c8f4495ec0f36d87d51ea47c3e [shntool] 1_01.shn
8af1c5c08e17d009278156f57b715e6d [shntool] 1_02.shn
0e88112b1a8e5aee368052cc8fa45860 [shntool] 1_03.shn
2c194bbde5f9adb1bce13e2efcd044e8 [shntool] 1_04.shn
e09498ca895988012d61e3573c70e87c [shntool] 1_05.shn
13d48596a84250342819e275af543a9f [shntool] 1_06.shn
195bada759c01fc6d3dc184b93836483 [shntool] 1_07.shn
191be2f5035dedf31ae7bb32dd6d12cf [shntool] 1_08.shn
5a8a35c95795390a38ebfa95a1685795 [shntool] 1_09.shn
9962739e65283da38e275385278055a4 [shntool] 1_10.shn
7b2493060ae64b0724c63bffa5c107fe [shntool] 1_11.shn
21fb82a173b21cf6b90c3bc013c77410 [shntool] 2_01.shn
94fc387a2bc5e2c40ff6cef218bcb951 [shntool] 2_02.shn
54e340ee6aed6ad2166584b20d5c7411 [shntool] 2_03.shn
b7b0991ef469cae88eac90e5c4bc0435 [shntool] 2_04.shn
f7267a817bcada9a23a2d56c8f3d50f8 [shntool] 2_05.shn
330157f3b57782047125e8a4d9d5de59 [shntool] 2_06.shn
1c90dd4c8fd83b2956e351acd539c0b3 [shntool] 2_07.shn
98b43ba81719e40d2fb1b8526ab96905 [shntool] 2_08.shn
f7c62da341b4aa289586dafa6899b63b [shntool] 3_01.shn
248d00cef699fe0e50551d6cb0098521 [shntool] 3_02.shn
2f18c8c3bab3e3694b6856a0b2f1f2fb [shntool] 3_03.shn
cba93fde3900838a8e6b6a6f17f5d4c9 [shntool] 3_04.shn

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