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Grateful Dead 06/30/73
Universal Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA
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Source # 19903 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary SBD>?>DAT>CD>EAC>SHN patched with AudMR>R>DAT>WAV>SHN. This is a patched and re-tracked version of the previously circulating soundboard source. 
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Grateful Dead
Saturday, June 30, 1973
Universal Amphitheater - Universal City, CA

Source 1: SBD>?>DAT>CD>EAC>SHN
Source 2: AudMR>R>DAT>WAV>SHN (provides patches)

More information about the previously circulating sources can be found here:

Thanks to Matt Z. for providing the audience source, and to Chris K. for providing the soundboard.

Disc 1  

Set One
01 [03:13] Promised Land *
02 [05:26] They Love Each Other
03 [03:41] Mexicali Blues
04 [07:38] Tennessee Jed
05 [07:14] Looks Like Rain
06 [10:16] Bird Song **
07 [05:26] Cumberland
08 [01:03] Stage Banter
09 [08:14] Row Jimmy
10 [04:46] Jack Straw
11 [04:51] Deal ***
12 [03:10] BIODTL
TT [65:05]

*   Promised Land mix weirdness from 1:25-1:42 somewhat smoothed/patched with aud source.
**  Reel flip in Bird Song patched with aud source from 7:45-9:04.
*** Clipped first note of Deal repaired with aud source.  

Disc 2

Set One (cont)
01 [09:04] Black Peter
02 [14:50] Playin'
Set Two
03 [01:29] Tuning
04 [05:03] Greatest Story
05 [06:17] Ramble On Rose
06 [04:29] El Paso
TT [41:15]

Disc 3

Set Two (cont)
01 [00:36] Tuning
02 [16:10] Dark Star -> *
03 [19:27] Eyes of the World -> *
04 [08:09] Stella Blue
05 [09:55] Sugar Magnolia
06 [05:21] E1: Saturday Night
07 [06:14] E2: U.S. Blues **
TT [65:55]

*  Reel flip from 15:50 in Dark Star to 0:12 in Eyes patched with aud source.
** Possibly from a different show - see comments about sbd source at etree.


Source shn files were converted to wav with mkwACT. Audience patches were pitch shifted and otherwise manipulated in Sound Forge, and were mixed with the soundboard source in Sonic Foundry Vegas Audio. All three discs were re-tracked using CD Wave to better match the start of each song with the beginning of the track. Sector boundaries were verified/fixed with shntool, and files were shortened with seek tables appended.

JD Baker 10/10/2003  

Show Checksums
cccd5408d371aead4243baa5d3f07260 *gd73-06-30d1t12.shn
120733316d62f5164a06ace0888313aa *gd73-06-30d1t02.shn
e97ff32c017ab68e79bb2b22a8f973ec *gd73-06-30d1t03.shn
89488a73d125e494b3e0702f1fe29d8b *gd73-06-30d1t04.shn
de1a339539c37cc4d4cf6080266394f6 *gd73-06-30d1t05.shn
8438781c5dab191e771bbcf58f8931ad *gd73-06-30d1t06.shn
0707ab2081913a97705aeba0a8e8db81 *gd73-06-30d1t07.shn
3544fa52049bc49b3345a0d8442cff2e *gd73-06-30d1t08.shn
586c62284698f47464b6517c95e04f0b *gd73-06-30d1t09.shn
fd1992c50d7f956ad0677748ea2f40eb *gd73-06-30d1t10.shn
181a6850fc6bfb1ddcbbadb6a75f20b7 *gd73-06-30d1t11.shn
b115ed59171df4303fb72e5586d5071b *gd73-06-30d1t01.shn
b9d46a9213665d40b3f3b7fdd7c61777 *gd73-06-30d2t01.shn
216fc1709810b9a75ccc1ff8b118108e *gd73-06-30d2t02.shn
826e9e0076f216da3ada4d85f093de8f *gd73-06-30d2t03.shn
bf41d3dd4e598b523fea1c1ede5e2b35 *gd73-06-30d2t04.shn
1b45e07283c3670226ab5d39477041b2 *gd73-06-30d2t05.shn
4b9d629ce15a1955a3d414ef2a53f3b9 *gd73-06-30d2t06.shn
51fcd6ec282c9280c87501bea3c4d1e4 *gd73-06-30d3t02.shn
4c6694236ea4489ee8a423ea6c9086f0 *gd73-06-30d3t03.shn
2377abef029495a07de9f10d43390d4a *gd73-06-30d3t04.shn
3d433ddd6facabf9fe46b1b20a639d2a *gd73-06-30d3t05.shn
9974ef99ed3ee10dfb3b3b8d197fd996 *gd73-06-30d3t06.shn
313df05c88d0fef9e3f015e7d80d93d5 *gd73-06-30d3t07.shn
1d80e260253a844b0ac6883fd6dba36c *gd73-06-30d3t01.shn
d7394ccd62804c54621c50eef024eb50 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t01.shn
4249e57ebaac934d3089183de8cbf601 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t02.shn
9ce3179168bf7ac2e702a70ae7beffec [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t03.shn
fa6f3fa724f4aca57ebcc405cb7d621c [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t04.shn
4245ebadcea686e995ae98a34634882a [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t05.shn
739fd336ece0934ac4c43a1749059c94 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t06.shn
b9f295f10c3dea8a61cc510fa201baaf [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t07.shn
87c0f2c59c21aaa48a7dd690594aeb76 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t08.shn
82d4b1a71a41edc94b8ce75d2ea84695 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t09.shn
22a71348d19731432e0c3f515f3defa8 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t10.shn
05031def5cc558c543ae3727894e2e22 [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t11.shn
cd112e29bd0d2c78580ee77fee122eee [shntool] gd73-06-30d1t12.shn
5bbfc78d04ac095864c49f0956a4ca68 [shntool] gd73-06-30d2t01.shn
a83ca3b49d5eb61748576119616c76ef [shntool] gd73-06-30d2t02.shn
3c6acbf1eeeef55ae3eb5097c93d01ce [shntool] gd73-06-30d2t03.shn
d9a21c4e53bc8b5d5919ef68f7c187b6 [shntool] gd73-06-30d2t04.shn
34b036199839ba6049da943dafa34aea [shntool] gd73-06-30d2t05.shn
24492d8817f1ae82aa851dab2a1bd975 [shntool] gd73-06-30d2t06.shn
8789a7f6b55a7c1e704ba89b05ef5c3f [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t01.shn
cf76a2aeabe33ef26ee2cd31de3ec79f [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t02.shn
534d3ec6df74e2c262faa4cf904ba678 [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t03.shn
ad30b00a2e4a0286b2b157885ee58a94 [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t04.shn
11f7767630ec385b5bc47371a0944998 [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t05.shn
e9096b8baab5f441fabe4ae2de17ac10 [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t06.shn
39714b8d8ff313cc9a75e209369bbff9 [shntool] gd73-06-30d3t07.shn

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