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Disco Biscuits 11/16/00
Higher Ground, Winooski, VT
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Source # 2009 Other Sources
Entered by Michael Pederson
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , flat-seekable
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Microtech Gefell m200> Apogee AD1000> DA-P1(Hung from ceiling 20 ft from stage); Transfer: TASCAM DA-20MKII> Soundforge4.5> CDwav> CDrwin> Plextor Taped & Transfered by Nick Michels  
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Higher Ground, Winooski, VT
Recorded by Nick Michels
Source: Microtech Gefell m200> Apogee AD1000> DA-P1   Hung from ceiling 20 ft from stage.
Transfered by Nick Michels
Transfer Source: TASCAM DA-20MKII> Soundforge4.5> CDwav> CDrwin> Plextor

Disc 1
Set 1
1. Mulberry's Dream>
2. The Overture>
3. Mulberry's Dream
4. Magellan

Disc 2
1. Above The Waves
2. Kamaole Sands
Set 2
3. Jigsaw Earth>
4. Munchkin Invasion>
5. Jigsaw Earth

Disc 3
1. Widow In The Rain>
2. Pygymy Twylyte>
3. Little Lai
4. Has Anybody Seen Nick Michels?
5. Vasillios>
6. The Big Happy
Show Checksums
ac512a1bc5f8852a97786c841a38cda2 *db00-11-16d102.shn
e6c2f3c85572ec61a91d744a28eee415 *db00-11-16d101.shn
a7c82ac1602b707bad793b64255af527 *db00-11-16d103.shn
d0b49036b51386fa06c2298159038f63 *db00-11-16d104.shn
fdeff10e32a98ca2eb2fb74ed54afe0d *db00-11-16d202.shn
4a5f711d7cb35c142610105d2d397484 *db00-11-16d201.shn
bbcb68a7c5b89c120b9c7d4324a4e248 *db00-11-16d204.shn
64abe8a7a8b3dc025c4ce290cef1e0d3 *db00-11-16d203.shn
e1f6bf936f13776b5641a326ccc024f3 *db00-11-16d205.shn
2cedb042753470bec552a706f6820266 *db00-11-16d302.shn
5ca95be6bdac3be72039011ec17519aa *db00-11-16d301.shn
a02c7c041104e44e4526df7268c84bd7 *db00-11-16d303.shn
2e0427404797675a1ffe3ae5748f4ab3 *db00-11-16d304.shn
5e180d9395b87db352cdf222316e0da5 *db00-11-16d305.shn
5b78807fe56458b4769566bca5e3242d *db00-11-16d306.shn
3a53c252ba71ebcb9daa946cbca734f0 *db2000-11-16d1t02.shn
e1c47844eca5a18828a2c35f9d9cd11f *db2000-11-16d1t03.shn
bdea6a14f09e9b5057f2ae4866735eb5 *db2000-11-16d1t04.shn
7c2e7e255e6faaf68c8a897429a399f6 *db2000-11-16d2t01.shn
6766074d221ea502f33151a38f8faa0e *db2000-11-16d2t02.shn
419ba521b820dd7a4418ed2cee92b168 *db2000-11-16d2t03.shn
7874541723f62d1ecea44956b817042a *db2000-11-16d2t04.shn
7c62d7a39bea03f1e86879b53f639813 *db2000-11-16d2t05.shn
8eae8c2f523cf81971b3e8bd1b53213f *db2000-11-16d3t01.shn
6c6b0f95f8f5aca172dca647674811fc *db2000-11-16d3t02.shn
6ccb57c04a782e8fcc85e6059d461160 *db2000-11-16d3t03.shn
3e16279ab416d0d6908e5d47785a7107 *db2000-11-16d3t04.shn
7b4506cf944a953cdbe0081f2cc23d63 *db2000-11-16d3t05.shn
0798b0ea04d6e3aafa923bdf74dcc375 *db2000-11-16d3t06.shn
66c798e96ba85de48c436389aa8fe2ff *db2000-11-16d1t01.shn

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Date User Comment
02/21/2004 Mike Pederson The original SHNs have set-ending sector boundary errors and are not seekable. For uploading to the LlaMA, the sector boundary errors were fixed, seek tables appended, and the files were renamed dbYYYY-MM-DDdXtXX.shn.