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Gov't Mule 10/21/03
The Byham Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
Checksums FLAC
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary AKGc451b's (sterio pair) left side of sbd > MP2 > ADC-20 > PCM-M1 @ 48 KHz > cool edit pro > tracks > resampled to 44.1 KHz at highest setting 
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Govt Mule
Byham Theater
Pittsburgh, PA

Tape and transferred: Bill Weed ([email protected])
AKGc451b's (sterio pair) left side of sbd > MP2 > ADC-20 > PCM-M1 @ 48 KHz > cool edit pro > tracks > resampled to 44.1 KHz at highest setting

cd 1
set 1
1 tune up
2 The Real Thing (Warren Solo)
3 Glory Road     (Warren Solo)
4 In My Life     (Warren and Matt)
5 Patchwork Quilt
6 Rocking Horse
7 Larger Than Life
8 Painted Silverlight
9 Fallen Down
10 Devil Likes It Slow
11 Dark End of the Street (with Cris Robinson and Paul Stacey)
12 Politician  (with Cris Robinson and Paul Stacey)

cd 2
set 2
1 tune up
2 You've got to Hide Your Love Away
3 Drivin Rain
4 Which Way Do We Run?
5 Lively Up Yourself
6 Drums
7 Jam
8 Bad Little Doggie
9 Far Away
10 Blindman in the Dark
11 crowd
12 E. Mule

Note: to get all of cd 2 on 1 cd, it will have to be overburned.
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mule set1 d1t01.flac:ffab9eb5bd9623f19c6f24fe9823fe7c
mule set1 d1t02.flac:58d321803163c289c427fae5484dbe31
mule set1 d1t03.flac:bd14122300beb89074bb1cdb157e818d
mule set1 d1t04.flac:75a3c3139b8745c4f2068c79939aa304
mule set1 d1t05.flac:2a40e20a76deaf7b4d1bd482ddf057d2
mule set1 d1t06.flac:4a16319716d6f1d210bfde304a57e2f1
mule set1 d1t07.flac:9b407fa8227e44a1776af42b1c6474a3
mule set1 d1t08.flac:d1edd1b957645309f544c3f817e4a0c4
mule set1 d1t09.flac:ab6876a7c5f917bcd3060b3b1ad538bf
mule set1 d1t10.flac:50b41c53880cf7147f77e1213ccf1b32
mule set1 d1t11.flac:42ae3df939a7a6db068e3127db7c1af9
mule set1 d1t12.flac:c0314b3688570524fa3b6b316364280c
mule set2 d2t01.flac:21025ab726d3f414699cc34fe49eaf7c
mule set2 d2t02.flac:9d387d82b77324f5b0c0f75acbf4ce93
mule set2 d2t03.flac:ad40927d80ab4f6a18f498c264ca5d45
mule set2 d2t04.flac:f349591a469490521f7af154e8cdbf66
mule set2 d2t05.flac:9c023943d66a30cc46ee48f8eca8d96e
mule set2 d2t06.flac:f701cbf255ffcdbe854a63b2eac6bbaf
mule set2 d2t07.flac:355435e949d98d3adc970b990eb16dd1
mule set2 d2t08.flac:1354a321fdb3ff1b82db9ec4acc7c6d2
mule set2 d2t09.flac:85da4eea9943b99376026f437f4468a5
mule set2 d2t10.flac:a00dce16f5eff13f2069a51f181577e9
mule set2 d2t11.flac:ab64b9a265782dbcd0d1d557710be27f
mule set2 d2t12.flac:267e18e739897b9c1b1eb485a581d947

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