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Phish 11/21/95
Lawrence Joel Veterans Coliseum, Winston-Salem, NC
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary unknown source and transfer 
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Lawrence Joel Coliseum - Winston-Salem, NC

Source:         Unknown Mics

Minor Edits: Abrupt fade into Carolina, the start of which, appears to be
clipped.  Some crowd noise was removed between Carolina and
ADITL (on master).  Also, the ovation between the second set and
encore was shortened (on master).  Fades (in/out at
beginning/end of sets)


CD1 68:03:59
Set 1:
01. Fee > 05:43.58
02. Chalk Dust Torture 06:51.67
03. Prince Caspian > 03:21.57
04. The Divided Sky 16:37.12
05. My Long Journey Home 03:29.35
06. I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome 03:03.53
07. Guyute 10:22.17
08. My Friend, My Friend -> 06:55.63
09. Dog Faced Boy 02:14.34
10. Runaway Jim 09:23.38


CD2 44:26.17
Set 2A:
01. Simple > 09:39.58
02. David Bowie -> 10:23.22
03. Take Me to the River -> 01:23.23
04. David Bowie 08:49.68
05. Glide > 04:11.27
06. Ya Mar 09:58.44


CD3 37:03.66
Set 2B:
01. Mike's Song > 14:02.23
02. Keyboard Cavalry > 03:55.36
03. Suspicious Minds 06:09.02
04. Carolina 01:27.69
05. A Day in the Life 05:17.33
06. Good Times, Bad Times 06:09.18


Suspicious Minds includes HYHU.  Setlist (sans segues) courtesy of The Phish Companion.
Show Checksums
cbe7ead815af59d3b21506e3b9f0f70e *ph1995-11-21-d1t10_Runaway_Jim.shn
68455342bfb1cfb27da847d99e1d3915 *ph1995-11-21-d1t01_Fee.shn
963a54004e686d09c75dc9d887422df1 *ph1995-11-21-d1t02_Chalk_Dust_Torture.shn
7157dc133835b3800c1362f5a1cb480f *ph1995-11-21-d1t03_Prince_Caspian.shn
ea8d4a0f95497f1fec0c54b2fd96f59b *ph1995-11-21-d1t04_The_Divided_Sky.shn
713ee948a714f86e989e4da9782db194 *ph1995-11-21-d1t05_My_Long_Journey_Home.shn
5aaed315ebb4d68a77d5bed57a1c7ca6 *ph1995-11-21-d1t06_I'm_Blue_I'm_Lonesome.shn
070df4fd6f17a49c01056cc5aff73586 *ph1995-11-21-d1t07_Guyute.shn
3112c6e6d8c2464183cb3304fd223dff *ph1995-11-21-d1t08_My_Friend_My_Friend.shn
5a4e1db8f4b948683b900bc6f3cf1d9f *ph1995-11-21-d1t09_Dog_Faced_Boy.shn
90d48b35e8b0744b2418848c670d9ce7 *ph1995-11-21-d2t06_Ya_Mar.shn
acba7125718d557ee859f9d3ddcd016f *ph1995-11-21-d2t01_Simple.shn
9a2a32435ba2ce2bc5ae61f1b942445e *ph1995-11-21-d2t02_David_Bowie.shn
85eec50a2b64eccada8cdd7a3522e96a *ph1995-11-21-d2t03_Take_Me_to_the_River.shn
7b042928f1aed31713724c85724eb8d8 *ph1995-11-21-d2t04_David_Bowie.shn
079bc81ef64d61dee89c18aaebe2f394 *ph1995-11-21-d2t05_Glide.shn
83080b7c015ef17d85a86ed072b31770 *ph1995-11-21-d3t01_Mike's_Song.shn
476c3a3be98e610bd70c9aca8df8d7a4 *ph1995-11-21-d3t02_Keyboard_Cavalry.shn
12f0c3883d02160c918d23b35cab5bb3 *ph1995-11-21-d3t03_Suspicious_Minds.shn
5f6f586278bc6e3f90ad05b2ff99cdfa *ph1995-11-21-d3t04_Carolina.shn
770a1e203fa796eaf5d7850cb11c3ee2 *ph1995-11-21-d3t05_A_Day_in_the_Life.shn
8ad965fa95b3875bb2e499c39bba42f7 *ph1995-11-21-d3t06_Good_Times_Bad_Times.shn

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Akg460's+CK61's> DAT> ZA2>... (2) AKG 460/ck61 > DAT; CDR >... (1)
Date User Comment
10/30/2003 Dylan Dont you think it is rather unnecessary to include a show with absolutely no info?? MP3...? just my .02
10/30/2003 jb If there are md5's attached and the purpose of this database is to keep track of ALL sources in circulation, then this entry has a place here.

I've seen entries for shows with no source information AND no md5's, and those are really serving no purpose. If this source sucks and sounds like it is from mp3, it should be noted so that people steer clear, but the entry in the database is still justified.