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Gov't Mule 10/24/03
Vic Theater, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Paul Matzerath
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Source Summary AT3035>PS2>AD20>D8(via 7 pin)>Audiophile 2496>Cd Wave>Soundforge 5.1>MKW>SHN (fade due to tape flip D2t05) By Scott & Cathie Sterchele [email protected] Note- 1 second of sometime salvation and guest intros is missing due to tape flip  
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Govt Mule
Chicago, IL
Vic Theater
1st Set:
Wandering Child,
Life Before Insanity,
Bad Little Doggie,
Lay Your Burden Down,
Fallen Down >
The Other One jam > Fallen Down >
World Gone Wild,
Tastes Like Wine,
I Think You Know What I Mean,
Far Away,
No Need To Suffer,
In My Life,
I Know You Rider  (1),
Sometimes Salvation (2)
2nd Set:
If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day
Goin' Down Slow,
Effigy > Folsom Prison Blues jam > Effigy >
Eminence Front >
Drums >
Thelonius Beck,
Thorazine Shuffle
Raven Black Night,
I Can't Hold Out

Setlist Notes:
First set- Life Before Insanity full album
(1) Chris Robinson on vocals and acoustic guitar,
George Laks on keyboard and Paul Stacey on guitar;
(2) Chris Robinson on vocals and Paul Stacey on guitar

Source info:
AT3035>PS2>AD20>D8(via 7 pin)>Audiophile 2496>Cd Wave>Soundforge 5.1
(fade due to tape flip D2t05)MKW>SHN
By Scott & Cathie Sterchele   [email protected]
Note- 1 second of sometime salvation and guest intros is missing due to tape flip

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fcd9b667d81afa3220e69f6da296ecba *GM 03-10-24D3T09.shn
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550862ed6969090721d76e07c16f8bd6 *GM 03-10-24D1T02.shn
64deb4b51b7d7626d7af2e0cab09c2ec *GM 03-10-24D1T03.shn
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d0b9d0755ca7a311879a308bd57d1341 *GM 03-10-24D1T05.shn
f7a18203b791e2a526a805aa1499a6af *GM 03-10-24D1T06.shn
23c1ac5a9044988e6729df2a7c9fac9a *GM 03-10-24D1T07.shn
b4b73e12da6ef01add632b4ef71f0998 *GM 03-10-24D1T08.shn
19bdfe9fcd408eb8263a7ac3dbd741f4 *GM 03-10-24D1T09.shn
fc634b2ab487ca1999b1b0f411f0ee7f *GM 03-10-24D2T01.shn
4500374d6d81afbe9e8f5cf2778b08f9 *GM 03-10-24D2T02.shn
9e729ba27378655cd750f356671f1006 *GM 03-10-24D2T03.shn
0970d046c6412dd4a501a538d4fa7df1 *GM 03-10-24D2T04.shn
e7a9955889b600c2dfb50f9a3e2c2bc4 *GM 03-10-24D2T05.shn
b25c15c9075147e38096917a31ce2b23 *GM 03-10-24D3t01.shn
53b123a4143ecda162ea0539325c3a6b *GM 03-10-24D3T02.shn
f19f0dbb5ce617c367f1316feafe0a87 *GM 03-10-24D3T03.shn
a7ee6d91f411652a8169f60efd525385 *GM 03-10-24D3T04.shn
f59219ffb820ecb8d99f98e3a5f522b6 *GM 03-10-24D3T05.shn
7c7a4dba0965a4eb880f2b1f20245206 *GM 03-10-24D3T06.shn
68c64e622b837741023871c2edd17427 *GM 03-10-24D3T07.shn
9cced9dc701e5d11c8f853d71db496f8 *GM 03-10-24D3T08.shn

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