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Club d'Elf 04/24/03
Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
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Entered by Eric McRoberts
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d4
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (On Stage) Schoeps cmc621->Lunatec V2->AD2K+->DA-P1 @44.1kHz; DA-P1[m]->Delta Dio 2496->CDWAV Editor->MKWact->SHN  
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Club d'Elf 04-24-2003 The Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA

Source: (On Stage) Schoeps cmc621->Lunatec V2->AD2K+->DA-P1 @44.1kHz
Recorded by Scott Gordon

Transfer: DA-P1[m]->Delta 2496->CDWAV Editor->MKWact->SHN by Scot Gordon, re-tracked by Eric McRoberts

Disk 1 <74:33>
Set I:
1.  Mogador-> 34:46
2.  Dream Wanderer-> 15:42
3.  Mogador-> 02:20
4.  Fire In The Brain-> 21:43

Disk 1 <68:43>
Set I(Cont'd):
1.  Big Light In Sky-> 14:57
2.  Like A Silence-> 16:51
3.  Challaba 08:49
Set II:
1.  Berber Song 12:41
2.  Shadow's Shift 15:23

Mike Rivard-Bass
Erik Kerr-Drums
Alain Mallet-Keyboards, Melodica
Geoff Scott-Guitar
Tom Hall-Tenor Sax
MiSTeR Rourke-Turntables
Show Checksums
f253423b50f44631812a52f9d23e3418 *delf2003-04-24d1t04.shn
9f95eef87a814e681bb9eef0599b0981 *delf2003-04-24d1t02.shn
0a8fb2cecc86b308d1eab1bf4cc37c36 *delf2003-04-24d1t03.shn
691fe0c8a51f3434c25483d59bd875b1 *delf2003-04-24d1t01.shn
71367f57c60b89c9b4c148371dff57c8 *delf2003-04-24d2t01.shn
e6054ca7069fc6017a915e243341edca *delf2003-04-24d2t02.shn
665108a325d26de1e0ae4e406c5463a0 *delf2003-04-24d2t03.shn
18f319a26e32cd701bd13e8dd3e44b95 *delf2003-04-24d2t04.shn
43123c8f7a01b15bd696c960426c21f4 *delf2003-04-24d2t05.shn
6d2968dc4cc89b56399668b4a9b24897 *delf2003-04-24d1t02.wav
ff7c0577efee2b8f9c56a52d4a459412 *delf2003-04-24d1t01.wav
c846de19c8753c7e40bd72fde84701ba *delf2003-04-24d1t03.wav
fe7497bed317c7233bb8f3e4de1b0d30 *delf2003-04-24d1t04.wav
cdd18160a6a85e7faaeeee4b4072def2 *delf2003-04-24d2t01.wav
d9a0691c62367eaa54cf4be97deea7ce *delf2003-04-24d2t02.wav
5c414b6824de93ad893fce0a8db72468 *delf2003-04-24d2t03.wav
b3c4616f380922910a34e57c910dca92 *delf2003-04-24d2t04.wav
963ed99cf5582597a291693ceee1580c *delf2003-04-24d2t05.wav

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