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Phish 02/16/90
The Paradise, Boston, MA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Set 1 only; SBD > Sony D5 (Maxell XLII-S 90min) > Sony TC-WE805S > Art DI/O @48kHz (Input gain +8dB, No "Tube Warmth") > Delta DIO 2496 > WaveLab v4.0c > WAV @24bit/48kHz > FLAC (24bit/48kHz) > WaveLab 4.01b (48>44.1kHz,24>16bit) > WAV > SHNv3; Taped by John Redmond 
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The Paradise
Boston, MA
Set 1 only

SOURCE SBD > D5 (deck was possibly a Nak CR-3A)

SBD MCass (Maxell XLII-S 90 min)> Sony TC-WE805S >
Art DI/O (48Khz, Input gain +8dB, No "Tube Warmth")>
Delta DIO 2496> WaveLab v4.0c> WAV (@24/48)> FLAC (24-bit, v1.1.0)
(transfer>24bit FLAC files by Weave - [email protected] on 09/29/2003)

**CD Tracking**
Set 1:
01) Fluffhead
02) Esther >
03) Mike's Song ->
04) I Am Hydrogen >
05) Weekapaug Groove*
06) Donna Lee
07) Run Like An Antelope

24bit/48kHz FLAC's > Wavelab 4.01b on REBA > Q10Paramatric EQ > BBE > L1 UltraMaximizer > Editing* > L2 Ultramaximizer > 48kHz>44.1 and 24bit>16bit w/level 2 Gaussian Dither > Tracking in Wavelab > tc electronic Finalizer 96k > SHNv3 appended
Mastering , editing and WAV > SHN were performed on REBA by [email protected] (on 10/1-8/2003)
**24/48 Masters do exist at the unedited/pre-processed level**

There were volume corrections done to lessen the distortion that comes from the board at certain points....I had to adjust the levels, Esther was louder than I kinda "re-mixed" the levels on an overall scale...

*there is a "click" in this song that sounds like an EQ or emphisis unit was switched on or off..It is confirmed to be present on the master....the levels drastically change as does the overall EQ curve and tonality of the rest of the show from this point onward. I tried to match the EQ curve as best I could, and match the levels. This does result in some hiss being more pronounced, and a slight change in the tonality of the recording. I tried to make this transition as smooth as possible. From the point the click happens onward there is some DeNoising being done with the WavesLTD X-Noise.

Widespread Panic opened.

Set 2 is missing from the tapers collection. If it surfaces, we'll transfer it.
Otherwise, this is all there is from this source.

NO tracking/editing/alterations performed before archiving to 24-bit FLAC
(except to trim silence from the ends).

Seeded to FurthurNet ( by Marmar
Show Checksums
d20d13707879bbaa243835ff071059b2 [shntool] ph90-02-16t01.shn
fc8b54dd65fdfe64dba02170bbe29bab [shntool] ph90-02-16t02.shn
24ab6967d3106421b7bcec66556b1a82 [shntool] ph90-02-16t03.shn
cba8e5ce2cf0908ecbb4b1519396d726 [shntool] ph90-02-16t04.shn
9878065e8a53a30bbebe41fb56f215c8 [shntool] ph90-02-16t05.shn
b5f5f85f9f7b62ceb77eb2d1e6cb41d4 [shntool] ph90-02-16t06.shn
1b46e7a3b5aef577cc1f840b5fc6d3e4 [shntool] ph90-02-16t07.shn
e2995aa6226b94cfe1033211519866c9 *ph90-02-16t01.shn
6c26693a260074e71a93a9464f9fde2a *ph90-02-16t02.shn
04ab696a7c275b4827a227496ed45a06 *ph90-02-16t03.shn
f4378c81c056840d847b3d661c3991dd *ph90-02-16t04.shn
0d2a2ef357b0c0150b5886682817facd *ph90-02-16t05.shn
e5407c5f8d95d95a5adc291c0799cb15 *ph90-02-16t06.shn
b1912c09afb6e1c53406a3ef158c3fa3 *ph90-02-16t07.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD > Cass/x > DAT; D100 >... (2) flac16 48kHz SBD >... (0)
Date User Comment
11/05/2003 A. Davis scans from the master cassette are available for download
03/06/2004 Weave As part of the Old School Phish Project, I have been scanning the tape covers, ticket stubs (if I have them) and the "Phish Update" newsletters (if I have them).

If you are interested, you can find them here:

Each show has it's own folder. All the shows released so far are out there.
I've also included the MD5s and TXT files.

If you distribute these SHNs, please include these extras.

You can visit this forum for comments made during the transfer/mastering/listening process:
Each show has it's own thread
07/15/2012 geewiz010 FLAC fingerprints: