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Garcia 05/20/89
Open Air Theater (San Diego State), San Diego, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Soundboard with audience (unknown taper) patch for final three songs (Evangeline, Gomorrah, and Tangled). 
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Jerry Garcia Band
20 May 1989
San Diego State; Open Air Theater
San Diego, California

Soundboard with audience (unknown taper) patch for final three
songs (Evangeline, Gomorrah, and Tangled).

Disk 1 / Set 1
1. Cats Under The Stars
2. Mission In The Rain
3. Forever Young
4. That's What Love Will Make You Do
5. Like A Road
6. My Sisters And Brothers, Deal

Disk 2 / Set 2
1. I'll Take A Melody
2. Mississippi Moon
3. Think
4. Evangeline
5. Gomorrah
6. Tangled Up In Blue

*cdr wav disks provided by Matt Zerbini
*wav > mkw > shn performed by Robert Goetz ([email protected]) on 11/11/1973

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8c4a3267ee318a5207ea0919d884546d *jgb_89_05_20_d2t1.shn
2ef39fb93d8b5cafc93585906a9df75a *jgb_89_05_20_d1t2.shn
b9b704685eda3ea978992657a1dce908 *jgb_89_05_20_d1t3.shn
562636fe4ffb95f148ece01145f2e21f *jgb_89_05_20_d1t4.shn
1edb322ac29e598635a5774ea2c9c7a2 *jgb_89_05_20_d1t5.shn
99986da3aab27531aa659465d52fca18 *jgb_89_05_20_d1t6.shn
3a260208de871e16381480472f0deb09 *jgb_89_05_20_d2t2.shn
e4c7a09132ef831ad9528178a39fc5e2 *jgb_89_05_20_d2t3.shn
88fd05dbe82994756d23d24cec8d3560 *jgb_89_05_20_d2t4.shn
dab59aedfc22d5d0f4585dcef2bc8723 *jgb_89_05_20_d2t5.shn
19f9a30fa322518487802f09672922a5 *jgb_89_05_20_d2t6.shn
4a4729cd938330dddea7b675d93d7534 *jgb_89_05_20_d1t1.shn

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11/12/2003 Robert Goetz not a big deal - but total shn disks is 1, and audio disks is 2 (incorrectly listed as 1).
11/13/2003 Joe Jupille Fixed, Rob, thanks.

BTW, I am pretty sure that the audience material derives from this master: Taped by Matt Xavier, Nak 300s > Sony D5 master cassette > playback using Sony TC-WR635S > powerpc MAC with soundedit II software > CD (A>D transfer by Matt Xavier).