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Disco Biscuits 04/09/01
Lee's Place, Toronto, ON
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Entered by Michael Pederson
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary EACed and retracked::Source[JeffKemp]=Neumann KM184:Apogee AD-1000:Tascam DA-P1 (44.1 kHz); Transfer[JeffKemp]=DA-P1>TB Fiji SPDIF>Sound Forge XP 4.0>Cool Edit 96> CDWav> CD> EAC> SHN> WAV> CDWav> SHN  
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The Disco Biscuits
04/09/2001 Lee's Palace
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Source: Neumann KM184:Apogee AD-1000:Tascam DA-P1 (44.1 kHz)
Transfer: DA-P1>TB Fiji SPDIF>Sound Forge XP 4.0>Cool Edit 96> CDWav> CD> EAC> SHN> WAV> CDWav> SHN

Taped and transferred by: Jeff Kemp [[email protected]]
Retracked and re-encoded by Chris Killian [[email protected]] 11/13/2003

Disc 1
/Set I/
1. Intro
2. The Overture >
3. Helicopters

Disc 2
1. Triumph >
2. M.E.M.P.H.I.S. >
3. Mulberry's Dream
4. Little Shimmy In A Conga Line
/Set II/
5. Banter
6. Spectacle

Disc 3
1. Banter
2. Little Betty Boop >
3. Crickets >
4. Trooper McCue*
5. Banter
6. Ducks And Geese Are Free**

*Onstage power went out midway through 'Trooper'. Song finished with drums, bass, and vocals only. With 'My Favorite Things' tease.

**Sam on drums; Barber, Aron, and Eric Bernstein beat-boxing while Marc rapped. First time played, eh?
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648e41ef2b09a245364bc6e4fec31a2b *db2001-04-09d1t01.shn
a583743a295cb9900c3ce8c71c6c3834 *db2001-04-09d1t02.shn
bf0633d4e097890721b2de80a005ba42 *db2001-04-09d1t03.shn
42511e1e4a2bf21bbe8fc19ccea260bf *db2001-04-09d2t01.shn
e4fdef60c9f17a8c3bb376dd385c1ac3 *db2001-04-09d2t02.shn
1757032418aecf6fc04b0c22fee90f68 *db2001-04-09d2t03.shn
9207fcf35c850f12186ef06c8587f13f *db2001-04-09d2t04.shn
f999e9f41f56f0e50844e1ffaafb56c2 *db2001-04-09d2t05.shn
3e46b337058cf1ab945f182799d9abb4 *db2001-04-09d2t06.shn
4b4c888862bb1ac616fa67f54229da65 *db2001-04-09d3t01.shn
bf1dec21c2a9ee8a31038b0fd948b72d *db2001-04-09d3t02.shn
452192ffc303ac424189920f01648e5d *db2001-04-09d3t03.shn
e794f3404ec0964ee638377a42c956dc *db2001-04-09d3t04.shn
f7d5d196975751062ce5fffefdd6b54d *db2001-04-09d3t05.shn
bc20b642ae25afe4cf324fccc202d28d *db2001-04-09d3t06.shn

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