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Grateful Dead 06/27/69
Veterans Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD> MR> Cassette> DAT> DAT; DAT> ZA2> Soundforge> wav> mkw> SHN; DAT seed provided by Michael P. Weitzman; Transfer and SHN by Joe Samaritano 
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6/27/69 - Grateful Dead
Veterans Auditorium, Santa Rosa, CA.

Soundboard->Master Reel->Cassette->DAT->DAT


DAT seed provided by Michael P. Weitzman
Transfer and SHN by Joe Samaritano

Disc 1:
d1t01 - Slewfoot
d1t02 - Mama Tried
d1t03 - High Time
d1t04 - Dupree's
d1t05 - MAMU
d1t06 - Casey Jones
d1t07 - Dire Wolf
d1t08 - Top Of The World
d1t09 - Big Boss Man

Disc 2:
d2t01 - Dark Star
d2t02 - St. Stephen
d2t03 - William Tell Bridge
d2t04 - The Eleven Jam
d2t05 - Green Grass Of Home
d2t06 - E: Baby Blue

1. Known low generation lineage and transfer info.
2. Splice in Baby Blue about 4 minutes in, then clipped at the end.
3. Garcia on Pedal Steel for Slewfoot, Dire Wolf, and Green Grass.
Peter Grant on Banjo for Slewfoot. Weir on vocals for Dire Wolf.
Show Checksums
3b83b66cef6f8c2b0c2d19a3f9529915 *gd1969-06-27d2t05.shn
d136c8ebaa2d63036f07967380d5a5c6 *gd1969-06-27d1t02.shn
dc46f2af466df675538830ba70b12c69 *gd1969-06-27d1t03.shn
4d67c76151be1fb21cec579f3d498ada *gd1969-06-27d1t04.shn
b5fbdc08ddff3449cb484685553fcdd8 *gd1969-06-27d1t05.shn
615e185472e5877f9802db28b77ba848 *gd1969-06-27d1t06.shn
6b8a8eb3329afa0f0998f0ead9a3749e *gd1969-06-27d1t07.shn
4cc2436cefae9a4675d57b1226a7fdc2 *gd1969-06-27d1t08.shn
c6f43fe3b38dd2fc46a2f65b0c64a67d *gd1969-06-27d1t09.shn
c51f5aabdb2f7de99e9f2e1bc6f4632b *gd1969-06-27d2t01.shn
1e1f0d3fcec1733f5432b96efa43a57f *gd1969-06-27d2t02.shn
a386f65537ae2853f06fd43e8bad36ea *gd1969-06-27d2t03.shn
54cf20293b18c785495bc5e769673eae *gd1969-06-27d2t04.shn
6c4fdca082a0ebc00fa943368d6d8365 *gd1969-06-27d1t01.shn
1a58b6e8692e328d1ca99cc6e7f86360 *gd1969-06-27d2t06.shn
8ba30f9f698bce240ad24435bf1a967c [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t01.shn
30d7f0cdae34fb4ccc24588a37236880 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t02.shn
ee6879f7e11e5359e69ec591e8ab0f34 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t03.shn
f6b10ba64e137bccae1cc0d85916a659 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t04.shn
5ee2054c57dcdedb05351ab234642370 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t05.shn
d4f372fa46e82a0f74c4e8c33b2cd640 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t06.shn
c9d04595733602a6b778619a2ef870c1 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t07.shn
8769361c1ba68b9f7c63517243b48e44 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t08.shn
809299ae7531f37cdcefb9fdc4339af5 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d1t09.shn
a1d56f71c0c718053d5f9e021e5d860d [shntool] gd1969-06-27d2t01.shn
5522585a915d0740ff3f00cc95af765a [shntool] gd1969-06-27d2t02.shn
c7292936170470f4142ee18cd174136b [shntool] gd1969-06-27d2t03.shn
b1d17d1ca329ee0652b3cdfdfc17abec [shntool] gd1969-06-27d2t04.shn
affb1ac8ce5bc1f5fdc15208fffb0feb [shntool] gd1969-06-27d2t05.shn
46ae677738eff8402a5eac0fccd35c59 [shntool] gd1969-06-27d2t06.shn

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11/15/2003 dms what was soundforge used for? hopefully, resampling only...