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Grateful Dead 05/04/72
Olympia Theater, Paris, France
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Source # 20562 Other Sources
Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
Media Size
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Source Summary *Set 1 Only* Soundboard->Master Reel->PCM->DAT x ?; DAT->ZA2->Soundforge->.wav->mkw->SHN. Includes in between song tuning and banter that other sources have edited out. DAT seed, transfer, and SHN by Joe Samaritano.  
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5/4/72 - Grateful Dead
Olympia Theater, Paris, France
*Set 1 Only*

Main Lineage:
Soundboard->Master Reel->PCM->DAT x ?

Patch Lineage:
Soundboard->Master Reel->DAT x 5
{Beginning of GSET to "reason was spent"
and last few seconds of Casey Jones}


DAT seed provided by Joe Samaritano
DAT patch provided by Michael P. Weitzman
Transfer and SHN by Joe Samaritano

Set 1:
t01 - GSET
t02 - Deal
t03 - Mr. Charlie
t04 - BIODTL
t05 - BE Women
t06 - Chinatown Shuffle
t07 - PITB
t08 - You Win Again
t09 - Hurts Me Too
t10 - He's Gone
t11 - El Paso
t12 - Big RxR Blues
t13 - The Stranger
t14 - Casey Jones

1. The beginning and end were clipped on my DAT, so I patched
those areas from an alternate SBD source.

2. Although this source *does not* sound quite as clean as the
patch source or shnid=143, it *does* include the in between
song tuning and banter that the others have edited out.

3. My 2nd set DAT of this source also has the tuning and banter edited out, therefore I will not offer it up due to redundancy.

Show Checksums
cb383b285bdceeebf726d87b6751c658 *gd1972-05-04s1t04.shn
84e87405cb0dd6194c07d8b553d7e345 *gd1972-05-04s1t02.shn
632eb2a847595a5ab920d15e6455b966 *gd1972-05-04s1t03.shn
15d902ced016eaf1125d24be7c1fa300 *gd1972-05-04s1t01.shn
8402f1b64f855eb1c8b6a2a7d449807d *gd1972-05-04s1t05.shn
817c8eb44a02e808b0ff6104f0d4bcd3 *gd1972-05-04s1t06.shn
201f3733907f93237d8f7d5f723c8377 *gd1972-05-04s1t07.shn
6731e48b7dc7f3bab5039652801bf026 *gd1972-05-04s1t08.shn
65fb08e149c04f6fe5961933433d7de2 *gd1972-05-04s1t09.shn
6a19e7eaac38cd51241c8afd4a9e3c85 *gd1972-05-04s1t10.shn
c2b27027de40a8f31ffeab1a89c1bc6c *gd1972-05-04s1t11.shn
b1c9203d8fbbfd3beb704debb4e9b405 *gd1972-05-04s1t12.shn
87960597b8638fbc2cfb1075c4802585 *gd1972-05-04s1t13.shn
bbecc8497ad61840a3b189364a78e7d7 *gd1972-05-04s1t14.shn
5a9485cafc4850a96ad6ef129cb03433 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t01.shn
0902cb7d0a28eaf6f36996eb8770b426 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t02.shn
14b09939613af652b5dba849856c7663 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t03.shn
bc5f9bc0afb4920956dd05cd5be4bf2c [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t04.shn
bbaa18b2d463260ebb0145daaefc24e0 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t05.shn
a21fe133e80ac3308c1ac5f5fb9a9f0f [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t06.shn
69df885ec9b5bd4bd39377148f7991e0 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t07.shn
6dd4e03a485187efebdc83c92ef25e85 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t08.shn
239b611b74c14136764cb8fa14b897e9 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t09.shn
7ceb4e080e572c828a436cb5850358e7 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t10.shn
50b93c15b7ab62c85824ab12dafedc88 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t11.shn
75b39be39016d7d62ae39d1b9570385e [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t12.shn
d185f2fb4f614c935be3151f59e12776 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t13.shn
e0d9b33ed6da6949cf623b30bb3a4152 [shntool] gd1972-05-04s1t14.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD > reel > DAT > CDR; via... (5) flac16; SBD -> (16... (0) flac16; Source: sbd... (0)
Date User Comment
11/16/2003 Joe Samaritano Heads up, this takes 2 discs, split 'em after PITB.
11/17/2003 Dave Winters Is this a 2-Track source?
11/17/2003 Joe Samaritano Yes.
11/17/2003 Dave Winters Thanks Joe.
02/09/2018 Grateful Darkstar This Casey Jones is not from this show.