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Phish 02/28/97
Internationales Congress Centrum, Berlin, Germany
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Source # 2065 Other Sources
Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 0 / 2
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Source Summary Unknown source; Transfer by Stewart McCloskey and uploaded by Mike Fischer  
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Huxley's Neue Welt, Berlin, Germany

Source: unknown
Transfer: Stewart McCloskey
Uploaded by: Mike Fischer ([email protected])

Disc One
set I
1. Carini                      0:04:03:33
2. Paul & Silas                0:02:21:60
3. My Soul                     0:05:00:15
4. Cars Trucks and Buses       0:04:11:28
5. Peaches en Regalia          0:03:13:54
6. Stash                       0:11:57:57
7. Swept Away->                0:02:10:55
8. Steep->                     0:00:54:67
9. Ya Mar->                    0:08:24:36
10 Character Zero              0:06:24:45
Set II
11 Taste                       0:06:45:55

Disc Two
1. Drowned->
2. Prince Caspian->            0:08:27:20
3. Frankenstein                0:04:41:55
4. David Bowie                 0:14:21:42
5. Treat Me Like a Fool        0:02:52:00
6. Axilla I->                  0:04:29:00
7. Waste                       0:05:15:38
8. Julius                      0:09:44:22
9. A Day in the Life           0:05:13:00
Show Checksums
a861620aeaab522eba3bc7c040c654e3 *PH97-02-28D1T09.shn
7908e323d9c5cffdb9f1a60f0df3f297 *PH97-02-28D1T02.shn
402c3bd83ae981db606a40aa0ec38a9c *PH97-02-28D1T03.shn
e8424173265bde7cc357a38791dd135b *PH97-02-28D1T04.shn
0757d7f858479bfce101aa44406dd361 *PH97-02-28D1T05.shn
df5b3ad59635df9dedbbeb3d7d8c18b8 *PH97-02-28D1T06.shn
f9dc4e42ef64292439cc00262e431f28 *PH97-02-28D1T07.shn
9b810307dd0f30826d06722d47e3e877 *PH97-02-28D1T08.shn
e44170655fb29b9d45303f7fb6eedd27 *PH97-02-28D1T01.shn
36b4a333755cdc31a91a9cb5f0bbc0a4 *PH97-02-28D1T10.shn
2ba66041d4e25437d2ba8d8643962e6d *PH97-02-28D1T11.shn
bce4fed51c89b4c8ae4efac285688d94 *PH97-02-28D2T09.shn
856108663ac173ae9e3a7e7d0c63b6ae *PH97-02-28D2T03.shn
ba4812bf212688f9619258335a4de7b7 *PH97-02-28D2T04.shn
9ef9f5d5de4a3d18dadea2d1f084b2c8 *PH97-02-28D2T05.shn
55c8aa02914c3c6a2aad121175aced0e *PH97-02-28D2T06.shn
5b27e0f312b40a53ed05d76042e037be *PH97-02-28D2T07.shn
2e6cd97dfc5404aeaf6e1b61071a513f *PH97-02-28D2T08.shn
f115a50ce29987ad753c3fb54805cb00 *PH97-02-28D2T02.shn
cf13133484aa879b7a860acbde7e7a61 *PH97-02-28D2T01.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Schoeps CMC64ug > Oade >... (3) Schoeps MK4's > Schoeps... (0)
Date User Comment
02/20/2001 Matt Tirey Don't be swayed away by the unknown source for this show. It is another really nice clean sounding Europe show. Probably from a Schoeps rig like the others, but who knows. Great job to Stewart and Mike for transferring and distributing this show! The Bowie is sweet!
03/01/2001 Jeff Ishaq Indeed a sweet Bowie. Two fixable glitches in this seed occur: d2t1 4:01.678 POP!, d2t3 3:51.869->3:51.899 right d/o
09/07/2002 Caleb Epstein Why is this tracked with Taste on Disc 1? It easily fits on D2 to make each set a single uninterrupted disc. Cae Bob says put down the crack before you track!