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Phish 07/01/97
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary Neumann TLM170 > Sonosax; Transfer by Stewart McCloskey and upload by Mike Fischer 
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Paradiso- Amsterdam, Netherlands

Source: Neumann TLM170->Sonosax
Transfer: Stewart McCloskey
Upload: Mike Fischer ([email protected])

note: This show is SICK! Thats all I have to say >:)

Disc One
set I
1. Ghost                           0:21:19.32
2. Horn                            0:04:08.36
3. Ya Mar                          0:09:58:00
4. Limb By Limb                    0:11:40:00
5. Funny As It Seems               0:05:51:00
6. I Saw It Again                  0:06:49:00
7. Dirt                            0:04:34:50

Disc Two
1. Reba                            0:17:36:10
2. Dogs Stole Things               0:05:19:24
Set II
3. Jam*->                          0:02:33:35
4. Timber Ho                       0:08:14:44
5. Bathtub Gin->Jam->              0:14:27:00
6. Cities->                        0:09:33:30
7. Jam                             0:15:09:00

Disc Three
1. Loving Cup                      0:06:09:11
2. Slave to the traffic Light      0:12:03:00
3. When the Circus Comes to Town   0:05:05:60

*with Fishman on piano

Questions, Comments, problems send an email to me @ [email protected]
Enjoy, and thank to Stewart again for another DANK euro 97 show!!
Show Checksums
888b04728702884430c6957d118274c8 *PH97-07-01D1T04.shn
e2c6f3a25729cf0ee8f493a6267f4edf *PH97-07-01D1T02.shn
6173665ab09430ba146944088bd77612 *PH97-07-01D1T03.shn
2e6c82f145df3ee5c1e9abec040c74aa *PH97-07-01D1T01.shn
adcb2dbd03e53681fa91bb9d095356bd *PH97-07-01D1T05.shn
4b48eb63a534b00da9ecacf0413ef386 *PH97-07-01D1T06.shn
1832602afe8b1756b099b545982442c7 *PH97-07-01D1T07.shn
bf2728786527f5b1bef261518fb2cbb9 *PH97-07-01D2T05.shn
441534efaf08c62025780588485534db *PH97-07-01D2T02.shn
fc2116f98d8d2070bbb97b82a2c6aed4 *PH97-07-01D2T03.shn
96e2a30014108dbf036e4ed756e60730 *PH97-07-01D2T04.shn
c0554065e9ae89d14f6f4db97d586adb *PH97-07-01D2T01.shn
7f99b9f6b772217277a28b2310dd2220 *PH97-07-01D2T06.shn
cfea0337165cfd539e23c3e1aabecf7f *PH97-07-01D2T07.shn
8fbcb8e194740e48bdba75f2ab4cc60d *PH97-07-01D3T03.shn
f0d8c0aa6943a3f17e91585aa8086fa6 *PH97-07-01D3T02.shn
4903276646f87051f0ebb0c3759d8120 *PH97-07-01D3T01.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Microtech M210> Oade> DAT... (0) Schoeps CCM41 > Sonosax... (0) flac16; Neumann... (0)
Date User Comment
04/16/2001 Dave Recording and Show are top notch!
05/02/2001 Michael Vickers exceptional sound quality, tight jamming, what more can you ask for??
10/11/2002 TWATTS I was at this show and can honestly say (in my best Comic Book Guy voice): "Best show ever." I love this Ghost (right up there with 11/17/97) and the 2nd set is amazing... Go Fishman on keys!!!
09/06/2005 Andy The 5th song is "Ain't Love Funny," a JJ Cale cover. Thanks so much for the opportunity to hear and share it.