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Grateful Dead 05/03/70
Field House, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
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Source Summary AUD>MR>?>CD>EAC>SHN. Digital editing by Jim Goldman, wavs provided by, minor editing and retracking SIRMick (The Sugarmegs Restoration Krewe)  
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Grateful Dead
Foss Hill, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT


Disc 1

New Riders:
01.  //Workin' Man Blues  (2:59)
02.  I Don't Know You (5:29)
03.  Last Lonely Eagle (7:18)
04.  Truck Drivin' Man (4:31)
05.  Fair Chance To Know (4:26)
06.  Crowd banter > Stage Announcements > (5:13)

Grateful Dead:
07.  Me & My Uncle > Stage Announcements (4:12)
08.  New Speedway Boogie (10:57)
09.  Good Lovin' (14:40)

Disc 2

Grateful Dead (con't'd)
01. Dire Wolf (5:20)
02. Don't Ease Me In (4:59)
03  Turn On Your Lovelight > The Main Ten > (22:36)
04. Uncle John's Band (6:08)
05. Turn On Your Lovelight (6:59)
06. Speech After The Show Regarding Protests And Chanting (3:20)

digital editing by Jim Goldman, wavs provided by, minor editing and retracking SIRMick (The Sugarmegs Restoration Krewe)
sector boundaries confirmed with shntool



- a real snapshot of the Taper's section and the Psych Department discussion is heard more clearly than the music.  This is a record of an event, not just a concert Recording"

- information from posts to deadlists throws more light on the whole event: and the circumstances in which the show was recorded-

1. This will probably be of most interest to the oldtimers who can still enjoy
vintage audience recordings, those who collect 1970 recordings missing from
the Dead's vault or completists, not to mention the 1970 caretaker of

I was recently given first generation reel to reel copies of The Dead and
NRPS at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT on May 3, 1970 to transfer into  the digital realm. I've checked Deadlists, Deadbase and The Compendium and I think this is the first time the complete contents of the master reels are together, as none of those listings include all of this material. I can also shed light on who recorded it, the accurate song order and how it probably came into circulation (partially) years ago.

According to notes written on the first gen reels, the three original master
reels were recorded by a Wesleyen student named Warren White as part of an
assignment for a Professor Schenk (we think thats how its spelled. The
handwriting on the reel cases is difficult to read). There were originally
three master reels altogether, two half-hour reels and one hour-long reel,
all recorded at 1 7/8ips. Those master reels were borrowed from Schenk by
another student (in the late 1970?s) and dubbed to 1st generation reels by my
wife's uncle - Alan Bershaw.  Without a deck that would run at 1 7/8ips, Alan
said he played the master reels back at 3 3/4 ips while recording them onto
reels at 7 1/2 ips, which allowed him to play back his first generation reels
at 3 3/4 ips - at the correct speed.

At that time, several 90 minute cassettes (of the last 90 minutes, including
all the Dead material) were given to friends of Alan's and to the guy who
borrowed the master reels from Schenk.  Currently circulating copies likely
originated from those 2nd generation cassette dubs, many probably way down
the line since this all happened in the late 70's.

If Deadlists/Deadbase/Compendium is correct on what circulates, this new copy includes all of this material possibly for the first time. While this is still far from a great recording and its still probably incomplete, its likely an improvement over all the currently circulating copies. There are also no butchered songs and no reel stops/starts between songs like most audience recordings of this time. The geneology on this new copy is Master Audience [email protected] 7/8 ips (played back @3 3/4 ips)-> [email protected] 1/2 ips > (then played back @3 3/4 ips to correct speed on Revox A-77)->[email protected]

It should also be noted for context that this is the night before the Kent
State shootings, which is significant in light of the various announcements
on these recordings.

Stu Hanson (19 Sep 02)

***MASTER REEL #1 contents:
New Riders Of The Purple Sage
(with Jerry Garcia on pedal steel)

1.  Workingman's Blues (2:59)
2.  I Don?t Know You (5:26)
3.  Last Lonely Eagle (7:17)
4.  Truck Drivin' Man (4:30)
5.  Fair Chance To Know (4:29)
6.  John Dawson says "Now for total complete utter Grateful Dead" (0:20)
7.  crowd noise & talking... (1:46)
8.  Announcement: Dancing In The Trees - (1:28)
9.  Announcement: Tear Gas Eye Drops- (1:36)

***MASTER REEL #2 contents:
(Electric) Grateful Dead (part one)

1.  Me And My Uncle (4:27)
2.  New Speedway Boogie (10:50)
3.  crowd response to roman candles firing off backstage/drums-> (0:31)
4   Good Lovin-> (1:59)
5.  drums-> (2:20)
6.  jam-> (7:38)
7.  Good Lovin (2:17)

***MASTER REEL #3 contents:
(Electric) Grateful Dead (part two)

1.  Dire Wolf (5:19)
2.  Don't Ease Me In (4:54)
3.  Turn On Your Lovelight-> (21:52)
4.  The Main Ten-> (1:01)
5.  Uncle John?s Band-> (6
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1f4c8d626f0d2d9bdee22112e6166147 [shntool] gd70-05-03d2t06.shn

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12/11/2003 hanno good morning. if the essay corresponds to the actual file set then you can call this AUD>MR>R>CD>EAC>SHN
06/08/2010 rumrunners the gd portion of this is lossy as if from a mini-disc - the nrps part is full spectrum
06/08/2010 charlie miller It's very possible that it's digital noise reduction you're seeing, cuz that's what it looks like to me.