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Radiohead 04/01/95
Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe, Seattle, WA
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Entered by Ron Broman
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Source Summary SONY ECM909>SONY WM-D3 (Master) > Nakamichi DR-3 (Master)>SONY PCM-R300 (SBM)>M-Audio AP2496>Sound Forge XP4.5>CDWave1.6>mkwACTb0.97f 
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April 1, 1995
Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe
Seattle, WA

Taper: Steve R.
Field: SONY ECM909>SONY WM-D3 (Master)

Transfer: [email protected]
PP: Nakamichi DR-3 (Master)>SONY PCM-R300 (SBM)>M-Audio AP2496>Sound Forge XP4.5>CDWave1.6>mkwACTb0.97f

1.  Intro
2.  Bends
3.  Just >
4.  Any One Can Play Guitar
5.  Bones
6.  High and Dry
7.  Black Star
8.  Banana Co.
9.  Fade Out
10. Fake Plastic Trees
11. Planet Telex
12. Prove Yourself
13. Creep
14. My Iron Lung

Notes: Nakamichi DR-3 used for playback of Master, Master on TDK SA-X100, 1 foot interconnects

SONY PCM-R300 for AD conversion only, no DAT generations. SBM @ 44.1kHz
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37ff11440f98e618a34d1a59f8ee3c45 *RH1995-04-01t01.shn
879a01943c2c31a3b876ddac11fca5e2 *RH1995-04-01t02.shn
3f454266a861b12f10fc97d30f73f0e7 *RH1995-04-01t03.shn
554722cf577bf7a11bc8e26fd610b92d *RH1995-04-01t04.shn
2ca1dc8cca0a92ef48e02a7540692b1b *RH1995-04-01t05.shn
27f1ae6e1e32d1f279e3f2e5d0d2fbcb *RH1995-04-01t06.shn
15e5e59384a8d5a36e2e58e3c79dd752 *RH1995-04-01t07.shn
310c73d866155342697b55a752fff97d *RH1995-04-01t08.shn
1e14888ed8589baa9fd85ab19241e376 *RH1995-04-01t09.shn
5860da3d1aaf5840705f58edc4d554c0 *RH1995-04-01t10.shn
0b4d59049085edc9a129d8a46440168b *RH1995-04-01t11.shn
ca62ec9566636eb5d89267d01782926c *RH1995-04-01t12.shn
1470ecb5a7b1151a81b0cf0e76c56bd3 *RH1995-04-01t13.shn
d86e67b74e3ee09834c3ff99472ac555 *RH1995-04-01t14.shn
3415170aad55c86e3e857b37d1374fe7 *RH1995-04-01t15.shn

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