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Radiohead 08/13/03
Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
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Entered by Ron Broman
Checksums all-original , all-SHN-fixed , all-WAV-fixed
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Broadcast live on 104.1 WBCN Boston. Recorded by Pzykotic from a Pioneer SX-580 Stereo Receiver (FM) -> Monster analog RCA cables -> M-Audio AudioPhile 2496 -> 867 Mhz G4 -> Recorded via "LineIn" + "AudioHijack Pro" -> Edited in Quicktime Player Pro (Continuous, nothing cut, no EQs/etc); The original fileset had numerous Sector Boundary Errors, which have been fixed by Terry Watts ( Both sets of MD5s are listed here. 
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The Tweeter Center, Mansfield MA,
August 13th 2003

Source: FM broadcast (104.1 WBCN Boston) > Pioneer SX-580 Stereo Receiver >
Monster analog RCA cables > M-Audio Audiophile 2496 > 867 mHz G4 (line in) >
Audio Hi-Jack Pro > Quicktime Player Pro (editing: continuous, nothing cut, no EQs, etc.)
Sourced by Pzykotic.

Original SHN files renamed per FurthurNet standards by HowdyDo.

SHN>WAV>SHNTOOLs "fix">WAV-fixed>SHN-fixed (mkw w/ skt appended) - Terry (

1 - Intro
2 - 2+2=5
3 - sit down, stand up
4 - paranoid android
5 - kid a
6 - backdrifts
7 - morning bell
8 - my iron lung
9 - wieyb
10 - sail to the moon
11 - the gloaming
12 - climbing up the walls
13 - creep
14 - like spinning plates
15 - go to sleep
16 - scatterbrain
17 - the national anthem
18 - there there
19 - encore 1
20 - lucky
21 - punch-up at a wedding
22 - airbag
23 - eiirp
24 - encore 2
25 - no surprises
26 - idioteque
27 - outtro

Tech stuff:Broadcast live on 104.1 WBCN Boston.

I was at this show, it kicked ass. Best concert I've ever been to - such an awesome setlist. I'm glad I had this to come home to. Props to BCN for broadcasting live with no commercials and only one station identification (In track 19, barely audible, during applause).
\\\\ additional info //////

naming scheme adjusted in order to be furthur/etree compliant.
minor changes to text file included mostly disc tracking
shns and md5 signatures are identical to original pzykotic seed

Furthur Enjoyment
***even more info***

Well, running these SHNs through SHNTOOLs revealed a lot of SBEs. I fixed these and created new MD5s, both new SHN and WAV MD5s. I also edited this text file slightly from the one provided by HowdyDo. Thanks to Pzykotic for the original source, it is a great recording!

Flames, comments, corrections:
Terry Watts (
Show Checksums
40c3f0fb5c5d74d767f27d0cc510e80c *25 - no surprises.shn
30c95671aa89d689879eefcc4b476f79 *15 - go to sleep.shn
9fedb7fe3b019a7787e019bc884ce51a *14 - like spinning plates.shn
48e99936b17fc588b4687ec84a075463 * 6 - backdrifts.shn
d9f31d4cb73433cd0c066047d67fda4c * 4 - paranoid android.shn
9694688e2b16a50d5c0c093a2d65dbe4 *17 - the national anthem.shn
869f78748d2e0093745473f65c8492b2 * 3 - sit down, stand up.shn
f9644ddc4b7333b62ff8625fdfeecc51 *11 - the gloaming.shn
75d7ccd44531bb2a8a41f58f760e2ed9 * 1 - Intro.shn
8c98ba34f361dd7fe1e2a9846da023ca * 5 - kid a.shn
f101c7a393ab34df75853120857a31f7 *10 - sail to the moon.shn
9047cf99ef165f4cefb7ae77b3d066da *12 - climbing up the walls.shn
f5a7a9c80523aefc9cbbadab4c88c3f8 *19 - encore 1.shn
b7f06d96497f36c0c61c4216df6c37c7 *21 - punch-up at a wedding.shn
40e959180c7122149cde8558a83c8c08 * 2 - 2+2=5.shn
25c9c76fc8cccb77c61492b90b2956c6 *24 - encore 2.shn
e3676cbb20f9f1d1bfd3bef410032a10 *20 - lucky.shn
1ddbe10c8cafdd09ded3d3e786c51bc6 *18 - there there.shn
3db610e9d812ed4d9655e9024a195d23 * 8 - my iron lung.shn
13d2553c9e2b82e1202178c8f6296299 * 9 - wieyb.shn
1f313719b320a98605f37505085dd058 *13 - creep.shn
1cc140e9834a9907ab92ac1ffc73ee53 *16 - scatterbrain.shn
50ad82b1681bcb53175ebd111c79dde2 *27 - outtro.shn
378b31be477bba704a087f8af97e3622 *26 - idioteque.shn
8138f6441894a443ea8d0b5b488cf525 *23 - eiirp.shn
e30f166a3a0e8a4f214cc5bf2cad62e6 *22 - airbag.shn
1c12ae76b16752f1d3f3db080aef01b0 * 7 - morning bell.shn
27e9a2318a854c46f6e7c73c70e89b79 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t01-fixed.shn
cf2fa47e99365ab2cc36e20ca5193351 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t02-fixed.shn
4775aab23cd63d66b03b89ce3eb8b2e5 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t03-fixed.shn
655dfe7db7bd69ac78488df7e99bf2ed *radiohead2003-08-13d1t04-fixed.shn
16e9b461ad121de9d8581f25ba26fdd5 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t05-fixed.shn
26f82da3138b15a161636ccfb3b79b00 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t06-fixed.shn
1e155e84beaf1cc4ae23cd94e415c876 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t07-fixed.shn
4aeafadbdf45165459e296de1d171569 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t08-fixed.shn
ec26aae32a8cf2fc1d29c378b188745d *radiohead2003-08-13d1t09-fixed.shn
25e1cd67b73affdb19aac94cd4a7cb67 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t10-fixed.shn
d988e0336570bd1e6853670f1fa0e3db *radiohead2003-08-13d1t11-fixed.shn
94cc8760cddfca52204fe4d48e12ee0e *radiohead2003-08-13d1t12-fixed.shn
a46cdd0c44bd3f017dcf9695fc818111 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t13-fixed.shn
40aacac4b0dd4494b10e7eaba23ec36a *radiohead2003-08-13d1t14-fixed.shn
021541606eb331b7c6b828c206694a20 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t15-fixed.shn
ce873d88931d007d99fef4d4805b3dbc *radiohead2003-08-13d2t01-fixed.shn
af2f6275a450a8ac0001dfcdbce0641b *radiohead2003-08-13d2t02-fixed.shn
23e1cc5df8bc57f3edfa50d723f1a599 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t03-fixed.shn
736ddd0fe3c707b899c0ade34625af12 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t04-fixed.shn
36e3c60736d3b1b3a51917ac09b3a607 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t05-fixed.shn
201a2c28e15d644ffc4380cd046c2bfb *radiohead2003-08-13d2t06-fixed.shn
cf6fd35af821001e417e7836508ee62d *radiohead2003-08-13d2t07-fixed.shn
8817503853251ab58b6a16fbc508e15c *radiohead2003-08-13d2t08-fixed.shn
6ccafefdde28ec8405df5fb0abe64677 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t09-fixed.shn
af21714ef7282a73d1ac0187255c3308 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t10-fixed.shn
1611d4145b965207c88c63cf236e7bd5 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t11-fixed.shn
e87a4595e816d9ab62f47558fcb3e56a *radiohead2003-08-13d2t12-fixed.shn
899f0abffb23fa933af7f3aad51fbfd6 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t01-fixed.wav
8e6a2480997ee5f9e2d64f0889dcda81 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t02-fixed.wav
b8b68c5007216b2b2d2b92bdf0205dc0 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t03-fixed.wav
64e0d4254f2c17a4ceb966ca406364d8 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t04-fixed.wav
9ae4eb184a1a6a3e7021875dc0fe7da3 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t05-fixed.wav
000edcb655e353df08abf09283ea0f33 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t06-fixed.wav
33f73aa3e766a061da7d8b94eff6b174 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t07-fixed.wav
388299f577ea7b4810c9590eb52e70a9 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t08-fixed.wav
4b0757b5bf901ce72c4511c28de800c3 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t09-fixed.wav
89ea02ab3ccf48d6867935858a6be194 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t10-fixed.wav
20797f885991e4588acca6733b3af5e0 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t11-fixed.wav
7adf9696fbc8074493867c7c280bbad5 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t12-fixed.wav
8e35a679a7614ce9b11534e44ff3ad62 *radiohead2003-08-13d1t13-fixed.wav
3d188b13707006f99b5bf8f01c57d1fe *radiohead2003-08-13d1t14-fixed.wav
845e1558d98bdbf7be73015558b567ba *radiohead2003-08-13d1t15-fixed.wav
67f12bec13f3780736d28a3aadbb13a8 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t01-fixed.wav
8acd22db1ae10367ae63601f544a96eb *radiohead2003-08-13d2t02-fixed.wav
edc592baf759dcb0c35d9490a3e7b55c *radiohead2003-08-13d2t03-fixed.wav
524fdec14eae4e3d0422c71b444a5e1f *radiohead2003-08-13d2t04-fixed.wav
371b196c099a56668ba665e9160978bb *radiohead2003-08-13d2t05-fixed.wav
3767d67a3f64af82f7b028425f2246cd *radiohead2003-08-13d2t06-fixed.wav
06036ad35419312e738a8bc185461f69 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t07-fixed.wav
e849af056c0b295b64d7a444a8222b44 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t08-fixed.wav
b1e9dc4e5b253390212cd247c23c80d1 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t09-fixed.wav
a41af07cd4e1ec487f9e889a864365b8 *radiohead2003-08-13d2t10-fixed.wav
75d781bf67bbfd91e42f2b8521a6994f *radiohead2003-08-13d2t11-fixed.wav
b511aeec54035a3eae689e053870d9fa *radiohead2003-08-13d2t12-fixed.wav

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Other Sources (comments)
SP-CMC4Cs > SP-PreAmp >... (0) Schoeps CCM4 (ORTF in hat)... (0)
Date User Comment
12/14/2003 Joe Rocha These were not cut on sector boundaries. Someone should post the md5s of the fixed SHN set.
12/14/2003 Terry Watts If you look in under "List users with this show", you'll find my notes on this show, which include my "fixed" MD5s. Look for my name: Terry Watts
12/14/2003 Ron Broman thanks, Terry. your MD5s have been added to the database.
12/15/2003 twatts If you are unsure of how to "fix" this yourself, you can see my listing and read how I used SHNTOOLs to "fix" this set. By doing the same thing, you should produce the same results (and therefore MD5). Find me on my list (db.../twatts) if you need help or want a B&P of the fixed set. Sorry I have no highspeed.