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Radiohead 08/13/03
Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
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Entered by Ron Broman
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Source Summary SP-CMC4Cs > SP-PreAmp > Sony Minidisc > TerraTec DMX 6Fire 24/96 > Cool Edit Pro [gain +5db] > CD Wave > mkw > SHN  
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August 13, 2003
Tweeter Center
Mansfield Ma.

Taper:     Anthony Blacktruck
           email [email protected]
           DC++ Ant_Blacktruck

Location: Section 9

Source:  SP-CMC4Cs > SP-PreAmp > Sony Minidisc >
         TerraTec DMX 6Fire 24/96 > Cool Edit
         Pro [gain +5db] > CD Wave > mkw > SHN

1.  Intro
2.  2+2=5
3.  Sit Down. Stand Up.
4.  Paranoid Android
5.  Kid A
6.  Backdrifts
7.  Morning Bell
8.  My Iron Lung
9.  Where I End and You Begin
10. Sail To The Moon
11. The Gloaming
12. Climbing Up The Walls
13. Creep
14. Like Spinning Plates
15. Go To Sleep
16. Scatterbrain
17. National Anthem
18. There There
19. Lucky
20. A Punchup At A Wedding
21. Airbag
22. Everything in its Right Place
23. Encore
24. No Suprises
25. Idioteque
26. Outtro

I cut out some crowd noise after Backdrifts
and some after My Iron Lung.
First 5 seconds of Nationl Anthem are also missing.
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e252e83bee370484bb2789f7ed28b025 *rh2003-8-13t01.shn
294d697f99fa45efffd6c627f2ea2853 *rh2003-8-13t02.shn
e455e3f733a9be43f1d461d919fcb4f0 *rh2003-8-13t03.shn
0be44224ded4b3660d5110b14a0b7261 *rh2003-8-13t04.shn
59f8e7302cf27694c44882de31b1b28f *rh2003-8-13t05.shn
583bf1556236079fcc90561c6eda028b *rh2003-8-13t06.shn
34674f5295e2a7b2dbe9e07238a2d55c *rh2003-8-13t07.shn
66a473e1750de9b814f0b55edc9e5e25 *rh2003-8-13t08.shn
ca915752cb6e9275f77915ccfe1e9e88 *rh2003-8-13t09.shn
322f184b39625deac4cc146290eb57b8 *rh2003-8-13t10.shn
f6bd586618364439e7cd08dd5a93aa28 *rh2003-8-13t11.shn
ca27b4cac2cd203859d9946ed28ffa29 *rh2003-8-13t12.shn
15865d7a3776e5260ac813731b894716 *rh2003-8-13t13.shn
4c990703e0e4bbdd069763e4c332f5d7 *rh2003-8-13t14.shn
e78597e81b60a5ab35290140c26be6eb *rh2003-8-13t15.shn
b5917c1ecb024807bf55ea431f469080 *rh2003-8-13t16.shn
4f4ac67e428b50b2dd08ef98f46363a8 *rh2003-8-13t17.shn
8ae8803054c5e9c7abc29b42f624b039 *rh2003-8-13t18.shn
3f275d6515ab614ac742d9c821ba2e2f *rh2003-8-13t19.shn
b3ed9e46df16bf55ba9af42ea7f4efc7 *rh2003-8-13t20.shn
ac550ab264f501b37728a70e667ebcc6 *rh2003-8-13t21.shn
c33e49dfc3c01faf3531ce5f8775e425 *rh2003-8-13t22.shn
a2f1b178e024e71d62c10465d609accd *rh2003-8-13t23.shn
3b52416816a4f416d3813a30488f614a *rh2003-8-13t24.shn
22f484f7359b674b2bfdce97eda8b73a *rh2003-8-13t25.shn
206d40e9bed6c164c6ac91657c5ba005 *rh2003-8-13t26.shn

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