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Radiohead 08/13/03
Tweeter Center, Mansfield, MA
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Entered by Ron Broman
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps CCM4 (ORTF in hat) > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony PCM-M1 @48kHz > Tascam DA-P1 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWav > Soundforge 4.5 > Shorten v3 
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August 13, 2003
Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts (Greatwoods)
Mansfield, MA

Source:    Schoeps CCM4 (ORTF in hat) > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony PCM-M1 @48kHz
Location:  FOB/Front row of pit against barricade - 3' left of center/Thom Yorke

Conversion: Tascam DA-P1 > Samplitude 2496 > CDWav > Soundforge 4.5 > Shorten v3

Taped/transferred/encoded by Hobbes ([email protected])
d1t01 edits by CT in Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Disc One (or, Premier.)
01.  2 + 2 = 5
02.  Sit Down, Stand Up
03.  Paranoid Android
04.  Kid A
05.  Backdrifts
06.  Morning Bell
07.  My Iron Lung
08.  Where I End and You Begin
09.  The Gloaming
10.  Sail To The Moon
11.  Climbing Up The Walls
12.  Creep
13.  Like Spinning Plates
14.  Go To Sleep

Disc Two. (or, Redux.)
01.  Scatterbrain
02.  The National Anthem
03.  There There
04.  E1:  Lucky
05.  E1:  A Punch-Up At a Wedding
06.  E1:  Airbag
07.  E1:  Everything In Its Right Place
08.  E2:  No Surprises
09.  E2:  Idioteque
10.  E2:  (crowd noise, or, Exit Music [for a concert])

- Thanks to CT for the M1, and to SAW for helping bring the gear in.

- Extreme volume changes with some clipping occured during d1t01, so
  the 104.1FM WBCN broadcast was spliced in from ~2:58 to ~4:04 with
  a 1.5db cut, 45 second blend coming in, 30 second blend going out.

seeded in the Radiohead D++ Hub by Prozac Ship

many thanks to those involved....

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289dce2948dbf0ce4a8c88bfee15daa8 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t01.shn
69808aa9ac4a61f89a2fa71bb18f1bf7 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t02.shn
85c2dfd870936544381008df8a7acbe1 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t03.shn
f5e6f354bf5408ed069fa52bbab0eb9e *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t04.shn
513bcd418361722546e29f954d8d61a5 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t05.shn
81f15f3aecacc633120f5e6131de6ddd *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t06.shn
97b6866d09e5cd7d5044031482a3b1e9 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t07.shn
b50ee1f5c335bdffc33fe8cfd83e7d0d *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t08.shn
358698dc26118c6df3ddb9d163b375ff *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t09.shn
bc20875723d627fd30dafea2fe9bfc71 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t10.shn
7128f6eba511dad68c60c2b8b5fd7eb3 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t11.shn
6a4df19def0844f2fbaca12a92fd18d6 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t12.shn
80bb7d990455c52b3a8cf75fbdde06f2 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t13.shn
b1e3ec092b17de5b7d03a7e7a804f83e *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d1t14.shn
e853b1bae8ba4e7dc9b74148168b5bef *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t01.shn
ad7277d41310d0927342fa14a63f2948 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t02.shn
0ba502062c495934f521f3c64d9053c5 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t03.shn
8fd95bb8e763cb1146c739dc06f4a4cd *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t04.shn
75537131a05b6d86cc88acc0c24b23db *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t05.shn
dd23a26ce37b5107233e948448481c60 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t06.shn
a928bd7c1fd5ab0197c325ec81d58060 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t07.shn
027bea4dbc8ac7dd8d9c31d944961488 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t08.shn
fc60b641955e522a0f2e234274f1cf78 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t09.shn
ce54fab7568c21da02c1ddd89edb2728 *rh2003-08-13-schoeps-d2t10.shn

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