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Disco Biscuits 08/28/98
Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY
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Entered by SailorSaint
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD->DAT; M1->Waveterminal 2496->Soundforge 5.0(rec, fades, normalizing-see below)->CDWav->SHN (seek tables appended) 
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The Disco Biscuits
August 28, 1998
Wetlands Preserve  New York, NY

Source: SBD->DAT
Transfer: M1->Waveterminal 2496->Soundforge 5.0(rec, fades, normalizing-see below)->CDWav->SHN
(seek tables appended)
Transferred and Encoded by Matt Spolansky ([email protected])

Disc 1 1x74 (59:16)
Set I
1.  Stone->
2.  The Devil's Waltz->*
3.  Once The Fiddler Paid->#
4.  The Devil's Waltz
5.  Mindless Dribble
6.  Banter
7.  Little Shimmy In A Conga Line
8.  Ida Fith#

Disc 2 1x74 (71:42)
Set II
1.  Banter
2.  Helicopters#
3.  News From Nowhere
4.  Vassillios->
5.  Aceetobee
6.  Bernstein And Chasnoff
7.  Wet

Disc 3 1x74 (68:31)
Set II (con't.)
1.  All Blues
2.  Banter
3.  Morph Dusseldorf
4.  Tuning/Banter
5.  Shem-Rah Boo
6.  My Lady Survives
7.  Crowd
8.  Banter
9.  Nughuffer

*w/'Norwegian Wood' and 'Afro Blue' teases
#/first time played

notes: 6 second dropout between 'Morph Dusseldorf' and 'Shem-Rah Boo' present on master DAT
Normalized using Average RMS Power
Gain levels for Avg RMS set at -14dB
Ignored -42dB and below
Attack Time 140ms
Release Time 200ms
With Dynamic Compression (where necessary)
Equal Loudness Contour Applied
Show Checksums
831135998da65ac2cc324fdf3b413d05 *db1998-08-28d1t01.shn
acb0433a76404afae0cbe467054b1913 *db1998-08-28d1t02.shn
776847448fcc246c7791bd93c106d8ee *db1998-08-28d1t03.shn
71894a88d70ce0c9a18d664828ee5410 *db1998-08-28d1t04.shn
11512c8494489ae42bdc8a1e26a8cffd *db1998-08-28d1t05.shn
dc51779f8f6a3151cb49cf32912bd7db *db1998-08-28d1t06.shn
be9c3914fc6e1826849679bf3ac93a6a *db1998-08-28d1t07.shn
c00cfc89cf3d60689caf7c58cafb6cee *db1998-08-28d1t08.shn
5bb754f3bbbf9536d9201e1e714c7653 *db1998-08-28d2t01.shn
e8234efd0393b62a3af8a0c505fbd666 *db1998-08-28d2t02.shn
0958359b36afd2c41f7958daf5b1db75 *db1998-08-28d2t03.shn
2bca55dcd9ec0d1883b5523822f062b8 *db1998-08-28d2t04.shn
c206b7e872cebe6a60f4208fa2034e5e *db1998-08-28d2t05.shn
facdad2993debb95273e761888853957 *db1998-08-28d2t06.shn
1ee6526c25630c231f301c7753097044 *db1998-08-28d2t07.shn
7ec01bdaecca2854a43c328427d63df9 *db1998-08-28d3t01.shn
0428bb631f1da14347122e05a3a1621a *db1998-08-28d3t02.shn
df145bebf0a266479c5f530db5b9d274 *db1998-08-28d3t03.shn
dffabb50145316b2809145caf8ab4d28 *db1998-08-28d3t04.shn
533e974ae2acbdfa7f63da21a00f1541 *db1998-08-28d3t05.shn
73c158ebf8b4292e3846263b9b209843 *db1998-08-28d3t06.shn
ad900ec86c628726b88a1067b9e2497a *db1998-08-28d3t07.shn
d60975a8e99e084b5996ab5aed7eb8f5 *db1998-08-28d3t08.shn
ed2237fce7113be723b1a0f570861a82 *db1998-08-28d3t09.shn

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