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Phish 09/16/90
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Nak 100 > D5 (Cass/0) > Sony TC-WE805S > Art DI/O (Input gain +12dB, No "Tube Warmth")> Delta DIO 2496 > WaveLab v4.0c > WAV @24bit/48kHz > FLAC > remastering (see info file) > SHNv3; Taped by John Redmond 
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Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT

Taper: John Redmond
SOURCE Nak 100s > D5

AUD MCass (Maxell MX 100)> Sony TC-WE805S >
Art DI/O (48Khz, Input gain +12dB, No "Tube Warmth")>
Delta DIO 2496> WaveLab v4.0c> WAV (@24/48)> FLAC (archived) >
Mastering > SHNv3

Mastering Notes: X-Noise was used to remove the noise floor and the 24/48 WAVs were assembled in the Wavelab Audio Montage window, crossfades were made at tapeflips.  A Level adjustment during Landlady was compensated for.  It sounded like tape was stopped between the final section of Reba and the reprise, as well as Tube & Tweezer, I edited out some silence and performed crossfades. 3dB was added to compensate for an overall level change from Paul & Silas thru Magilla.  The following mastering processes were applied: X-Noise, Waves REQ (2-band, top secret settings), Blue Tubes FA770, BBE Sonic Maximizer (2, 2, unity), Blue Tubes LM2S limiter.  The resulting .WAV was tracked in CD-WAV and converted to SHNv3 (seek tables appended).

transfer>24bit FLAC files by Weave - [email protected] on 10/22/2003
All mastering was peformed at Bunker 8 Digital Labs, all edits were performed on on Doomtooth, both by [email protected]

01. Dinner and a Movie
02. Bouncin'
03. The Sloth
04. The Landlady
05. Reb/a
06. //Yamar
07. Tube
08. /Tweezer
09. Paul and Silas
10. Mike's Song >
11. I Am Hydrogen >
12. Weekapaug Groove

01. Magilla//
02. // Run Like An Antelope
03. Contact

NO tracking/editing/alterations performed before archiving to 24-bit FLAC
(except to trim silence from the ends).

Seeded to FurthurNet by shakedown
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ab762cfff842df84e1cfdc2b4e1cf475 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t01.shn
72fcbc3a7961ba05dfaa253ce378fc03 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t02.shn
e8ba851ea7afc98f4717bc3dc6ac62e1 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t03.shn
808c024643a080bbb740da039a364eca [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t04.shn
32a5d7ff303dc10be0e4811ae083fc58 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t05.shn
6a446bcc2f223381e15d54da9396d0dd [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t06.shn
07b4de3530564360df8b72ac5fd66ece [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t07.shn
70319083f4acf3301abc09645302f7f5 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t08.shn
e2d6c52897aaf9cd2c74359aff51f9fd [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t09.shn
0b24b01451a5ef393498a724fcc5f0fc [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t10.shn
a8bed4075066bc4913d8c838c7979e82 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t11.shn
0326708fd82675eea8ac50b2fd9411ed [shntool] ph1990-09-16d1t12.shn
813c86ef9866ba9e62b2a4ec53ab2bdc [shntool] ph1990-09-16d2t01.shn
c4d9049b7d024d1b17b2ad263d91a2b6 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d2t02.shn
08aa4694532a377263581a77476b6ce2 [shntool] ph1990-09-16d2t03.shn
20246464bab6c003d9adc686c1b152eb *ph1990-09-16d1t01.shn
7ffc02b3d5d5ed860c66434b8add0aa3 *ph1990-09-16d1t02.shn
702b5a4c5640aa72780e8790642f3cd5 *ph1990-09-16d1t03.shn
bfb72f42a952513ff410af2849141c44 *ph1990-09-16d1t04.shn
bb41306ba8a9b72cced4290c08f796cd *ph1990-09-16d1t05.shn
4134ddd5c530f5cb84182a76d3915bd3 *ph1990-09-16d1t06.shn
2edb1a8d5379b6a14910e6da520c7e38 *ph1990-09-16d1t07.shn
caa3bcf8f890974073d2637354c8933f *ph1990-09-16d1t08.shn
11b6a2b016fdc865ae539771ca7e053a *ph1990-09-16d1t09.shn
f8cf5a0382e74300f885f13dd6c56adc *ph1990-09-16d1t10.shn
35c80eb9244dcc348462bad43705b73c *ph1990-09-16d1t11.shn
9b65dd6650978f238205ab4590e3e859 *ph1990-09-16d1t12.shn
42d9b414876eb089f4a43cccdf3a922e *ph1990-09-16d2t01.shn
f0922dadfef44fd24c12f54874c7c77e *ph1990-09-16d2t02.shn
1c3368d85c9d00ba1b635c4d39daf4e4 *ph1990-09-16d2t03.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Nak CM100 > Sony D6... (0) Nakamichi cm100/cp-1 > Sony... (1)
Date User Comment
03/06/2004 Weave As part of the Old School Phish Project, I have been scanning the tape covers, ticket stubs (if I have them) and the "Phish Update" newsletters (if I have them).

If you are interested, you can find them here:

Each show has it's own folder. All the shows released so far are out there.
I've also included the MD5s and TXT files.

If you distribute these SHNs, please include these extras.

You can visit this forum for comments made during the transfer/mastering/listening process:
Each show has it's own thread