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Radiohead 08/07/01
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Entered by Ron Broman
Checksums d1_shn , d1_wav , d2_shn , d2_wav
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary DAUD/FOB Schoeps mk4(ortf)->kc5 actives->cmc5->Sonosax SX-M2 (+30dB)-> SBM-1->[email protected]; Tascam DA-20 > Apogee Coax > Digigram VX/Pocket > Soundforge 5.0 (Fade in/outs) > CD Wave > mkwACT v0.97 (shn files have seek tables appended) **No DAE or resampling at all** 
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Radiohead 08/07/01 Madison Square Garden - New York, New York

Source:         DAUD/FOB Schoeps mk4(ortf)->kc5 actives->cmc5->Sonosax SX-M2 (+30dB)->
                SBM-1->[email protected]
                Master (from D7) used in below transfer

Conversion:     Tascam DA-20 > Apogee Coax > Digigram VX/Pocket > Soundforge 5.0 (Fade in/outs) >
                CD Wave > mkwACT v0.97
                (shn files have seek tables appended)
                **No DAE or resampling at all**

Detailed info:  Sec. 8, Row B, Seat 6; directly in front (just inside) of left stack
                Capsules ORTF in backwards mesh hat (Mulvey hat) at about 6'2'' or so.

Minor Edits:    Fades in/out beg/end of sets--3 sec in all cases

Tapers: Beau Colburn and Chris Preston

Transferred and uploaded by Jim Raras via DankseedsPlease contact me with questions etc.

Dankseed Certification received 01-08-13*
and posted at

Listening test performed by *5* danksters
positive criteria met:
Tracking- OK
Seamless and complete- OK
Lineage listed- OK

negative criteria met:
Resampled- NO
Diginoise- NO

Disc 1
01. National Anthem
02. Morning Bell
03. My Iron Lung
04. Karma Police
05. Knives Out
06. Permanent Daylight
07. Climbing Up The Walls
08. No Surprises
09. Dollars & Cents
10. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
11. Fake Plastic Trees
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Follow Me Around (Thom solo on piano) > Pyramid Song
14. Paranoid Android
15. Idioteque

Disc 2
01. Everything In Its Right Place
02. Encore break/crowd noise
03. Lucky (preceeded by false start)
04. Optimistic
05. You And Whose Army?
06. How To Disappear Completely
07. Encore 2 break/crowd noise
08. Talk Show Host
09. Street Spirit
10. Exit Music
Show Checksums
23eb74cd9f74e339931362424425aa9f *rh01-08-07d1t01.shn
41fb64dfcb14a9433c7cf36abe625d33 *rh01-08-07d1t02.shn
b35452c27893e11e5c21970858544eb4 *rh01-08-07d1t03.shn
c867fdac0b39cbd330c2487af6c991b4 *rh01-08-07d1t04.shn
e899ddc35de0bab8b2906dad2395f909 *rh01-08-07d1t05.shn
7669b8a69f673629cd488efb340e1596 *rh01-08-07d1t06.shn
e7e84dac65f393693a73b540012ccd6b *rh01-08-07d1t07.shn
de65cad3dff842b8ae975d31cd11bb98 *rh01-08-07d1t08.shn
c3fcb1fc61fab85e4d286e797f80e5a4 *rh01-08-07d1t09.shn
33ee7ebd883b1911a8e415c63ff8fb30 *rh01-08-07d1t10.shn
dc54937abe76bceb92a89c78ab618713 *rh01-08-07d1t11.shn
01b0c9f8170d5093d36de4169add7092 *rh01-08-07d1t12.shn
ec3f7f399b1d265304b57989e3a7e94d *rh01-08-07d1t13.shn
6b0c7abac44f87108da9f73ff939f350 *rh01-08-07d1t14.shn
36f24cf112d200f712d0fff129873486 *rh01-08-07d1t15.shn
4f116dbb21ae9b845e29a40875818858 *rh01-08-07d1t01.wav
8c0361b054a76785fef7c073e7af91b7 *rh01-08-07d1t02.wav
0b1262c8021a568eafc32410c6a53cc6 *rh01-08-07d1t03.wav
94f6522330d3673fba61fdfb6de877b1 *rh01-08-07d1t04.wav
af18358ee439fd7a8b6dfa0acf0d676e *rh01-08-07d1t05.wav
6f8c264fce6494b7985e4f0f83795e20 *rh01-08-07d1t06.wav
851eaa085469e2efd00a3b6e39fc72c6 *rh01-08-07d1t07.wav
53bb8f22e520d29fe51124260ba57d56 *rh01-08-07d1t08.wav
6c393f39b54462a04935d2f47fd51272 *rh01-08-07d1t09.wav
160dc7300e239ea6fed31df57e9d6e96 *rh01-08-07d1t10.wav
10337131badf3fbd34db5741f6c06d24 *rh01-08-07d1t11.wav
4cdda8f57e86c7308409425bca91c294 *rh01-08-07d1t12.wav
f33b3abf264bc930695a32a5b9f49d76 *rh01-08-07d1t13.wav
cf4a4c495e71bead56a5c28f671a35bd *rh01-08-07d1t14.wav
463f5b66478b649f6824281feb6bd2c4 *rh01-08-07d1t15.wav
72d7eab5742c2db7ea5a141d1f5fa5dc *rh01-08-07d2t03.shn
6c1d586ac660024ac892ea9144e0883e *rh01-08-07d2t02.shn
8118a23cbbaac3148d29d32659d06598 *rh01-08-07d2t01.shn
35a3db6fe39d1821af3e9e3b7149b012 *rh01-08-07d2t04.shn
e01c71fb2b81e47624a66472658630db *rh01-08-07d2t05.shn
22ccd046364f029ffaebf322e84ab5ad *rh01-08-07d2t06.shn
f280922c2b2501ef5473e92a9238b8b7 *rh01-08-07d2t07.shn
207e022a4421dcbfc4993b1b42e3979d *rh01-08-07d2t08.shn
3133d9276260dc5e17b4d44ddc2007e4 *rh01-08-07d2t09.shn
d89861e963d62aaad32979bfd7124cd3 *rh01-08-07d2t10.shn
f5631db874930cd34c635ad76ce9d181 *rh01-08-07d2t10.wav
77b939a818a00a92b3975e94152fabbd *rh01-08-07d2t02.wav
995b2f81c93265975ec34ff5f670dc2c *rh01-08-07d2t03.wav
311ec37aacbca4ae8e194a8e413872d1 *rh01-08-07d2t04.wav
422a8f5422148df9b39808c844898f9e *rh01-08-07d2t05.wav
6df43d3997a42227003c50e1ad604d2a *rh01-08-07d2t06.wav
12a4010f2715152ff7a13c88b55dda65 *rh01-08-07d2t07.wav
833e69b2d8495f9282b3db8898baf78a *rh01-08-07d2t08.wav
de173b005121514ec9637d1e76f9b36a *rh01-08-07d2t09.wav
55b63769572d2e2b0acf19faf05c6d33 *rh01-08-07d2t01.wav

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