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Medeski Martin & Wood 08/22/03
The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary remastered version of previous, by Ross Carlson 
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Medeski Martin and Wood
August 22, 2003
The Mountain Winery
Saratoga CA

Source: AB Neumann KM-130/sbk > Lunatec V2 > Benchmark AD2K+
Transfer: DA-40 > Roland UA-30 > SoundStudio 2 for Mac OS X
first set EAC!

taped by the kind bros at
transfered, packed, and seeded at Veggie Burritos HQ
by [email protected] and burris t. ewell

Another Combusticator release!

Disc one
(first set)
01. Ten Dollar High         07:43
02. Brigas Nunca Mais           05:22
03. Seven Deadlies           13:30
04. C-Jam Blues >           05:40
05. Wiggly's Way >           07:12
06. Afrique                 12:23
07. Jelly Belly             09:20

Disc two
(second set)
01. Coconut Boogaloo >       11:21
02. Whiney Bitches >         05:58
03. Improv > Dracula > [@6:40] >     17:08
04. Bass Solo > Down On Me [@4:43] 16:38
05. I Wanna Ride You         11:40
06. Crosstown Traffic       05:27

- d2t02 is the same new song played the previous night at the Fillmore in San Francisco (8-21-2003, fourth song of the second set)
- d2t04 is the same new song played at the end of the
second set at the State Theatre in Kalamazoo (4-19-2003, fourth song of the first set)
- John Medeski's right ring finger was injured and heavily bandaged.
- Outdoor show, seated, with creaky plastic chairs.
Show Checksums
1ecf25dda607a2759d34b2b5b15cf6b3 *mmw03-08-22d1t07.shn
d0065f23432c9f234052f4ae0bd06f3a *mmw03-08-22d1t06.shn
71e72486bc0267eeab867f193c2b9d78 *mmw03-08-22d1t05.shn
b19bd3c9b6b146730f04445d80bc52b4 *mmw03-08-22d1t04.shn
e0a8063b9a7cfcee86d8421701413604 *mmw03-08-22d1t03.shn
03b1ab0519a85ee38b8e29bb3eb2ade9 *mmw03-08-22d1t02.shn
d9619854a80fec9718402e7df63092f2 *mmw03-08-22d1t01.shn
edc63580ed9eaf229970691c85209c8f *mmw03-08-22d2t07.shn
588e6ed026b707f50c8416c4e6d05355 *mmw03-08-22d2t06.shn
5194a15bce416544f66e745acf74a70a *mmw03-08-22d2t05.shn
b6237d33a46790226ba1ffc0eed8ca42 *mmw03-08-22d2t04.shn
0b63f01a175e2c301134ce5b5a82d03c *mmw03-08-22d2t03.shn
60bf4f79191d6217aaae971eb1ecde1b *mmw03-08-22d2t02.shn
8b53dabf173e431955ddd50638767b01 *mmw03-08-22d2t01.shn

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03/08/2006 duggy Updated and fixed setlist above.