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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/28/03
Recher Theater, Towson, MD
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1shn , d1wav , d2shn , d2wav , d2bad
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary mbho 603a/ka200n (on stand, ~ 15') > sound devices mp2 > sony sbm-1 @ 48k > sony tcd-d8 audio transfer: Conner CTD8000R-S - dat2wav 1.2 - sf4.5 (fades, tracking, downsample) - shntool - shn2k; taped/encoded by pwking; set 2 reencoded due to funky resampling glitch formerly present at d2t06 8:06 - 8:46. Note former bad d2.md5s shown for reference- if your copy matches the d2bad, you need the reseed 
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mmw_031128_mbho_44k - version 2
Medeski Martin & Wood
November 28, 2003
Recher Theater
Towson, MD

set 2 reencoded due to funky resampling glitch formerly present at d2t06 8:06 - 8:46.  if anyone else hears any other artifacts, please let me know ASAP!  i cannot for the life of me figure out what happened!

if you've already grabbed this show -- and 96 of you have -- please delete the previous d2 files and re-download set 2.  sorry for the inconvenience; everything should be a-ok now.

shoutouts to ed, qualls, jessica, mike & reid, and the good people of fitzgerald volkswagen!  what up y'all!

source:  mbho 603a/ka200n (on stand, ~ 15') > sound devices mp2 > sony sbm-1 @ 48k > sony tcd-d8
audio transfer:  Conner CTD8000R-S - dat2wav 1.2 - sf4.5 (fades, tracking, downsample) - shntool - shn2k

taped/encoded by pwking ([email protected])
created by shn2k (v. 0.935_beta2B)
the shorten compression assistant for windows 2000 + beyond
written by peter w. king ([email protected])

Disc 1
Set 1
1.  Big Time                  15:13
2.  Old Wyne                  13:14
3.  Ten Dollar High            7:04
4.  [New composition]         11:46
5.  Drum Solo                  8:18
6.  Fire                       6:43
Total time:                   62:18

Disc 2
Set 2
1.  Beer bottle clink          0:05
2.  Smoke                      6:28
3.  "bounce bitch" >           8:49
4.  [New song or Improv] >     9:39
5.  Mami Gato                 14:18
6.  Queen Bee                 12:49
7.  Moti Mo                   16:51
8.  Uninvisible                8:20
Total time:                   77:19
Show Checksums
20ad898a0c7d9826e8cd0c38773bc0a2 *mmw_031128i_mbho_44k_d1t01.shn
f77231f0997441345d2d3d60a931538a *mmw_031128i_mbho_44k_d1t02.shn
4f3583916392d488ec84f561004222fa *mmw_031128i_mbho_44k_d1t03.shn
78425834945f1983bb302782ca9da9ef *mmw_031128i_mbho_44k_d1t04.shn
0d52ba965e8aa2048036e2f109403c7c *mmw_031128i_mbho_44k_d1t05.shn
02ab9e6e1d7c03c386defb5e3b9c75aa *mmw_031128i_mbho_44k_d1t06.shn
89d358d15fe33e5c81f80e572df9c90b *d1t01.wav
c4a0b52a505df8ce49446d4e41295ab8 *d1t02.wav
85d7ce6c09df2b9b1189084cf8557619 *d1t03.wav
66746bdec1b04c71601b21f9b96a143e *d1t04.wav
d08c73c9fc9ed08ca2e5a58d6e8efb82 *d1t05.wav
1d2f1fb7406dfa51e5f76067570460b3 *d1t06.wav
b5083881a84c40396f79fd013edbeeb8 *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t01.shn
313d18962ce079c6c019837fd2f339c5 *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t02.shn
18e14442cfebd3de227a1ebee498813b *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t03.shn
7379335801f308ec389ed5832089bb07 *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t04.shn
8175423c62b8d4e430f48824a7dd27e3 *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t05.shn
1d3525f38736e3b4ede4fe62ee6dd246 *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t06.shn
caac405eeaf469616a6e7a3560bb529c *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t07.shn
1b780ee671091224c3342953ae661bdd *mmw_031128ii_v2_mbho_44k_d2t08.shn
cc091ebf7ba1ebbc4b44c81dee21b1a2 *d2t01.wav
61330b201467d5a9ba225ce21c85bfb3 *d2t02.wav
81f203c2d5f971e5aa004ff8029c05a1 *d2t03.wav
af1b604745a45951af56a1658e208c4d *d2t04.wav
b48c990bb4453865c350a4190fba9c68 *d2t05.wav
b3d81acaaf4061a9caafe860efbd0e99 *d2t06.wav
99a1bd83df7d5aad28e87b5b6cd97023 *d2t07.wav
b954e9ae61b26bce13b8df16cc106475 *d2t08.wav
cd65cf4b7d8eb2b9925d6f845b943648 *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t01.shn
e8d4c3c4781093ffa109bf60ad834394 *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t02.shn
ae223fe718cc0f1deb67f9dfec89b72a *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t03.shn
ee1cfbe6fd173d9081860f376585209c *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t04.shn
b962a1b23d2a544f2a0c973771b1ebce *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t05.shn
e409d3efd88d764ba8cf3d4088d08a91 *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t06.shn
4253a3e8783ba4b4887eee0466d3ad84 *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t07.shn
a7af69ab66c8baaac197da07092238aa *mmw_031128ii_mbho_44k_d2t08.shn

6f051c7a81ebc32643bf6aa5674fc676 *d2t01.wav
31c9172f4c3f91b908ba4c03bbceae5e *d2t02.wav
c1a5bd3b188251934fe496dccc3d1408 *d2t03.wav
ef39ca84d22efdaf5dc2be58b9e91ca7 *d2t04.wav
15700f70f343fed7bcfb85a69fea0fb4 *d2t05.wav
83e423c11547b3d6f26f5d8aff5f7531 *d2t06.wav
bf81b5230b8192ff52ccf812fe1bf094 *d2t07.wav
d732082b88b8aa18982d55da5a7689d7 *d2t08.wav

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10/09/2004 Diana Txt is now updated with tracklist (still a couple working titles though). BTW this is the tape that made me fall in love with MBHO mics. This sounds *exactly* like it did standing there in the room (bottle clinks and all). Thanks again, Peter!