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Medeski Martin & Wood 11/29/03
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
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Entered by duggy
Checksums d1shn , d1wav , d2shn , d2wav
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary source: mbho 603a/ka200n (on stand, ~ 15') > sound devices mp2 > sony sbm-1 @ 48k > sony tcd-d8; audio transfer: Conner CTD8000R-S - dat2wav 1.2 - sf4.5 (fades, tracking, downsample) - shntool - shn2k ; taped/encoded by pwking 
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Medeski Martin & Wood
November 29, 2003
9:30 Club
Washington DC

i'm not familiar with their recent material at all so my tracking may not be perfect.  (however last night they played some older stuff i actually knew!  LCTTD(p) wooooo!)

shoutouts to ed, qualls, diego, noah, and girls who send text messages at sunrise!  what up y'all!

source:  mbho 603a/ka200n (on stand, ~ 15') > sound devices mp2 > sony sbm-1 @ 48k > sony tcd-d8
audio transfer:  Conner CTD8000R-S - dat2wav 1.2 - sf4.5 (fades, tracking, downsample) - shntool - shn2k

taped/encoded by pwking ([email protected])
created by shn2k (v. 0.935_beta2B)
the shorten compression assistant for windows 2000 + beyond
written by peter w. king ([email protected])

Disc One:
Set One:
1. Mami Gato >
2. Improv >
3. Improv >
4. Improv >
5. Drum Solo >
6. Whiney Bitches
7. Queen Bee

Disc Two:
1. Brigas Nunca Mais >
2-3. Beeah >
4. Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps)
5. Pappy Check >
6. Pappy Check (cont.) > Improv > The Dropper
7. Hey Joe
8. Bass Solo >
9. Chubb Sub
10. I Wanna Ride You
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ca6b82a0cdb585e987a5326439bf1bbe *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t02.shn
c23c4eac5167241c0979452052f7b2a5 *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t03.shn
062fd525bab963d1fb627d8d6a38ea89 *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t04.shn
21bb4b5fcd0bd1f9bb56450890f36134 *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t05.shn
7928c62c005c8d174f17509a99b338fa *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t06.shn
a42c14c6e55a796e6edcf1cd98695e59 *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t07.shn
bc0d07774709e647c464c52dbc9641fe *mmw_031129i_mbho_44k_d1t01.shn
33aa00820ff730d7145fed698c66dade *d1t02.wav
db13bc2d5a24163ad4389e3b57ae8e22 *d1t03.wav
d8c81e5aa963e190952084ac5856ea8b *d1t04.wav
5cb2b673370b91b89d8ed4fefb4d0e02 *d1t05.wav
970d2f20f0d0efcb881a5fe82975907b *d1t06.wav
d77c900355a83344c859531f8c351954 *d1t07.wav
29481da3abccc4550bf319a64ccd9f3c *d1t01.wav
13cc89a695be13a7edb265c421d623fa *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t01.shn
caf1b02f4ceb19366fb38e08f9e81118 *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t02.shn
a3aaee5f89747c78c8f2ca6b0140f556 *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t03.shn
99cde29d165464349183714acdefb48b *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t04.shn
f7d2775967e4aa0728a80e1aff7e9d8b *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t05.shn
ce4cf59d44c114cae727bfa57264f4ba *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t06.shn
e07838895656a820f5447d6f0aac2694 *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t07.shn
3ba6d337f2d2839498494dbb39b6457f *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t08.shn
9a04a5a3f546aba04e588e80a003c67f *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t09.shn
ff0dff5a2ac4d1766744ff96fb7c64f9 *mmw_031129ii_mbho_44k_d2t10.shn
e1332dac631cf06c94a13bee3ffb34e6 *d2t01.wav
891b5b48c8ece9c219f305e9ae9ee8f3 *d2t02.wav
ad22f41e4db1b48c52db3e27ef37d5a6 *d2t03.wav
bc684bead38d1ef86a4c30a2b267f6ed *d2t04.wav
c5cfa538aa6db1fadaf64655e0631c9e *d2t05.wav
827ee7058b4e42c5e755ea1796c2ff7b *d2t06.wav
f8f8ce5cae6075add7af4cea875970f0 *d2t07.wav
8385ab891aca4510b9edd83417088686 *d2t08.wav
6316dbe51c32a03bc9901a4d0e90cf5e *d2t09.wav
ba212b457b39a32a448234dabd535550 *d2t10.wav

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Date User Comment
03/18/2005 Paul Hofferkamp The date in the text file should be 11/29/03
03/08/2006 duggy Updated show date in textfile and added setlist above.

d1t04 has been noted as a possible New Tune, but I think it's just a killer (absolutely KILLER) Improv. This is a great recording of a fantastic show. Nov '03 was smokin' all around...