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Phish 11/03/89
Tree Cafe, Portland, ME
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Source # 2118 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums d1 , d2 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary Set 1: SBD > Cass/0 > DAT, Set 2p: SBD > Cass/x > DAT; Nakamichi CR1A > Sony PCM-M1; Tascam DA-20mkII > ZA2 > SF4.5 > CDWav > SHN; Taped (Set 1) by Forrest Tinsley; A>D Transfer by Will Herrmann; DAT>SHN Transfer by Jimmy Sellers; Fixes by Ben Mohr 
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Tree Cafe - Portland, ME

    Set 1: SBD > Cass/0 > DAT
    Set 2p: SBD > Cass/x > DAT
Transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII > ZA2 > SF4.5 > CDWav > SHN
A>D: Nakamichi CR1A > Sony PCM-M1

Transfer by Jimmy Sellers ([email protected])
Fixes by Ben Mohr ([email protected])
Taped (Set 1) by Forrest Tinsley
A>D Transfer by Will Herrmann

Disc 1:                       (72:47)
-Set 1-
1. tuning/drink orders         (00:49)
2. /Colonel Forbin's Ascent -> (06:38)
3. Famous Mockingbird ->       (06:22)
4. Bathtub Gin                 (05:57)
5. My Sweet One                (02:19)
6. Split Open and Melt ->      (07:44)
7. Clod -> Bundle of Joy       (01:50)
8. You Enjoy Myself            (15:37)
9. Punch You in the Eye^       (07:49)
10. Reba*                      (12:42)
11. Golgi Apparatus            (04:54)

Disc 2:                       (33:19)
-Set 2 partial-
1. David Bowie**               (16:49)
2. No Dogs Allowed             (03:27)
3. Oh Kee Pa Ceremony          (01:56)
4. The Sloth                   (03:32)
5. Foam                        (07:34)

^ Referred to as Punch Me in the Eye at end of song
* With additional verse and instrumental section (as on 10-01-89) which became
   the song "Don't Get Me Wrong" on the Dude of Life's "Crimes of the Mind" album.
** With "Sesame Street Theme" and "Manteca" teases.

-Fantastic sound quality with no noticeable hiss in set 1!!!
-I received this show as Cass/0 for both sets but after comparing the hiss levels,
  it is apparent that set 2 has gone through more cassette gens than Set 1.  After
  referencing the Phish SBD's in Circulation list, which lists set 2 as Cass/x, I have
  notated the show as the same.
-There is some background noise in set 1 seemingly due to another band playing (mostly
  in right channel of mix and most noticeable between tracks and during d1t10).
-Tape flip d1t08 15:07 (46:46)
-Volume drop in d2t04 0:05-0:11 right channel only
-Muffled sound in d2t05 5:44-6:00
-In Set 2, the right channel is lower than the left but I left that alone to avoid
  having a higher hiss level in the right.
-Set 2 is incomplete, but the rest of the songs are unknown.

-Removed 'thump' in R channel in d1t09 4:55 (0.105 sec) by replacing R channel
  with L channel
-In set 2, performed Cool Edit hiss reduction based on noise floor sample in d2t03
  with a hiss reduction factor of 6.5 dB
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5623df3f9d3d65537da4ccba3a5eeeb9 *ph89-11-03d1t02.shn
d1518ab8f8d99b2232d004ac643e2a90 *ph89-11-03d1t03.shn
4969e1162c6e265eb352171fae8f9eb6 *ph89-11-03d1t04.shn
713b81103b45966b150cf34b42af034a *ph89-11-03d1t08.shn
dfea1ef9f23e17d2200e1ea11e6d3fd0 *ph89-11-03d1t09.shn
ab3bb43a5e0ccdc85570fff7df0f8074 *ph89-11-03d1t05.shn
3cf81ed40ad6774ea9134c87e3e6ccd9 *ph89-11-03d1t06.shn
6c79d286327f40374351a8b9a4361945 *ph89-11-03d1t07.shn
0c1cb796046c2eb4940cc12dc05b7b91 *ph89-11-03d1t10.shn
9cb899bd3b333bc65eea6763c757d466 *ph89-11-03d1t11.shn
462f592b4bd4e3a10c027e38d5d67365 *ph89-11-03d1t01.shn
0349912db43a067856f14814cc56969f *ph89-11-03d2t01.shn
6896fee1d4cab1a1f5505940b8c76a81 *ph89-11-03d2t03.shn
356bb43c8c5827f6bc8e2dd2de8539cb *ph89-11-03d2t05.shn
7c99c6e0e5550c0272247556a21c9b10 *ph89-11-03d2t04.shn
0c9b3740994c254f7f39018cd24703f7 *ph89-11-03d2t02.shn
19e7ad4955696f29de813ef841b4b7af [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t01.shn
9c783e75f952152bcda3028ddae4e703 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t02.shn
15c79839647fe816def220bde9a73cf7 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t03.shn
8b3bc4ae669800d96d1e3e66224c111f [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t04.shn
c50ef67e31f08836e698cc0798ea6904 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t05.shn
04c1c0d79822f2c2bec79142d7db08a5 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t06.shn
b5e95291aca319fb060ddcfebbaa2372 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t07.shn
30cafdacfd2585249f5ddf0ed647b71e [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t08.shn
9095167591046a179178891052dc08d0 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t09.shn
fe46b096d234856d07c73719f19bb45e [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t10.shn
525b1ad32ff6b36bc395fedb4547fd42 [shntool] ph89-11-03d1t11.shn
5048b8b63d11701b56a4fd68d47f3f8f [shntool] ph89-11-03d2t01.shn
5cbd5d1a52902f937304b2ac42c86241 [shntool] ph89-11-03d2t02.shn
471a28052aec263121646e4cd8f9f3f0 [shntool] ph89-11-03d2t03.shn
ac09a10e409173247f72af6a6154fdf7 [shntool] ph89-11-03d2t04.shn
e1cfd3bd9f06797f3d6c5bff877d6bb1 [shntool] ph89-11-03d2t05.shn

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Date User Comment
03/10/2002 Will Herrmann I wanted to comment on the "background noise" during the first set. This noise was the result of using a recycled analog cassette to master the show. I was the one who did the original analog->DAT conversion. I acquired the master cassette from the original taper, and following the end of set 1, the remainder of the cassette revealed the music which was earlier recorded onto it (sounded like a studio release from a rock/blues band). Too bad the taper didn't use a fresh blank for the recording.

Also, here is the complete lineage for the analog to DAT transfer: Cassette Master (Metal, Type 4 cassette)->Nakamichi CR1A analog deck->Sony PCM-M1 DAT Recorder.

I can also verify that the partial second set is not of the same origin as set 1. I received a copy of set 2p (unknown generation) in a tape trade around the same time I did the transfer of set 1. This tape also had the complete set 1, but the sound quality was inferior to the set 1 master cassette, and I only used the partial second set from the tape when doing the DAT transfer.
08/08/2012 geewiz010 FLAC fingerprints: