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Grateful Dead 10/25/79
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Set 2 : SBD>Cassette Master>Cassette>DAT>CD (HHB 800 Pro Deck)>EAC .93b>SHN Transferred from DAT to CD-r (1998). Transcribed to SHN 11/28/2003 . JR Fishman : upgrade now in circulation
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Grateful Dead
New Haven Coliseum
New Haven


Set 2 : SBD>Cassette Master>Cassette>DAT>CD (HHB 800 Pro Deck)>EAC .93b>SHN

CD 1


Shakedown Street
Friend of the Devil
Estimated // Prophet (cut at 9:14)>
Eyes of the World (and Space) >
Drums >

CD 2

Space >
Stella Blue >
Good Lovin'

ENCORE  U.S. Blues

Extracted using EAC.

I found this DAT in my collection a number of years ago and transferred it to CD a number of years ago (perhaps in 1998).  I then lost track of the DAT and CD-r's.  This show is a reminder of a rather bittersweet point in my life and it was a wonderful surprise to find the disks.  Enjoy


All extractions were made in EAC Secure mode.  I didn't use my Plextor for the extraction but a less high quality LB CD-ROM drive.  All EAC tracks came thru at 100.00 quality except for Shakedown which came back at 99.9 percent. There was a 10 second gap in Estimated at 9:14.  I used Cool Edit to remove the gap and create a cross fade as best as possible.  I'm assuming that there is approximately 8-10 seconds loss of music.  Unfortunately the cut is noticeable but doesn't take awasy from the overall enjoyment of the Estimated>Eyes duet.  I had trouble swatching and cross fading from the audience tape becuase I wasn't exactly sure how much music was missing.  I decided to stay with the Sbd (sans audience patch).

Transferred from DAT to CD-r (1998)
Transcribed to SHN 11/28/2003
JR Fishman
Formerly of NY, NY
Now Somewhere in the Rural Hudson Valley, NY
[email protected]
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eca5633fbc2a6e385d6d6badfac77b3c *gd1979-10-25d201.shn
24c8ac27cc7045f8d22a0901fc11281f *gd1979-10-25d202.shn
83b1ab2a6f7dc7d576171bcc6c1b50fd *gd1979-10-25d203.shn
d5d2c7bf891afe4039ef0665724f0a3b *gd1979-10-25d204.shn
c044ea0c006f144fb911c80346c65db3 *gd1979-10-25d205.shn
a05fda8fa19727d6ece3339ff286d58c *gd1979-10-25d206.shn
d8a60e1500341e6fae34234a86dbf431 *gd1979-10-25d301.shn
ccb3ada32cda9349f1d075d548d3379e *gd1979-10-25d302.shn
86c9c9794ac4390a6e065e47ce9901a6 *gd1979-10-25d303.shn
c9b541abc97b0c3f631fff2d2e6a39ac *gd1979-10-25d304.shn
a3e299d604b54e2cb6c0b1dcf6afaa5c [shntool] gd1979-10-25d201.shn
d48c3ea7a450eb49ccc89a6776c62da9 [shntool] gd1979-10-25d202.shn
d1bd7f8095508688e892b7f30d0ade2b [shntool] gd1979-10-25d203.shn
5bf2cb958860328f04a9b406816a2cf3 [shntool] gd1979-10-25d204.shn
3df4db56bbe2c413d9b231d9644a1c7d [shntool] gd1979-10-25d205.shn
3f4e408b712587032191989d815d4179 [shntool] gd1979-10-25d206.shn
3f695fd70414069f4f0270de5d594993 [shntool] gd1979-10-25d301.shn
689fa8c073665727960eaa2c5a492f93 [shntool] gd1979-10-25d302.shn
7a84002a01c70e3ef4dfd28faf9a027c [shntool] gd1979-10-25d303.shn
d322d87a4f7925b2c6cc25e08c4bf115 [shntool] gd1979-10-25d304.shn

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