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Gov't Mule 12/26/03
The 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell M210->Apogee Mini-MP->Apogee Mini-Me->Sony TCD-7 @ 16/48 AB in a mono room, stand about 11 ft. 
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Gov't Mule
Washington, DC
9:30 Club

Source: Microtech Gefell M210->Apogee Mini-MP->Apogee Mini-Me->Sony TCD-7 @ 16/48
AB in a mono room, stand about 11 ft.

Transfer: Sony TCD-7->Zoltrix Nightengale Pro 6->Wavelab 4.0g->cdwav->shn

Taped, transferred, and seeded by: Shitty Tapes, Daryan Lenz

First Set/disc 1

1. Thelonius Beck->(Soulshine Intro)
2. Trampled Underfoot
3. Soulshine
4. World Gone Wild
5. Take Me To the River
6. Rockin' Horse
7. Fallen Down
8. Thorazine Shuffle

Second Set

1. No Quarter
2. Bad Little Doggie
3. Lay Your Burden Down
4. Trouble Everyday
5. Birth Of Da Mule
6. Hide your love away
7. Young Man Blues> Good Morning Little Schoolgirl> Youg Man Blues*


8. I Can't Hold Out
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54d2c1afadee70992423cd2a7267d05e *mule2003-12-26d1t1.shn
efc444c0cbb35428e1ce59cbf757723a *mule2003-12-26d1t2.shn
f70a55175dc27f9ab055ffc356d00af4 *mule2003-12-26d1t3.shn
3e9540f1fd3c8e72bca9949524257a1d *mule2003-12-26d1t4.shn
d5950faf771035f2c6c3f7351ac0e3ba *mule2003-12-26d1t5.shn
c5f0be3723e5c5da65fd78e15959da5e *mule2003-12-26d1t6.shn
eea3bc72de1e938bc27631128d1db9aa *mule2003-12-26d1t7.shn
e00accfdfb057851dceb635a3b86990a *mule2003-12-26d1t8.shn
98fe1e19058e730f425c3d429a1aae80 *mule2003-12-26d2t1.shn
e2b83e2f60b8d31aa521be6ab489167d *mule2003-12-26d2t2.shn
1905612bd5dc85da7d17d5b359be9e52 *mule2003-12-26d2t3.shn
b7f167cd1f00c3bc781fa0d80d3c3a6c *mule2003-12-26d2t4.shn
1bf5012fef31c818d5302f348add6745 *mule2003-12-26d2t5.shn
d801d1e13839e427f84be9d724f9233d *mule2003-12-26d2t6.shn
bb1edec3c873d0c70640845956245e17 *mule2003-12-26d2t7.shn
901086d28a5accbfefdb60653e9e9e07 *mule2003-12-26d2t8.shn

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Sennheiser MKH-800s... (0) Taper : Unknown (Thanx :-)... (0)
Date User Comment
01/01/2004 Glitches found so far (these are not on the Master Dats)
Birth of the Mule (d1t1) at 4:22
Soulshine (d1t3) from 6:17 - 6:23
Show was downloaded from
Appreciate the taper getting this show out as quickly as possible. Hopefully the fix's will be in ciculation soon
01/06/2004 Daryan-Taper of show A fixed disc one, including better tracking is now up on bittorrent. I am leaving the window open for about a week for everyone to grab disc one. I am also in need of the original torrent being reopened, as I left the original files at home. If someone could e-mail me, open it, and then let me finish the 4 percent I have left, I will reseed a torrent with the fixed version in its entirety.


02/27/2004 Alan (Slydell) Here are the md5s for the fixed d1:
a23c829a4f46cfc4c52ea855c1d06ce3 *mule2003-12-26d1t1.shn
059402efb7e5b4119335f524a80b96ca *mule2003-12-26d1t2.shn
90e174d439b7bbddb91eb8d614a173a0 *mule2003-12-26d1t3.shn
4d4d047d79228de7eb02d4d287fdff01 *mule2003-12-26d1t4.shn
6b2ef4fac913a58356ebba95769421dd *mule2003-12-26d1t5.shn
eefec1dd50b577b3019df6476ae5c656 *mule2003-12-26d1t6.shn
c74ae57a1e8248cb5ecbaa5bd6ac48c8 *mule2003-12-26d1t7.shn
194dc8ea3a2aacf0e9af53117e669bde *mule2003-12-26d1t8.shn
c07cf1f90412a53b2348891298f4fd78 *mule2003-12-26d1t9.shn