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Phish 12/30/95
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
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Entered by Ben Mohr
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
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Source Summary AKG 460 Cards > 10ft XLR's > Power Supply > 3ft XLR's > Technics SV 260A > DAT (13' pole, Front Row); Technics SV 260A > COAX > WAV > CDWav > SHN; Taped and Transferred by Linda Webster 
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Phish - 12-30-95
Madison Square Garden, New York NY

Welcome to my master copy of this show.
I taped it myself,here's my setup:
13 Ft. pole; Front Row: Somewhere
AKG 460 Cards>10ft XLR's>Power Supply>3ft XLR's>
Technics SV 260A>DAT.

Their journey to SHN:
I have used the MKW audio compression tool.These
SHN files are seekable in your SHNamp.
Also, I have included the md5 for the wav files.
Please use it to verify yours.

I hope you enjoy listening to this show as much as I
enjoyed taping it.If you are receiving this show
in audio,I request you not "reshorten" it.
Please keep this text file with SHN and audio
copies of this show.

Linda Webster
My "Dat Only List" aka my "SHN Only List"

Disc 1 Set 1
{1}Prince Caspian(2:59:56),{2}2001(5:51:48),
{3}Suzie Greenberg(5:57:41),{4}David Bowie(15:51:64),
{5}Simple(7:33:23),{6}It's Ice(4:46:08),
{7}Kung>It's Ice(4:41:40),{8}TMWSIY(3:46:71),
{9}Avenu Malkenu>TMWSIY(4:32:21)
{10}Divided Sky(15:59:40),{11}Sample in a Jar(4:47:66).
TOTAL: 76:48:29... or 72:00:37...
This set requires an 80 min. audio cd.This show
requires 3 cds regardless of cd length.If you would
like to use 3 74 min cds,Track 11(Sample)will
fit as track 1 of disc 2 with no changes to disc 2
or disc 3.  

Disc 2 Set 2
{1}Chess Move>Ya Mar(9:29:42),{2}Free(8:47:43),
{3}Harry Hood(15:34:22),{6}AC/DC Bag(9:01:35),
{7}Lifeboy(8:25:43),{8}Scent of a Mule(13:20:20),
TOTAL: 64:38:65... or 69:26:57
see notes for Disc 1
Disc 3
{1}Cavern(4:06:23),{2}Run Like an Antelope(10:11:69)
{4}E:A Day in the Life(4:43:00).
TOTAL: 21:31:25

Show Checksums
e5938d1352b53f166b435f012b28f0b0 *ph1995-12-30d1t01.shn
46a8e5baeaa6db8e0dc28af0574589b5 *ph1995-12-30d1t02.shn
2e7ca7b5058b8d1f3fe8fd91271a76c4 *ph1995-12-30d1t03.shn
6d1b5cb3b03e132d1703858a1b61f1a7 *ph1995-12-30d1t04.shn
79f29f0acb12c53bc431dd1fb2ba560b *ph1995-12-30d1t05.shn
24ad9da2e1c648dfc60c54235d9b906c *ph1995-12-30d1t06.shn
bd1f7d159b8814ba3b0d16c51e8a816f *ph1995-12-30d1t07.shn
b0392d79b8b0e2280a95f5d6a9a268f8 *ph1995-12-30d1t08.shn
27691bacafe13e441bbfd48e2fa2a62e *ph1995-12-30d1t09.shn
5d36616f390236c63e941171808d966d *ph1995-12-30d1t10.shn
e725bb83351e6a51b7728e37dab00b2c *ph1995-12-30d1t11.shn
f5207ded8bd5f43722e461e12190ebf5 *ph1995-12-30d201.shn
e266220bafa5815e457272830a549346 *ph1995-12-30d202.shn
bd95b45756c7e39f3ce29c43bb3f0ae2 *ph1995-12-30d203.shn
d9115cc62e9f336d0aa6a4ff021c0a0c *ph1995-12-30d204.shn
9230defee8e65203aab48ea3d18f215b *ph1995-12-30d205.shn
8412a45d42a8c4cd5b0bf9125950bd62 *ph1995-12-30d206.shn
ec564bb3ad17764fa04c9ca89ad85f2c *ph1995-12-30d301.shn
3c0a5780b511b961e03823b18a7ccd3a *ph1995-12-30d302.shn
dd1da45de5ee93bf8ab1331e6a10dc0f *ph1995-12-30d303.shn
07dac7e4e55d2cd4b36374ae685d7895 *ph1995-12-30d304.shn
a0c8ea046957c3eb3e3eeb6f086e9a6a *ph1995-12-30d1t01.wav
398a820974af69dc177218e3e4924d4e *ph1995-12-30d1t02.wav
fc3381cebe0c936faa4151bb217a14b8 *ph1995-12-30d1t03.wav
ba69c39193b68f8496acd9490c1eed0b *ph1995-12-30d1t04.wav
6be0556e9ff72c4e08d3196a902b450f *ph1995-12-30d1t05.wav
11d6d6e80f084ae7bc157fe882b6033d *ph1995-12-30d1t06.wav
29de095de60e57f159df4609ca223ef3 *ph1995-12-30d1t07.wav
2c20b9031aeae19620bed00aad2aab45 *ph1995-12-30d1t08.wav
fc80b2cde4f3d6090d0408294c8aef10 *ph1995-12-30d1t09.wav
e64617ba3f432e0fdae9e1cd99d19dbc *ph1995-12-30d1t10.wav
73ba6eadf48b34352b6df27992c372eb *ph1995-12-30d1t11.wav
289e3716e6be4031ad722257733149cd *ph1995-12-30d201.wav
760875243476c285a4bf257cd3f57300 *ph1995-12-30d202.wav
855b2fcfb7de19372fc1d9a202defcf9 *ph1995-12-30d203.wav
aeed272aa4f7ac90c37bef1a53173e53 *ph1995-12-30d204.wav
7595bd8e2d551392ef0cbc2280571d48 *ph1995-12-30d205.wav
3dd8dd4689ba445d681aec62fa64bd98 *ph1995-12-30d206.wav
da2eeb0c7c43718993ebbdf401c48320 *ph1995-12-30d301.wav
1d27293963392ad9b8aa9d717e0f12b8 *ph1995-12-30d302.wav
e033e4e0514994ad77d1ac795d9c9949 *ph1995-12-30d303.wav
1ebb160218711ec9c7335e64c015062b *ph1995-12-30d304.wav

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akg 460b/ck63; transfer:... (1) Schoeps cmc641... (2) FOB Schoeps CMC5/mk4 >... (2) AKG 460b/ck61 > AKG b18 >... (0) AKG460b/ck63(hypercard) >... (0) Nakamichi CM300/cp4's>Sony... (0) Schoeps cmc6/mk4 > Aerco >... (1) Nuemann KM-184s > ??? >... (0) flac16; Schoeps... (0) flac16 48kHz... (0) flac16 44.1kHz AKG... (0)
Date User Comment
05/10/2001 LiverLobes very brief digi-static in Hood a split second before "thank you mr minor"
08/29/2001 digisloth Diginoise on d2t3 @ 4:24 and 4:37.