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Ween 08/02/03
Water St. Music Hall, Rochester, NY
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Matrix Recording (SBD + Aud); ?>CDR>WAV>SHN by Derek Java 
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Rochester, NY
Water St. Music Hall

"a really kick ass performance at a club we've played a dozen times over the years. i can't think of too much to say about this show---i mean it was in rochester. we basically smashed rochester's ass into pieces and then left."
-Micky Mouse

Matrix Recording (SBD + Aud)

?>CDR>WAV>SHN by Derek Java  10/2/2003

Disc One:
1.  Ice Castles
2.  The Golden Eel
3.  Baby Bitch
4.  Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
5.  PIss UP A Rope
6.  Take Me Away
7.  Waving My Dick in the Wind
8.  Voodoo Lady
9.  Exactly Where I'm At
10. Mutilated Lips
11. Big Jilm
12. Roses Are Free
13. Bananas and Blow
14. I dont Want it
15. Touch My Tooter

Disc Two:
1.  Dr. Rock
2.  Johnny on the Spot
3.  Buckingham Green
4.  Spinal Meningitis
5.  Captain
6.  Birthday Boy
7.  Squelch the Weasel
8.  Sorry Charlie
9.  The Mollusk
10. Ocean Man
11. Pandy Fackler
12. Someday


13. Ohio
14. Tender Situation
15. You Fucked Up
16. Fat Lenny

peace 4 dead.
Show Checksums
b006e8d78f77ce93c6cb911f46c8b8e4 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr01.shn
5df40ea995f535c0f98b112dbe4a385f *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr02.shn
f10ef360f667f0d7d7620482f962959a *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr03.shn
9373a37c54a1b3435629de3951c64562 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr04.shn
cff3800b0aa6afdacc5eb80844591506 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr05.shn
ab1ae94dbf36347ef1ccac234cd2d18b *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr06.shn
4bb52278d4400a0776d153ae9842d4c0 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr07.shn
9ce4cd4f92e04684c16847d45f025764 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr08.shn
ae37aebf772d09d929b346d4f951e90d *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr09.shn
c3d6d3e0e45d82fac491531396638251 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr10.shn
d40092165d1b39db1a6050071feea66b *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr11.shn
4caf97cb80705e614a3f7ca44cf942af *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr12.shn
206b372608a834a59f847da74c60ff76 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr13.shn
cbbefb3d846aed8354ff93b60bef6410 *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr14.shn
11f94296a264b5889fef89c71b5ac43a *ween2003-08-02_d1_tr15.shn
70417a25ec0bbb08f1406ab7f2f4f075 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr01.shn
d080e4d3bbdca442ed0df0a45eedd6db *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr02.shn
18e3559aa9e700a5124368a3ebf1ed67 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr03.shn
9fcccc39f952150f67f4eb34e83443c8 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr04.shn
34bb0f2be0fa62ef9909250248cfdc53 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr05.shn
9b66dc1056456cceab64dc59ba555542 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr06.shn
044ac3ee40d3e9cae8cc0606d4f405da *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr07.shn
80ef85cdfae36ab1f96c88889d7cc122 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr08.shn
bfb71921adb315b8abdef4d7e1d7d755 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr09.shn
701d570750fececed573280293284b37 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr10.shn
3648882eff2994fcaebb2e0a4d07061c *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr11.shn
4ae388e11aebb9e3a2daf7997abf6287 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr12.shn
46ea6d08f0959c3a3b220f4e0f00dd2a *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr13.shn
bdb426cbcdfc1246192c917a519876e6 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr14.shn
2d6ff56d50683e7175d5027d34de47a2 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr15.shn
4213c27420406d3e10d101cc3d38d235 *ween2003-08-02_d2_tr16.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
mbho603a/ka200n > samson... (1)
Date User Comment
01/04/2004 Matt bass heavy matrix
01/25/2004 matt let me downgrade that- imo, this is so bass heavy it is unlistenable. i've heard a few different ween matrix seeds & this one is just a bad apple... i do hear the sbd in the mix but that bass is just awful.